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Chito Miranda turns down 2 million peso deal to endorse a presidentiable

Last October 14, Chito Miranda, frontman for the band Parokya ni Edgar, tweeted that he turned down a two million peso endorsement deal from a presidential candidate, saying that he would only support either Mayor Rodrigo Duterte or Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Chito Miranda's controversial tweet.
Chito Miranda’s controversial tweet.

The post has so far been retweeted 6,300 times. The act has drawn praises, speculations as to who the presidentiable is, and a few incredulous reactions from the more skeptical netizens.

Facebook user Rob Ignacio doubts Miranda’s claim, saying he doesn’t think the musician has enough clout to be offered that amount of money on an endorsement. “His claim sounds incredible. Is mr. Miranda such a much sought artist that a presidential wannabe would make that huge offer and does he have a great numbers of twitter following? Is he even in top 10 or top 20 of twitter followers? Nice try man.. Just too hard to believe. You are a spent force! If you are rooting for someone just say it but dont come up with this unimaginable claim (sic).”

Julius Cruz thinks it’s all a joke. As does Aileen De la Paz-Cabading who shares in the incredulity, “I think wala naman nag offer. Gusto nya lang nya iendorse si duterte or miriam. Since minention nya un 2 names ang tendency natin is mag process of elimination which would lead us to guess na sibinay or roxas ang nag offer. Which would have a negative effect on both. Good job sa tactic na yan (sic).” (I think it’s a bogus offer. He only wants to endorse Duterte or Miriam since he mentioned those two names. He is leading us to guess it’s either Binay or Roxas who made the offer, thereby resulting on a negative view on both those two. Good job on that tactic.)

Other people, however, were all praises, admiring Miranda’s integrity. FB user Vin Zon thanked him on behalf of the nation, “the Filipino people thank you for you declining.”

Mabuhay ka Chito!” Miko Chua declares.“…sana lahat ng local celebs ganyan.” (Long live, Chito! I wish all local celebrities were like you.)

The majority of those reacting, however, wanted to know who made the offer. “I dare Chito name this politician,” Ikit Sipin-Chan challenges,“because the whole nation deserves the truth.”

Sumer Paras agrees, “It means nothing unless Chito Miranda reveal name of presidential candidate.”

Speculation, of course, abounds. Most pointed accusing fingers at either Vice President’s Jejomar Binay’s camp or Secretary Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party, opining these were the only two who can easily come up with two million pesos.


“Si Binay yan. (It’s BInay.) Mo Twister was offered the same amount to endorse him for which he declined.” Florence Belnas Tejadilla offered her theory.

Some even took the opportunity to poke fun at a couple of nuisance candidates. “Si Archangel Lucifer yan,” (It’s Archangel Lucifer,) says Jojo Arevalo. But Ronelle Feranil thinks, “Baka mga aliens yung kumausap kay chito… Nakakatakot nmn yung si mr intergalactic chenes.” (Maybe it was aliens who talked to Chito. That Mr. Galactic person is a bit frightening.)

For now, though, the controversy and speculation rage on. In a second tweet, Miranda professed not knowing the identity of the presidentiable, saying he was only contacted by an agency.

Miranda clarifies in a second tweet that he doesn't know the identity of the person who made the offer.
Miranda clarifies in a second tweet that he doesn’t know the identity of the person who made the offer.

…di ko rin alam kasi ayaw sabihin ng agency. (I don’t know because the agency didn’t say who it is,)” confesses Miranda. “They wanted to see muna kung game ako.” (They wanted to see first if I was game.)

Written by Bambi Eloriaga-Amago

Bambi is a freelance writer/editor who is a big fan of Marvel, Star Wars, and all things geeky. Aside from her geek obsessions, she's also an aspiring cat lady with three cats in her household. She's also a devoted mom and wife.

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