Why Should You Date Me: This girl sends her crush hilarious PowerPoint presentation about why he should date her

Why Should You Date Me: This girl sends her crush hilarious PowerPoint presentation about why he should date her

  • Facebook netizen Mari Arceo went viral for sending her crush a powerpoint presentation of why they should date
  • Mari Arceo exclusively shared with Dailypedia the reason behind her trending story

While most people are afraid to voice out their romantic feelings for a person, there are others who believe that the key is to just “seize the moment.” Recently, at the height of the holidays, one Facebook netizen agreed to a dare.


Little did she know, it would suddenly become a hit overnight.

Mari Arceo grew tired of not being noticed by her crush. On New Year’s Eve, she sent him a greeting but unfortunately, her message went only as far as “seen.”

She then posted her rant about it on a status and that’s when tables started to turn.

The netizen thought that if she still didn’t get the attention she wanted, she could make a Powerpoint presentation wherein her crush can see her pleasant qualities and maybe end up dating her. Mari’s friends were in on it and she found no reason to not go through.

So on January 3, Mari decided that nothing should stop her from expressing herself. She did send that presentation and thousands of Facebook users were shookt!

Mari listed down her pleasing personality, made some charts, graphs, and put photos for her crush’s reference. According to her, she gets prettier every five years.

The chart

Just pick your choice

The pros and cons

Just pros

Outstanding reviews

“Just for fun” 

We had an exclusive talk with Mari online and she shared with us a little backstory. Mari said that she only pulled that stunt “just for fun” and for her friends to have a source of entertainment. Something nice to kick off another year.

“I told them I would be more open and confident this year but I never thought it would be spreading like this.”

When I asked about her crush’s identity and reaction after the post, Mari requested to keep him anonymous. She said that she got a little embarrassed because of the attention she caused him.

“I kept apologizing to him the moment I woke up this morning because it has gone viral overnight. I know him very well and it is very clear that it was only a joke. He’s really handsome and fun to talk to.”

If you’re curious though, he did respond to her message! “He was very cool about it and he kept joking that I am now really famous because of the post.”

What Mari did was quite empowering for people and most especially women who are afraid to confess their feelings. People are so used to the stigma that men should approach or do a move first.

“If she has the courage to make the first move then why not? I treat men as equals but I never really felt superior to them. It’s all about respect.”

Whatever your gender or status is in life, nothing should stop you from being yourself and staying true to others.

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