Caught on cam: Counter-flowing taxi causes road rage incident

Caught on cam: Counter-flowing taxi causes road rage incident

  • Netizen Nico Tatts uploaded a video on FB that showed a taxi counter flowing traffic flow
  • Tatts, and the identified wrongful motorist Golina, ended in a road rage incident along Quirino Highway
  • LTFRB called on the operator of the arrogant taxi driver

A netizen shared on his Facebook account a now viral video of an arrogant taxi driver counter-flowing along Quirino Highway in Novaliches, Quezon City. When confronted of his wrongdoing, he ended up being angry and even started arguing with the motorist who was on the right lane.

In the video that Facebook user Nico Tatts posted online, it can be seen that the taxi was driving northbound in a southbound lane, which naturally ended up being blocked by Tatts’ car.

As Tatts has the right of way, he drove forward to force the taxi driver to reverse and head back to his original lane. The taxi is showed backing up slowly as large trucks were passing through and there were concrete barriers in between the lanes.

Afterwards, the taxi driver rolled down his window and instead of apologizing, attempted to confront Tatts, looking as if he wanted to start a fight. The concerned motorist retorted by asking the taxi driver whether he was in the right lane when he countered the traffic flow.

The two eventually got into a heated argument, as the taxi driver tried to point out another vehicle that also countered the flow. Their quarrel then devolved into insults thrown at each other.

Plss share pasikatin natin c mr. PogiLahat namn tayo gusto maka uwi nang maaga lahat namn tayo nakaka ranas nang traffic pero sa namn wag kana mang damay ikaw na meron ginawa mali ikaw pa matapangToyota vios vx 0271Operator E.S villegasDriver: mr poge#LTO#MMDA#LTFRB#ABSCBN #GMA

Posted by Nico Ichieban Tatts on Thursday, March 7, 2019

According to radio station DZMM, the driver was identified as Arjay Golina. In their report, Emmanuel Villegas of ES Villegas, Golina’s taxi operator, have yet to receive the report from the driver regarding the incident.

The viral video had over 1 million views, 12,000 reactions, and 18,300 shares with the netizens generally mad at the arrogant motorist.

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Driver from Bohol returns ₱200,000 to Korean tourist

Driver from Bohol returns ₱200,000 to Korean tourist

  • Driver from Bohol returned money to a Korean tourist.
  • The driver received a certificate of recognition from LTFRB for his honesty. 

A driver from Bohol received recognition after he voluntarily returned ₱200,000 to a tourist.

Ricardo Ratay, 44, was once a tour company driver in Boracay, but as the area was shut down and put under rehabilitation, he transferred to Bohol to work for another company as a coaster driver.

On September 3, Ratay found a wallet filled with money inside the coaster he was driving for a group of Korean tourists. It contained around ₱200,000 and was owned by a certain Mark Dae Hyun, who was then visiting the country with his wife.

Some people would think twice upon discovering such huge amount of money, however, the driver said that he immediately informed his fleet supervisor, Daniel Patrana, about the situation and they got in touch with the Korean national.

They also shared that their company has a regulation which states that they should return whatever item they found.

Because of the driver’s immediate action, Dae Hyun got his money the same day that he lost it. He thanked Rayata and gave him a hug as well as ₱1,000 cash which he used to buy snacks for him and his fellow drivers to share.

On the morning of September 17, Ratay got recognized by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) 7 Director Eduardo Montealto Jr. He received a certificate.

He has one child and budgets his small earnings for his family’s daily needs. He added that he was actually hospitalized last year, however, his financial status is not a reason to keep what really isn’t his in the first place.

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Bianca Gonzalez Hopes That LTFRB Will Look Into Banning Billboard Trucks

Bianca Gonzalez Hopes That LTFRB Will Look Into Banning Billboard Trucks

  • Bianca Gonzalez tweets about suggestion to remove advertisement trucks on the roads
  • Netizens agree to the host’s tweet and states their own opinion regarding the matter of advertisements

Television host and model Bianca Gonzalez tweets about her suggestion regarding billboard trucks.

Last June 18, she stated that the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board or LTFRB to consider banning the advertisement trucks on the road.

Gonzales suggested that the advertisement trucks should be converted into delivery trucks instead so that it will have more use and will be more functional.

“Dear @LTFRB, kindly consider banning billboard trucks on the road. Each one adds to traffic, air and noise pollution, carbon footprint. Please make the companies convert these into delivery trucks with billboard ad walls para mas functional. Thank you!”

Netizens agreed to the TV host and suggested their own ideas on how to make the trucks more convenient and practical.

“Yes!!!! o kaya free rides for commuters. I think the companies whose ads are displayed in these billboard trucks will get more positive publicity. If they offer free rides. :)”

“Good point. I dont see the sense of running around trucks just to show off what they have instead or putting it somewhere else like buses perhaps?”

“Just remove the billboards. They’re an eye sore and consumes a lot of electricity. TV, radio, print and internet ads should be enough already.”

LTFRB has yet to comment on the suggestion.

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Carla Abellana hits LTFRB being unaware on Grab’s alleged fixed charges

Carla Abellana hits LTFRB being unaware on Grab’s alleged fixed charges

  • Carla Abellana shares her comment about LTFRB’s unawareness of Grab’s imposed minimum fare
  • Netizens reacted on Abellana’s opinion

Kapuso actress Carla Abellana hits on the Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board or LTFRB’s claims of not knowing Grab Car and Grab Premium’s automatic minimum fare of P80 – P125.

Being a personality that often shares her comments regarding several economic and government matters, Abellana didn’t stop herself from taking a photo of GMA Network’s 24 Oras headline “GrabCar at GrabPremium, automatic na naniningil ng P80 at P125 minimum fare nang di alam ng LTFRB”

She expressed her disbelief by writing “Ngayon niyo lang nalaman, LTFRB?” followed by an emoji.

According to the reports, LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra III announced that the board was not informed of the minimum charges of Grab. He also expressed his confusion about the pricing scheme.

“We were not informed (about Grab implementing a minimum rate)… (It’s) only today that we understood that there is a distinction between the minimum fare and base fare,” 

In a statement from Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) Partylist Rep. Jericho Nograles, he said that Grab once again imposed a new illegal fare condition considering that the company has denied having to apply P80 minimum fare.

“Without any public hearing, Grab Philippines again unilaterally imposed a new illegal fare condition. [D]uring the April 17 LTFRB hearing, Grab Philippines denied to the board that they impose an P80 minimum fare.”

Netizens have mixed opinions regarding Ms. Abellana’s Instagram story about the matter. Some are voicing out their own side regarding the issue while others seemed annoyed.

“Itong Grab talaga naman cmpleng oportunista din eh. Kaya minsan mas bet ko pa talagang magtaxi. Sabay dasal na lng ako na sna ung driver mabait at hdi ako dudugasin. At kpg ganun ang nangyari nagsosobra ako ng 20php sa byad ko.” 

“This girl is so pampam. Nakikisakay sa mga problema”

“Itong si carla super pakialamera sa mga government issues. May plano yatang tumakbo sa susunod na halalan”

“May pakialam lang sya, tatakbo na? Ikaw ba ok lang sa’yo lahat ng nangyayari sa Pinas?”


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WATCH: Driver Taunts Passengers for Refusing To Ride His Taxi

WATCH: Driver Taunts Passengers for Refusing To Ride His Taxi

  • Taxi driver threatens passengers after refusing to ride his cab
  • Netizen expresses disgust over LTFRB’s complain system

This was supposed to be a typical Taxi mishap until the driver lost it and threatened his customers.


Thomas Pane, with his companions, just arrived in Manila from a long Northern Luzon trip when suddenly, a taxi driver goes up to them and taunts them. For real! They were trying to get a cab to Malabon and when they did, they were not pleased with the driver’s attitude. The driver was trying to charge them with a fixed Php 350-fare.

They declined and tried to book a Grab car. This is the time when the barker and the driver lost all their senses. They are not clearly pleased as the video suggests. Yes, foul words and threats included.

What happened after

And when they thought the commotion was over, the pack of taxi drivers in the area started to come at them. The driver even kicked Pane at the back. In an interview done by Coconuts, Pane said that he wanted to hit back, but his companion stopped him.

“The worst part of it is, we thought it would be safe to get out here because it’s  fronting a police station,” he said. “I was wrong,” Pane continued talking about how the taxi drivers kicked the back of their Grab taxi as they began to depart.

Yes, even though Pane shared it first online, he took legal actions after. He reported it to the Land Transportation Regulatory and Franchising Board (LTFRB) but was dismayed after given a four-page document to fill out.

To make things worse, he was asked to wait for 15-20 days before the hearing.

“How many more people could be victimized by these guys in 15 to 20 days?” he expressed disgust after hearing the news.

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LTFRB cries taxi rates should increase like Uber’s

LTFRB cries taxi rates should increase like Uber’s

  • Taxi fare to increase
  • LTFRB wants taxi fares to be of Uber’s

In a recent interview, LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra III dropped a controversial comment about the status quo of Uber and Taxis. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board may be ‘unanimously agreed’ to increase taxi fares like Uber’s surge rates.

Reasons and some spice

“Ang gagawin, we will try to make it at par with TNVS (transport network vehicle services) or more particularly with the Uber system kasi nade-dehado daw mga taxi drivers ngayon,” Delgra said to GMA News Online during the Senate finance committee hearing for 2018 budget.

He verified that the decision was unanimous explaining the specifics of the said project. It has to be aligned with how Uber’s system works. More so, Delgra with LTFRB has already conducted a dialogue with taxi operators weeks ago.

According to him, they should come up a concrete decision by the end of the month. And if you are asking why is he doing it–to solve the problem of ‘underutilization’ of taxis.

Let’s just hope that the abusive cab drivers won’t take this as a “chance” for them to get ahead of everyone wanting to get a ride. Let’s hope for the best!

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LTFRB puts an end to the ongoing issue of students’ discount on UV Express

LTFRB puts an end to the ongoing issue of students’ discount on UV Express

  • UV Express student discount
  • Netizen confirms student discount on UV Express

Came out a shock

UV Express student discount

For the past years, who would have thought that the 20% student discount on UV Express exists? Netizen Robin Salvador ends this issue with an exclamation point. On his Facebook post that went viral online, he said:

“Student discount should be given at UV Express vans. I’ve been riding [UV Express] ever since first year college and it is sad that I just learned about this now.”

He tweeted the Department of Transportation’s official Twitter account about the issue, and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) responded confirming the discount.

UV Express student discount

So students out there, the next time you ride a UV Express, practice your right. Demand for a discount!

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SHOCKING: Netizen Exposed How a Number of Taxi Drivers Refused to Give them a Ride

SHOCKING: Netizen Exposed How a Number of Taxi Drivers Refused to Give them a Ride

In the Philippines, it is in the policy of drivers that they are not allowed to refuse to give a ride to any passengers. Aside from that, passengers are the reason why drivers earn their income. Hence, it looks like as if they are refusing to earn some money.

A Facebook User named Zyra Natalie Moleta shared how taxi drivers refused to provide them their service. They are heading from BGC Taguig going to Commonwealth. One of Moleta’s company was ever pregnant, but still, it was not an enough reason for those drivers to give them a ride.

Along with the status, Moleta included four videos that proved how those men refused them.

The drivers gave Moleta lame excuses, while the others simply rejected them.

Moleta’s group even initiated paying for a higher amount, but still, it doesn’t seem to be enough for the driver.

Netizens who had watched the videos were infuriated as the drivers didn’t seem to have any conscience at all. They said that the taxi drivers kept complaining that no one goes for a ride with them anymore, blaming UBER and GRAB to LTFRB. Therefore, most of them suggested that they take the aforementioned service providers instead of dealing with taxi drivers.

Drivers shouldn’t refuse driving for customers no matter how far their destination might be, since they are paying for their fare. Without passengers, would drivers earn at all?

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Jeepney driver who sexually harassed passenger identified

Jeepney driver who sexually harassed passenger identified

MANILA, Philippines. The jeepney driver who was caught sexually harassing his passenger in a viral video posted by Chris Rey Bonifacio has been positively identified by the victim with the help of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Based on the records of the LTFRB, the sexually abusive jeepney driver was identified as Emmanuel Hanopol Escalona. He will be facing a case for acts of lasciviousness, which is a criminal offense. Moreover, Escalona will also face charges for wearing inappropriate clothes while driving as he was seen wearing only a sando (sleeveless undershirt) and shorts in the video.

The victim, Llacuni Bonifacio, decided to take a video of Escalona after she caught him staring at her body and sticking out his tongue while she was in the passenger seat of a jeepney on the Cubao-Lagro route.

Escalona even uttered words Llacuni couldn’t understand after other passengers alighted the jeepney.

When they reached 15th Avenue in Cubao, Escalona touched a sensitive part of Llacuni’s body. Traumatized by what happened, Llacuni suddenly jumped out of the vehicle and almost got hit by another vehicle. Luckily, she was unharmed and the act was caught on video.

LTFRB board member Ariel Inton has made recommendations to cancel Escalona’s driver’s license  and ask the jeepney operator to give a statement about the driver. Inton emphasized that it is inappropriate for the likes of Escalona to drive a public utility vehicle (PUV).

Watch the viral video below.


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LTFRB “How’s My Driving” Hotlines: Are They Working?

LTFRB “How’s My Driving” Hotlines: Are They Working?

Ever noticed that “How’s My Driving?” decal or sticker at the bumper part of the vehicle in front of you? This usually has a phone number of the authorized government agency and the operator’s contact information so people can easily report the misbehaving actions of the driver.

Here in the Philippines, we have the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) who is “responsible for promulgating, administering, enforcing, and monitoring compliance of policies, laws, and regulations of public land transportation service” [wiki].

So, basically, here’s what you will see at the back part of every taxi, bus, jeepney, etc.:

LTFRB HOTLINE: 0921 – 448 – 777 /
(Operator’s Telephone Number)


0921 – 448 – 777 / (Operator’s Telephone Number)


What is the main purpose of this poster? To encourage travel safety and security so all those in front of the steering wheel would drive cautiously as to not draw complaints from other motorists or pedestrian.

I’m pretty sure a hefty percentage of the public has something to say about a driver they encountered today. You might have memorized their plate number so you can give to the authorized company and expect immediate action. And very small fraction would call to give favorable remark.

The Big Question:

Have you EVER tried calling one of those numbers? What response did you get? Or the line just kept on ringing and ringing and ringing until you’re left with a voice message that says, “Sorry, all lines are busy now. Please leave your message after the beep.”


  • May Reklamo Ka? Editorial Photo;
  • Olivier Ochanine photo;
  • LTFRB duties & responsibilities;

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