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LOOK: Netizens react on #LaBoracay And It’s Giving Us Life

More than 67,000 tourists to join LaBoracay 2017! This is not a drill!

The Malay Municipal Tourism Office, Aklan, Philippines is expecting the biggest crowd of LaBoracay since the tradition has started. In 2015, 56,247 joined the series of non-stop beach parties, and in 2016, 60,441 party-goers hit the favorite summer spot of the Philippines.

Netizens react on #LaBoracay
Photo from PH Travel Express

And this year, a whopping 67,225 guests are expected to join the fun-filled events of LaBoracay 2017 as they make the best out of their long Labor Day weekend.

#LaBoracay is known to be one of the best summer events of all time, where not only students get to enjoy the party, but also the working party-goers, as a celebration of the Labor Day.

But not everyone is liking it…

The event attracted haters as some don’t understand why people celebrate Labor Day like that. Instead of dissing, twitizens wittily respond to the occasion.

While this one laments on not having a boyfriend,

Netizens react on #LaBoracay

this one is set to reunite with his ‘Alter’ friends in #LaBoracay

Netizens react on #LaBoracay

While everyone is planning a vacation during the long Labor Day weekend, this medical student sarcastically brags her hospital shift.

Netizens react on #LaBoracay

And when everyone is set partying and relaxing, our leftist friends is preparing for their own #LaBoracay in Mendiola.

Netizens react on #LaBoracayNetizens react on #LaBoracay

This guy gives a warning on what people usually lose in LaBoracay.

Netizens react on #LaBoracay

Kudos this guy for burning LaBoracay party goers.

Netizens react on #LaBoracay

And who would not notice the LaBoracay-tan our former Miss Universe-Philippines, Maxine Medina, had during the recently-concluded #BbPilipinas2017

Netizens react on #LaBoracayNetizens react on #LaBoracay

Instead of hating, this girl kept it cool and gave people a conyo reminder.

Netizens react on #LaBoracay

and lastly…

Who would not appreciate the wit our all-time favorite fast-food joint showed for the occasion?

Netizens react on #LaBoracay

It was fun making fun of those who are actually crazy about #LaBoracay, but at the end of the day, it’s our life, our rules. Keep spreading the fun, guys!

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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