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Woman finds out guys are lusting after her photos

  • A woman posts her photo on Facebook which was copied without her permission
  • She finds out that her photo is being shared in a group chat full of men
  • She urges women to control their men

Twitter user @elyza_aphrodite created a thread on how one of her pictures that she posted became a target of lust.

She said she changed her profile picture on Facebook when she suddenly received a direct message (DM).

The DM came from a woman who said that her boyfriend took Elyza’s photo and sent it to a group chat full of other males. She asked Elyza if she could put her photo down.

Elyza asked for a screenshot of her photo in the group chat and the girlfriend obliged. In the screenshot, she could see that the men made lustful comments about her. Elyza decided to delete the photo.

After deleting her photo, she got a message from a friend.

Her friend eventually told her said that her boyfriend, who is a member of the group chat, screenshots bikini pictures of girls he finds on social media, sends it to the group chat where they would pleasure themselves to it.

Elyza felt offended and shared her story to spread awareness. She said that social media privacy is a joke and that we can’t control how people act or think.

She is also urged women to control their men, as what they were doing was disrespectful, and that if their boyfriends were still admiring other girls then it may be better to leave them.

She also implied that women can wear whatever they want. She wants people to stop saying that women should change their clothes because their reply would always be for people to change their mindset.

Lastly, she says that she understands that it is normal for men to jack off, but doing it while involving innocent women is definitely a big no-no.

Her post has 45k likes.

Written by Gianni Russo

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