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Toni Gonzaga makes Alex cry after asking the latter if she’s proud of her

Through Toni’s latest YouTube video, Alex Gonzaga shared her deepest feelings regarding her journey through showbiz.

  • She admitted that there were years that she didn’t know where to place herself in the industry.
  • Toni then assured her sister that she’s proud of her.

The Gonzaga sisters have been in the public eye for years now. Their careers may have been successful in the eyes of their fans and viewers, but they have also struggled with finding their place in the industry.

In one of Toni Gonzaga’s most recent vlogs, she engaged in a sincere conversation with her sister, Alex Gonzaga. While sharing that there were years that she didn’t even know where she belonged in, the younger Gonzaga couldn’t help but get emotional.

But instead of being discouraged by the kind of mindset, she viewed it as a lesson that she can share with all the young adults who are having a hard time with their careers.

“You just have to process whatever life throws at you right now. May mga challenges na ibibigay sa atin at lahat ng mga experiences mo, may it be bad or good, celebrate. Kapag mas maraming bad doon ka mas natututo at doon mo mas nakikita kung ano ‘yung kailangan mong baguhin,” she said to Toni.

Alex then added that though she’s now very successful on YouTube, it took her twelve years to get where she is now.

“Ako it took me years here in the industry to realize who I am, kung ano talaga ‘yung kaya kong ibigay… Those twelve years were all a blur and a struggle lalo na sa kalooban ko. Mas masaya ako off-cam actually kaysa sa on-cam nong 12 years na ‘yun kasi sa off-cam mas ako, mas ako ‘yun. Kasi feeling ko on-cam hindi ako maintindihan ng tao at hindi ‘yun ang hinahanap nila.”

She then asked her sister, “Are you proud of me?”

“I’ve always been proud of you. Ikaw lang ‘yung hindi proud sa sarili mo. Lagi naman ako proud sa kanya,” Toni replied.

“Lagi na lang ‘yan naiiyak kapag sinabi kong ‘I am so proud of you.’ Ganon kalalim ‘yung bubog niya sa pagka-proud.”

Toni then reminded everyone of how hard Alex fought just to get the recognition that she has now.

“Alex fought her way all throughout our childhood to be seen and heard. Growing up she kept comparing herself to others. It took many life experiences for her to discover who she really is, and that is enough. She finally found the courage not to dim her light anymore by being unapologetically true to herself,” she said.

“It was a long and challenging journey. She finally stopped asking for permission to achieve her dreams. It’s never too late to know who you really are. Embrace yourself and the world will embrace you. And if others can’t stand your light, hand them your shades.”

Toni has been in the local entertainment scene since she was 13 years old. She has been in numerous movies and has released eight albums in the past. Alex followed her sister’s footsteps as she entered showbiz in 2006 through ABS-CBN’s Let’s Go.

She has also been in movies and television shows before she started her YouTube channel which now has more than 8 million subscribers.

Written by J M

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