Filipina Suffering From Mental Breakdown Strips Herself Naked in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – A mentally disturbed Filipina was caught on camera stripping off her clothes and leaving nothing but only her panties at the Mongkok Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station.

A video uploaded  by Apple Daily, a Hong Kong-based tabloid-style newspaper, shows Liza (not her real name), disrobing herself and screaming in front of ATM machines at the train station.  She’s wailing and screaming incoherent words, scaring people.

At one point in the video, a lady gave her clothes which she refused to wear.

screengrab from
screengrab from

In a statement by the Coconuts Hong Kong, “In typical Hong Kong fashion, no one came to the clearly distressed woman’s aid, but instead ensured her continued humiliation by forming a crowd and filming her with their mobile devices.”

Half an hour after, the MTR officers came and wrapped Liza in a towel. She was then brought to a nearby hospital to get checked.

screengrab from
screengrab from

The incident happened last July 23 but the video was uploaded just recently.

The latest report says, the Filipina is recovering and has been assisted by the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong.

No statement has been issued yet from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).


  • Distressed Filipina strips naked, wails in Hong Kong;
  • Distressed Pinay strips naked in Hong Kong;

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