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This 50-year-old Chinese Mom Looks So Young That She Can Pass As Her Son’s Girlfriend

Let’s admit it, we all want to grow beautifully, but not everyone gets to find the key to eternal youth. Also, unfortunately, we are not immortals that stop aging by our 20’s.

Fountain of youth

50-year-old Chinese Mom Looks So Young

While most of us looked older for our age, because of vices and malpractices, you would envy this 50-year-old woman!

Liu Yelin, a mother and fitness enthusiast, looks unbelievably young that people think she is her own son’s girlfriend!

50-year-old Chinese Mom Looks So Young

According to her, she started swimming at 30, and instantly fell in love with it. She confesses that she would swim religiously outdoors–even in winter! Crazy!

50-year-old Chinese Mom Looks So Young

At her age now, Yelin is often mistaken as the girlfriend of her 22-year-old son because of how young she looks. Showing no signs of old age and wrinkles, you would think that she’s just in her 20’s at first glance.

50-year-old Chinese Mom Looks So Young

In a report, she said that people would often ask for her secret to being ‘forever young’. She would also answer that there’s no secret, it is plain hardwork. Aside from swimming, this MILF works out at least three times a week!

A fitness junkie

50-year-old Chinese Mom Looks So Young

In a statement, she even said,

“I swim in the lake and do weight training every day.”

Now you know the secret–that is pure hard work. Start now, guys!

Written by Denis Santos

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