Mommy Dionisia Expresses Dismay on Pacquiao’s Loss, “Tanga talaga ang referee”

  • Mommy Dionisia cries foul after Pacquiao losing to Horn
  • Pacquiao shares disbelief on the results

It’s not a Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao game if Mommy Dionisia, his mother, does not react violently. Her verdict on this match? Foul.


mommy dionisia expresses dismay
Photo from Stariray Magazine

On Tuesday, Mommy D, cannot help but express her thoughts on recent Pacquiao’s loss. She complained about the referee not warning Jeff Horn about his infractions.

“Siyempre, parang nainis, nalungkot, kasi hindi ko masyado tingnan kasi ayoko ngang makita yung anak ko duguan na. Pero nakita ko talaga yung kalaban, si Horn, kita ko talaga na marumi maglaro,” she said in an interview with Unang Balita.

Anger is what she feels after the match. “Galit ako sa, nainis ako sa referee, tanga, tanga talaga ang referee. Bakit hindi niya inawat? Bakit hindi niya bilangan,” she said in full fierceness.

“Hawakan niyang leeg sa anak ko, eh ipababa niya doon sa malapit na sa sahig na doon suntukin niya. Parang daya ba, hawakan niya sa braso, sa leeg ng anak ko,” she continued.

The senator slash professional boxer lost to the Australian boxer Jeff Horn on Sunday with a score; 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113. Set at Suncorp Stadium in Queensland, Australia, almost 51,000 Boxing fans witnessed the upset.

“Battle Of Brisbane”

mommy dionisia expresses dismay
Photo from Maxim

Dubbed as the “Battle of Brisbane”, Pacquiao’s loss has officially tainted his reputation in boxing. The eight-division world champion that the referee should have deducted points from Horn due to headlocks and ‘intentional’ headbutts.

In an interview, Pacman said, “Lagi akong gina-grab sa ulo, sinasakal. Malaki at saka dapat wina-warningan ng referee. Saka how many times ginagawa, inulit-ulit niya. Dapat may deductions.”

The result of the game did not only disappoint the fans but the whole Filipino community as well.

“And then ‘yung pag accidental headbutt. ‘Pag accidental headbutt ‘yung nangyari, dalawang beses, dapat may deduction ‘yun eh. That’s the professional rules. Hindi marunong ‘yung referee,” Pacman pointing out the referee’s failure to make a right decision.

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