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7  Things We can’t forget about Jam of Jamich….

Half of Internet Youtube sensation Jamich, Jam Sebastian has died after battling of stage 4 lung cancer today.

In the Facebook post of his mother, Maricar Sebastian, she says, “The fight is over we lost the battle my son Jam Fernando Sebastian just passed away 10:30AM, March 4,2015”.

Fans took comments on social media to offer sympathy and condolence. It’s farewell for now  but his memories  will continue to live with us.

1.) His hands can do magic.

“His hands can do magic. ” These were the five words the father of Jam Sebastian’s fiance, Mich Liggayu, said that probably one of the things we can never forget about him.

Older Liggayu said in Facebook post: “This hand used to be an instrument to make short films, edit videos and eventually entertain and inspire millions of viewers and those who followed them.

“This hand was very busy clicking and moving the mouse and like a true artist created magic, that became an internet sensation called “JAMICH”.”

jamich hand
Photo from: Christopher Joseph Liggayu Facebook account

2.) Painfully sweet handwriting of “I Love You”

When he was still in life support, Jam managed to write these three words in a sheet of paper, who was unable to speak that time.

He did find a way to shower his appreciation to all people who prayed for his recovery. Though in a worse condition previously, man he has a great vibrations all throughout he was fighting.

He knows he’s accountable for his feelings. He knows his time is uncontrollable and he took the remaining time to show how much he loves us.

Photo from: Jamich's Instagram account
Photo from: Jamich’s Instagram account

3.) His heart has a big hope

He continued to fight cancer til the end. Recently he requested to his family to consider “mercy killing” which her mother refused to do.

Before he died, when his blood pressure was getting low, his heart rate was getting fast, and unmanageable continuing increase of fever was at stake, he plainly wrote down that “Oo Laban”.

His hope and strength came from million fans and relatives who never leave him in every step of the pain.

His courageous act to endure pain and win the battle for a year withstand the fact while there’s life, there’s a hope.

Photo from: Maricar Fernando Sebastian Facebook account
Photo from: Maricar Fernando Sebastian Facebook account
Photo from: Jamich's Instagram account
Photo from: Jamich’s Instagram account

4.) He does not fear death

By the time he was requesting to his family to let him die, he acknowledged that he does not fear, for God is with him.

He even encouraged everyone to worry no more as his sufferings will end if mercy killing might be considered.

There’s no more fear for death, for he was able to touch million lives, bring smiles on their faces, remain positive that all good things are set to happen.


Here is Jam’s message posted in Yexel’s Facebook account  last February 1, 2015 (unedited): Pinaka malungkot na mensaheng natanggap ko mula nabuhay ako sa mundong ito, pati narin sa mararamdaman ng mama ko.

Ma Kuya Paolinne Josh. Bago niyo isarado, sana iconsider niyo. Pinagisipan ko na rin to. Kinausap ko na rin si Lord. Wag niyo sakin ibungad negative kasima stress ako. Open heart and mind tayo mag usap. I consider natin mercy killing. Sobrang hirap na hirap na talaga ako. Di ko na talaga kaya lumaban. Grabe sakit na tinitiis ko araw araw. Di rin kaya gamot. Kahit dampi ng damit sobrang sakit na. Gusto ko na magpahinga talaga. Wag kayo magalala, kasama ko si Lord. Sana sa lalong madaling panahon mapagisipan natin to. Alam ko kung gaano niyo ako kamahalan pero ung hinihiling ko ngayon para sa ikakakatahimik ko. Di na ako makatayo, hirap makakain at makaupo, hirap na lumaban araw araw. Di ko na alam kung paano. Gustong gusto ko mabuhay syempre mahal na mahal ko kayo at alam kung ganun din kayo sakin pero paano naman ako. Everyday ako ganito, ayaw ko na makaramdam ng hirap talaga. Sobrang mahal ko kayo. Sana mercy killing niyo na lang ako. Ma wag mo ako i approach about dito kung sad o negative lang. Baka ma stress ako bigla. Salamat.

5.) Adorable sweet boyfriend

This guy does know how to pull off sweet suprises from birthday gimmicks to valentine bombshells, he does show how he loves his girl. No doubt if he was still alive, he would be the same boyfriend material who breaks out any unticipated event.

6.) Good-giver

Last month, he just made his brother Yexel happy when he gave him iPhone, which was a gift he receieved from a TelCo.

Photo from: Yexel Sebastian Facebook account
Photo from: Yexel Sebastian Facebook account

“Sa hirap at sakit na nararamdaman nya kada minuto at oras nakuha padin nya magbigay. Nakita kasi nya na basag ang cellphone ko, kaya kagabi ng madaling araw binigay nya sakin to, gift daw sa kanya ng globe”

7.) Has a strong faith

He remained attending “The Feast”, a weekly fellowship and prayer meeting founded by preacher Bo Sanchez, few months after he was diagnosed with lung cancer last year.

Few months before he died, inspiring posts of courage and strength ravel around social media urging everyone to pray for his recovery.

His relationship with God just got stronger as he let Him takes over his life.

Photo from: Jamich's Facebook account
Photo from: Jamich’s Facebook account

To God we belong and to Him is our return.

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