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Instagram Hoax: 17,000 users repost #ActiveUserSafety so as not to lose Account

Recently, a hoax about removing accounts from Instagram made its rounds in social media. A bogus account, @activeusersafetys has posted about allegedly photo-sharing app’s privacy policy update. The intro reads:

“As you all know, our team has been deleting a mass of inactive followers from your accounts. We have been doing this to all accounts that may need to be removed, due to being inactive. This is the first step we will be taking to delete all inactive accounts. If you have been losing followers, you may lose your account as well. Repost our picture and follow us or else your account may be deleted. “

The account rounded up 25,300 followers as of writing and piled up 17,064 posts.

17, 000 post using the hashtag #ActiveUserSafety
17, 000 post using the hashtag #ActiveUserSafety

This fake announcement says that user’s account maybe inactive if it has lost followers subsequently after the instasurge incident wherein popular celebrities have lost millions of their inactive/fake followers. It merely asks the users to repost a photo, tag them with the hashtag #ActiveUserSafety.

Instagram hasn’t disabled yet the account.

Written by dailypedia

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