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Marrying a fat woman can make a you live a happier life

  • Men are 10x happier with a chubby partner compared to men with a skinny woman
  • Science explains why men should marry a plus size woman
  • Men love fat women’s curvy rolls, chubby dimples and extra size boobs

It is very common that men like thin and sexy women compared to fat and heavy ones. But according to a study conducted by the psychology department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, men having a relationship with a fat woman live a happier life.

Dr. Filemón Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales discovered that men who were in a relationship with a plus size woman solve their problems easier.

One of the side effects of being fat is being able to think likely what and how to feed their partner’s wants and needs, and to satisfy them as well.

Meanwhile, the burden of reproduction and carrying a baby weight is no longer an issue to plus size women since they are already heavy.

Here are eight reasons why men are 10x happier having a relationship with a fat woman versus men with a skinny partner:

1. There is no pressure of requiring yourself to be fit when marrying a fat woman.
2. Chubby partners give good hugs without limitations.
3. Surprising them with their favorite sweets can make plus size women happy.
4. Plus size women share good laughs. Happy couples laughing together are likely to have a longer and healthier relationship.

5. Plus size women are literally and figuratively sweeter than skinny ones.
6. Fat women are good cooks and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
7. Though losing weight may be considered but food is “lifer” and this would only mean that it is more fun eating together.
8. Fat women are pegged as unattractive and unhealthy in the mainstream media but for a man who fell in love to a woman, size does not matter, at all.

The study even recommends that men should need to consider a chubby woman to be his lawfully wedded wife.

Written by Super Kaloy

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