Snoring men causes sleep deprivation in their women

  • Women need more sleep than men
  • Improve sleeping habits by exercising and avoiding alcohol and caffeine
  • Men tend to snore more

Benson for Beds did a survey that showed the common reasons women lose sleep, namely tending to their kids’ needs, depression, anticipating an overwhelming day (or week) ahead, and a partner who snores.

Science can explain why snoring partners are such a disturbance.

Humans are wired to speak, and when we do fall asleep, our tongues fall back into our oropharynx which then turns into snoring. Men have bigger oropharynx which makes them more prone to snoring.

Women who lack sleep have the different aspects of their lives affected, from work to home, and etc.

“What with hormonal changes that come with menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, the biological differences alone are huge. With this in mind, it’s really helpful for us to get into a few good sleep habits that can help get us through,” says Sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski.

Dr. Jim Horne, a sleep science expert in Britain, says that women need sleep more than men.

The National Sleep Foundation says that women can improve their sleeping by avoiding caffeine and alcohol, exercising regularly, and taking a warm bath to relax their bodies.

These are easier said than done. When it comes to snoring partners, a serious talk needs to happen between the couple.

Doctors suggest working out together improves health and relationships which leads to better sleep.

Written by Charles Teves

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