Masseur arrested after punching customer who refused offer of ‘extra service’

  • A customer complained about a masseur in Quezon City who punched him after he rejected his offer of “additional service.”
  • The masseur said that he only punched the man because the latter refused to pay for the massage

A masseur in a massage parlor in Quezon City was apprehended after allegedly punching a customer.

The customer named Andrew said that he went to the establishment to unwind. After less than 30 minutes, his masseur named John offered him ‘extra service.’ After he declined the offer, John told him that his massage was already done, which made him refuse to pay the amount for a supposed to be hour-long relaxation.

“‘Sir mag extra service ka.’ Sabi ko ‘hindi nagpamassage na nga ako dito. Next time nalang siguro’. Sabi niya ‘sir tapos na tayo.’ Tinignan ko yung oras 19 minutes palang. Hindi pa umabot ng one hour.”

Andrew narrated that John locked the door and forced him to pay. When he tried to escape, the masseur punched him on the back of his head.

“Nilock niya yung door para hindi ako makalabas. Tapos nagpupumilit siya. [Sinubukan kong] lumabas sa pinto, sinuntok niya ‘ko [sa ulo] kaya nagka-dugo. Tapos tinulak ko siya tapos tumakbo ako dito tapos nakita ko yung ABS-CBN.”

The police headed to the massage parlor and found the said John, who immediately denied the allegations. When he was asked why he punched the customer, he said, “Eh di po nagbayad ng massage sir.”

He added that the massage was supposed to cost ₱250, but Andrew insisted to pay only ₱100.

John also said that he never offered Andrew the ‘extra service’ that the latter claimed. “Ay wala po sir kahit tignan niyo po jan.”

The two were bought to the Quezon City Police District Station 9 wherein it was discovered that even if the massage parlor had a Barangay certificate and DTI permit, they were unable to present working permits and sanitary permits for their masseurs.

Investigation on the incident is still ongoing.

Written by J M

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