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This Obsessed Woman Bribes Her Crush’s Girlfriend For 11.4 Million Just To Break Up With Him

Remember how having a crush is associated with pureness and innocence? It is supposed to be our way of inspiring ourselves, not to destroy someone else’s life.


Obsessed Woman Bribes Her Crush's Girlfriend

There’s a fine line between admiration and obsession, and this Malaysian girl just crossed the boundaries. Joyce Lee, the obsessed woman took her adoration to a higher notch by offering her crush’s girlfriend with whopping 1 Million Malaysian Ringgit (11.4 million in Philippine peso) just to break up with him.

Obsessed Woman Bribes Her Crush's Girlfriend

According to the reports, Lee sends messages to her target, Danny Tan religiously. She also sends him pictures and telling him things about her daily happenings, including things he doesn’t want to know.

Later on, Danny grew tired of her because of her persistence, calling his phone countless times. She even calls him “Hubby”, “My love”.

Obsessed Woman Bribes Her Crush's Girlfriend

The man soon asked her to stop as everything started to creep in. Danny also shared that no matter how many times he changed his social media accounts and phone numbers, Lee always manages to contact him.


Here are the conversations the two had according to a report online.

Obsessed Woman Bribes Her Crush's Girlfriend
Screenshots from Viral4Real

This is the time Danny found out that Lee had been harassing his girlfriend, Joey Tan, as well, bribing her money to leave him.

Obsessed Woman Bribes Her Crush's Girlfriend

The whole story went viral online that came to a point where netizens stalked the stalker. They found out that she is already 38 years old, but looked so young.

Obsessed Woman Bribes Her Crush's Girlfriend

They even joked Joyce to stalk them also, since she was rich and beautiful despite her madness.

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