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Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are more likely to be unproductive

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are more likely to be unproductive

  • The study had 52,000 respondents
  • 25% that had ED were less productive in work
  • Italy has the highest rate of ED at 54%

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is basically when a man finds it difficult to get an erection long enough to get perform intercourse with a partner.

Stress and depression can contribute to this. ED can also mean that a man is suffering from hypertension, or even worse, a heart condition.

Surprisingly, a new study suggests that men who have ED are less productive when it comes to their jobs as well.

Dr. Wing Yu Tang, the co-author of the study and a director at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer which lead the study, said that men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to be less productive at work than those who do not suffer from it.

‘This study shows that ED remains a prevalent concern, one that impacts work productivity and absenteeism.”

The researchers surveyed 52,000 males from eight countries: Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US.

BJU International had a previous study that suggests men have a higher chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease and dementia.

According to the 1994 Massachusetts Male Aging Study, ED is more common in older men, about 40 percent of men affected at age 40 and roughly 70 percent of men affected at age 70.

Drugs such as Viagra and Cialis can help improve ED, along with losing weight and stopping smoking.

Men from ages 40 to 70 were asked if they suffered from ED and about their habits at work.

49.7 % said they suffer from ED, with the highest rate coming from Italy at 54.7%.

25% of men with ED suffered from poor work productivity compared to 11 percent of men without ED, the study found.

The study concluded by saying, “Stemming from eight countries, the global coverage of the data also suggests that this issue is pervasive across geographies.”

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Men who send unrequested di*k pics may be narcissists, study suggests

Men who send unrequested di*k pics may be narcissists, study suggests

  • Men who send d*ck pics expect something in return
  • Most men who do this are narcissists

Psychologist Flora Oswald of Pennsylvania State University did a study which included 1,087 men.

The survey asked the respondents if they have ever sent pictures of their genitals, and if they did, why did they do it and what reaction did they expect to receive after sending them.

The study also attempted to explore personality traits: levels of exhibitionism, narcissism, sexism, and openness to sex and sexuality.

The study found that men who send unwanted pictures of genitals leaned towards the qualities of narcissists.

‘We determined that men who reported having sent unsolicited dick pics demonstrated higher levels of narcissism and endorsed greater ambivalent and hostile sexism than their non-sending counterparts.”

The study also found that the number one reason why men do this is that because they want to receive nude pictures in return.

“We determined that the most frequently reported motivational category for sending genital images was a transactional mindset — i.e., motivated by hopes of receiving images in return.”

Only a few men send pictures for self-esteem purposes.

‘The most commonly desired reaction from recipients was that of sexual excitement.”

Weirdly enough, some men send pictures so they can get a negative reaction from women.

‘These results provide evidence to suggest that while unsolicited dick pic sending is motivated by sexist and misogynistic ideologies in some men, the majority do not intend to cause harm or negative psychological outcomes. Thus, the unsolicited dick pic phenomenon cannot be viewed solely as a sexist campaign, nor as a positive outlet for sexuality,” the researchers added.

The researchers say that it all depends on individual basis, and that further research will be big for other studies to follow.

“Further research on the subject could provide insights into myriad contemporary topics such as online sexual harassment, online dating culture, and gender relations.”

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Snoring men causes sleep deprivation in their women

Snoring men causes sleep deprivation in their women

  • Women need more sleep than men
  • Improve sleeping habits by exercising and avoiding alcohol and caffeine
  • Men tend to snore more

Benson for Beds did a survey that showed the common reasons women lose sleep, namely tending to their kids’ needs, depression, anticipating an overwhelming day (or week) ahead, and a partner who snores.

Science can explain why snoring partners are such a disturbance.

Humans are wired to speak, and when we do fall asleep, our tongues fall back into our oropharynx which then turns into snoring. Men have bigger oropharynx which makes them more prone to snoring.

Women who lack sleep have the different aspects of their lives affected, from work to home, and etc.

“What with hormonal changes that come with menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, the biological differences alone are huge. With this in mind, it’s really helpful for us to get into a few good sleep habits that can help get us through,” says Sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski.

Dr. Jim Horne, a sleep science expert in Britain, says that women need sleep more than men.

The National Sleep Foundation says that women can improve their sleeping by avoiding caffeine and alcohol, exercising regularly, and taking a warm bath to relax their bodies.

These are easier said than done. When it comes to snoring partners, a serious talk needs to happen between the couple.

Doctors suggest working out together improves health and relationships which leads to better sleep.

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Woman finds out guys are lusting after her photos

Woman finds out guys are lusting after her photos

  • A woman posts her photo on Facebook which was copied without her permission
  • She finds out that her photo is being shared in a group chat full of men
  • She urges women to control their men

Twitter user @elyza_aphrodite created a thread on how one of her pictures that she posted became a target of lust.

She said she changed her profile picture on Facebook when she suddenly received a direct message (DM).

The DM came from a woman who said that her boyfriend took Elyza’s photo and sent it to a group chat full of other males. She asked Elyza if she could put her photo down.

Elyza asked for a screenshot of her photo in the group chat and the girlfriend obliged. In the screenshot, she could see that the men made lustful comments about her. Elyza decided to delete the photo.

After deleting her photo, she got a message from a friend.

Her friend eventually told her said that her boyfriend, who is a member of the group chat, screenshots bikini pictures of girls he finds on social media, sends it to the group chat where they would pleasure themselves to it.

Elyza felt offended and shared her story to spread awareness. She said that social media privacy is a joke and that we can’t control how people act or think.

She is also urged women to control their men, as what they were doing was disrespectful, and that if their boyfriends were still admiring other girls then it may be better to leave them.

She also implied that women can wear whatever they want. She wants people to stop saying that women should change their clothes because their reply would always be for people to change their mindset.

Lastly, she says that she understands that it is normal for men to jack off, but doing it while involving innocent women is definitely a big no-no.

Her post has 45k likes.

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What kind of men are more attractive to women?

What kind of men are more attractive to women?

  • Studies show that women find men attractive when they are also desired by other women
  • Taken men are perceived to have more desirable qualities

If you’re a single man and you’re wondering about how to boost your “attractivness meter” when it comes to women, then you’ve come to the right place.

Do you think it’s handsomeness? Intellectual abilities? Or even humor? The answer is maybe, but a recent study at the Universities of St Andrews, Durham and Exeter showed that the type of men that are more attractive to the opposite gender are also the men that are most desired by other women.

The researchers showed 49 women images of different men’s features like their hands, faces, and also a piece of art, then was asked to individually rate each image. After informing them how the rest of the group rated the images, they were then asked to re-rate them.

Thirteen percent of the participants changed their initial rating according to the result of the previous survey. The behavior is called the “The Wedding Ring Effect” or “Mate Copying” wherein when a man is in a relationship with a woman, or is desired by other women, he is perceived to have desirable characteristics.

The results also supported another study made by the Oklahoma State University stating that when a man is single, only 59% of the participants are interested.

However, when told that a man is taken, the percentage shot up to 90%!

So you know what to do to be desired more women. All you have to do is be in a relationship or be attractive to others. After all, what we want is what we can’t have.

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Marrying a fat woman can make a you live a happier life

Marrying a fat woman can make a you live a happier life

  • Men are 10x happier with a chubby partner compared to men with a skinny woman
  • Science explains why men should marry a plus size woman
  • Men love fat women’s curvy rolls, chubby dimples and extra size boobs

It is very common that men like thin and sexy women compared to fat and heavy ones. But according to a study conducted by the psychology department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, men having a relationship with a fat woman live a happier life.

Dr. Filemón Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales discovered that men who were in a relationship with a plus size woman solve their problems easier.

One of the side effects of being fat is being able to think likely what and how to feed their partner’s wants and needs, and to satisfy them as well.

Meanwhile, the burden of reproduction and carrying a baby weight is no longer an issue to plus size women since they are already heavy.

Here are eight reasons why men are 10x happier having a relationship with a fat woman versus men with a skinny partner:

1. There is no pressure of requiring yourself to be fit when marrying a fat woman.
2. Chubby partners give good hugs without limitations.
3. Surprising them with their favorite sweets can make plus size women happy.
4. Plus size women share good laughs. Happy couples laughing together are likely to have a longer and healthier relationship.

5. Plus size women are literally and figuratively sweeter than skinny ones.
6. Fat women are good cooks and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
7. Though losing weight may be considered but food is “lifer” and this would only mean that it is more fun eating together.
8. Fat women are pegged as unattractive and unhealthy in the mainstream media but for a man who fell in love to a woman, size does not matter, at all.

The study even recommends that men should need to consider a chubby woman to be his lawfully wedded wife.

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7 Bizarre Things You Probably Don’t Know About How Men Perceive Sex

7 Bizarre Things You Probably Don’t Know About How Men Perceive Sex

  • Men are hornier than women, that’s a fact
  • Men and how they see sex

For some reasons, men’s sexuality remains a mystery for most of us. Do you ever wonder how fast their decision-making skills are? How about how they make things uncomplicated?

You can never shrug off the fact that they are a little too insensitive to somebody else’s feelings. There are many things we should know about their whole being but for now, here are some of the things you should know about their sexuality as adapted from PsychologyToday.

1. Men who had sex with the same sex are definitely gay or bi

C’mon, this is the case and always should be. There’s a saying that goes ‘once you go gay, there’s no turning back’. No matter if you agreed because it is paid, or you flashed the drunk card, part of you still enjoyed the intercourse.

2. Sex is one of their top priorities

They think of it when they wake up, they think of it when they drink coffee, and they definitely think about it before going to sleep. They are that hungry for it. *winks*

3. Watching porn can make men uninterested in having sex with their partner

Despite the fact that porn quenches our carnal thirst, it has a weird psychological effect on men’s minds. We all know that porn is an exaggerated of showing how you do sex, but men get too attached to it.

They get addicted that they no longer want to do it with their partners and rather get hooked in watching pornographic materials.

4. If a man loses his erection while having sex, he’s simply not into his partner

If that’s the case, you should start asking what was wrong. Because the moment he lost his boner, there’s something going on. Unless, the guy has erectile dysfunction, it is also good if you consolidate to seek for professional help so you can address the concern.

5. Not because he wants an anal sex with a girl, doesn’t mean he is gay or bi

We all have preferences you know. If you are a girl and your man asked if you can do anal, that’s normal. Just because he asked for it, doesn’t mean he fantasizes doing it with the same sex. Some men love to experiment and also have seen such and would like to try it so to know how it feels.

However, it is important to discuss the precautionary measures. We can tell you that it is not really easy on your first.

6. Bisexual men often cheat?

This is never the case. Just because he sees both sexes attractive, doesn’t mean he does not have a sense of monogamy.

7. They have the weirdest fantasies

It’s not important if he said it directly to you, your task as a partner is to know that by observing him. Once you did, he will never let go of you.

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STUDY: Men with beards more likely to be sexist, violent, and unfaithful

STUDY: Men with beards more likely to be sexist, violent, and unfaithful


New studies claim that facial hair make men more “more likely to be sexist, cheat, fight, and steal.”

Based on a survey conducted by online software provider Qualtrics, 65% of American and 86% of Indian men with facial hair and beards agreed more with hostile sexist statements than men without any facial hair.

bearded men

In the first survey, 500 men aged between 18 and 72 from India and the US with varying facial hairstyles were examined. Participants were asked to choose one that best matched their facial hair. They were also asked to agree or disagree with a series of gender role statements.

“Our research suggests that there is a link between beards and gender role beliefs, but it’s not apparent what causes this association. It’s possible that men with more negative attitudes towards women are more likely to choose to wear facial hair because it accentuates their apparent masculinity and dominance,” Qualtrics said.

A second survey conducted by video network Eva and Censuswide involving 2,000 men revealed that 47% of men with beard had cheated with their partner compared to 20% of non-bearded men.

The study also showed that 45% of bearded men were regularly involved in fights compared to 29% of clean-shaven men. Moreover, 40% of men with facial hair have confessed stealing something compared to 17% of men with no beards.

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