Inconsiderate driver blocks wheelchair ramp, irks netizens

Some people nowadays need to learn how to be a bit more considerate of others. News about drivers blocking PWD access has gone viral on social media. Some get bashed by online users, while others get “punished” in a very unusual way.

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On June 26, another netizen expressed his rage over an insensitive driver who parked his car on the wheelchair ramp. V. Meister posted on his Facebook account a photo of a blue Peugeot blocking the wheelchair ramp at Cardinal Santos Hospital in San Juan, Metro Manila. They were about to use the ramp for his mother, but the car was obstructing their way.

“Now tell me, how can I move my mom in her wheelchair if u parked ur car in wheelchair ramp? I guess u love ur car soooooo much that u don’t give a [email protected]#% with people with disabilities!!! I know u saw me taking a picture of ur car but I guess ur too scared to approach me, don’t worry ER is just around the corner, I’ll let the guards bring u there!!!”

Screengrab from Facebook / V. Meister
Screengrab from Facebook / V. Meister

The photo of the Peugeot sedan that blocked the wheelchair ramp at Cardinal Hospital:

Photo Credit: Facebook / Voltaire Meister
Photo Credit: Facebook / V. Meister

It’s unfortunate how some people can be so inconsiderate about PWDs.  Not just PWDs, but other people, in general.

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