This Is What Happened In The Recent Starbucks Philippines’ Coffee College

June 2017 — Starbucks Philippines held its new leg of Coffee College in the biggest Starbucks branch in the Philippines to date! And for this session, we got to learn how to pair your coffee perfectly with meals.

Now we know that coffee is not just an accompaniment to desserts. It can be partnered with salad and main dishes, too.

Awakening senses

Starbucks Philippines has gracefully prepared a 4-course coffee and food pairing lunch. Conceptualized by Starbucks Philippines assistant manager for food Celine Lichauco and senior learning specialist Third Villaflor, the meal was co-presented by Chef Booj Supe of Gourmet Garage.


The course started with a refreshing Petite Mesclun and Raspberry Salad paired with Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee. With this set, the cold brew coffee is balanced and smooth which makes it easier to pair with most flavors. Since the salad had a distinct citrusy taste, this added to the refreshing taste of the cold brew coffee.

Awakening senses with Starbucks Coffee College

Entree 1

For the much-awaited Entrees, we started off with the main dish–Sous Vide Angus Beef with Almond Gouda Crumbs alongside Starbucks Kati-Kati Blend. Brewed using the classic coffee press, this blend is a medium-bodied coffee originating from Kenya and Ethiopia.

Awakening senses with Starbucks Coffee College

After getting brewed by pressing, the citrus taste of the coffee intensifies the accent of dark chocolate demi-glace while the gouda cheese brings out spice to the coffee.

Awakening senses with Starbucks Coffee College

Entree 2

The second main dish was an exciting Grilled Cilantro Chicken with Lime Buerre Blanc paired with Starbucks Reserve Riwanda Musasa. The coffee is perfect to complement the lemon acidity flavor of the food. There are actually 2 methods in which Riwanda Musasa can be made; the Pour-Over Cone brew and the famous Chemex process.

Awakening senses with Starbucks Coffee College

Although same coffee, the taste differs when performed both methods. The pour-over is a beautiful, simple, and accessible way of brewing a clean and fully developed flavor. This is the method where the bright citrusy flavors of the coffee come out.

Awakening senses with Starbucks Coffee College

On the other hand, the Chemex combines elegance and function using the same pouring method but with a glass decanter. This method amplifies the body of the coffee–giving it more of dark cherry citrus flavor.


Finally, the cherry on top for me, the dessert. A coffee jelly made from Starbucks VIA Italian Roast Topped With Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled by a sachet of Starbucks VIA Match. This powerful combo brings boldness to the coffee and the goodness of green tea.

Awakening senses with Starbucks Coffee College

Biggest Starbucks branch?

Yes, we know and we can hear you asking for it. So, here are the pictures we took inside the biggest Starbucks branch in the Philippines to date.

Awakening senses with Starbucks Coffee CollegeAwakening senses with Starbucks Coffee College

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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