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Kris Aquino cries foul over a joke made by senatorial candidate Bong Go concerning Philip Salvador

Kris Aquino cries foul over a joke made by senatorial candidate Bong Go concerning Philip Salvador

  • Christopher “Bong” Go laughs over a joke he made while supporting Philip Salvador whom he called “Ipe”
  • Though it was funny for people on the video, Kris Aquino did not consider it a joke as she was deeply hurt and felt insulted as a woman
  • Kris stated that she has no problems with Bong Go to use a foul joke on her. She also claimed that he would win in this coming election but she suggested giving priority to all women

Kris Aquino reached out to senatorial candidate Christopher “Bong” Go over on a joke he made while supporting Philip Salvador, whom he called “Ipe.”

On her Instagram account, she posted a video clip of Bong Go’s speech where the senatorial candidate mentioned that Kris had been fooled by the father of her first born child, Philip Salvador.

“Si Ipe po kakaiba ‘yung recognition na binigay sa kaniya, adopted father of Davao City po siya kasi po nag–iwan po siya ng apat na anak sa Davao,” Go said.

“Totoo naman eh, naloko mo nga si Kris Aquino eh,” he added then everybody started to laugh.

Though it was funny for people on the video, Kris Aquino did not consider it a joke as she was deeply hurt and felt insulted as a woman.

“Yun ang pagkakamali ko, may black eye nung Friday, napangahan ng Tuesday, tapos nakita ulit na punchline ako sa campaign sortie at pinagtatawanan dahil nga “naloko” ako.”

Kris stated that she has no problem with Bong Go using a foul joke on her. She also claimed that he would win in this coming election but she suggested giving priority to all women.

“Wala po akong atraso sa inyo SAP Bong Go. I have only had good words for you pero sana sa paglilingkod niyo para sa mga Pilipino bilang senador (I know you are a sure winner), sana priority nyo rin po ang mga kababaihan,” she said in the caption.

Kris Aquino used herself as an example that even she, who has already financial security to support her family, would easily be the subject of jokes of being fooled by “Ipe,” then what more for those women without financial security.

Go on Wednesday publicly apologized to Aquino during a campaign sortie.

“Ma’am Kris Aquino, paumanhin po. Joke lang po namin yun ni Ipe,” he said.

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“Kaduda-duda ang listahan…” Sen. Nancy Binay cries foul over COMELEC list

“Kaduda-duda ang listahan…” Sen. Nancy Binay cries foul over COMELEC list

  • Netizens react to COMELEC’s list of campaign poster violators
  • Netizens backed Senator Nancy Binay on her claim by naming senators who are not on list

The official campaign period for the 2019 elections started last February 12. Everywhere you go, you will see tarpaulins of candidates who are going to woo voters for the upcoming elections come May 13. But there are restrictions on the posting of tarps.

Under Republic Act No. 9006 or the Fair Elections Act, campaign posters should measure no more than 2 feet by 3 feet. They are not allowed to be posted on public structures like waiting sheds, electric posts and wires, and road traffic signs, yet there are so many violators.

One of the alleged violators is Senator Nancy Binay, who shared her dismay through her Twitter account.  On her tweet, she questioned why she was pinponted by Comelec as a violator when  she does not have any campaign posters. She also criticized the agency’s selection of violators.

In her tweet, she posted, “Kaduda-duda ang listahan na inilabas ng COMELEC dahil wala akong campaign posters. Kung sino pa yung mukhang nagkalat sa buong Pilipinas, yun pa ang wala sa listahan.”

These were the 40 senatorial candidates that Guanzon named:

  1. Aguilar, Ferdinand P.
  2. Albani, Ibrahim H.
  3. Alejano, Gary C.
  4. Alfajora, Richard U.
  5. Alunan, Rafael III M.
  6. Angara, Juan Edgardo M.
  7. Aquino, Paolo Benigno IV A.
  8. Arellano, Ernesto R.
  9. Arias, Marcelino P.
  10. Austria, Bernard F.
  11. Binay, Maria Lourdes Nancy S.
  12. Casiño, Edmundo Vicente G.
  13. Cayetano, Pilar Juliana S.
  14. Chong, Glenn A.
  15. Colmenares, Neri J.
  16. Diokno, Jose Manuel Tadeo I.
  17. Ejercito, Joseph Victor G.
  18. Estrada, Jinggoy E.
  19. Gadon, Lorenzo G.
  20. Generoso, Conrado I.
  21. Hilbay, Florin T.
  22. Jangao, Leborio Jr. M.
  23. Javellana, Rodolfo Jr. B.
  24. Lapid, Manuel M.
  25. Macalintal, Romulo B.
  26. Mallillin, Emily T.
  27. Mangondato, Faisal M.
  28. Mangudadatu, Zajid G.
  29. Matula, Jose Sonny G.
  30. Meniano, Luther G.
  31. Montano, Allan S.
  32. Ong, Willie T.
  33. Osmeña, Sergio III DR.
  34. Pimentel III, Aquilino Martin Dela Llana
  35. Poe-Llamanzares, Mary Grace Natividad S.
  36. Roleda, Danilo V.
  37. Tañada III, Lorenzo R.
  38. Tolentino, Francis N.
  39. Valdes, Antonio AS.
  40. Villar, Cynthia A.

Netizens backed Senator Nancy Binay on her claim by naming senators who are not on list like Bong Go, Bato dela Rosa, Imee Marcos, and Bong Revilla to name name a few.

Reacting to the comments bombarding her post, Rowena V. Guazon defended why there are some names missing in the campaign poster violators’ list through a tweet.

In her post, she explained that the list is for candidates’ whose addresses are in the NCR.

She explained, “Because Bong Go’s address is in Davao, the election officer or Director of Davao will send him a notice. Not the NCR election officer.”

What are your thoughts on this? Write your opinions in the comment box below and please leave a like and share.

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Kris Aquino admits to funding Political Bloggers

Kris Aquino admits to funding Political Bloggers

  • Kris Aquino admitted that she has given then financial manager, Nicko Falcis, to boost blog posts.
  • But she also clarified that she told him to not do it against President Duterte, Bong Go, and the Marcoses.
  • Falcis denied Aquino’s claims saying that she told him to boost anti-administration posts.

The hashtag #PaBoost has been one of the latest issues on social media.

It all started from Jesus Falcis accusing Kris Aquino of funding the boosting of anti-Dutrerte blog posts. One of which is Pinoy Ako Blog, or the blog of Jover Laurio, which contains mostly anti-administration posts and criticisms regarding President Rodrigo Duterte‘s programs.

On January 2, Jesus posted screenshots on his Facebook page containing Laurio’s message to his brother, Nicko, who was Aquino’s former financial manager. The blogger was asking him to boost one blog post.

In a live social media conference on January 6, a Netizen asked Aquino about the controversy. She admitted to have given Nicko the funds to boost posts, but denied that it was against President Duterte, Special Assistant to the President, Bong Go, and former Senator Bongbong Marcos and his family.

“I gave nicko money to boost, with zero knowledge of my brother, when my brother went to Congress to protect him from all trolls.

“Why? Para makabawi…. Because i was negotiating several contracts and didn’t want to go w/ him to the Sandiganbayan. i lacked courage to stand with him.”

Nicko confirmed that he was given the funds, however, he said that Aquino’s specific instructions were to “identify anti-administration / andi-dds blogs” and give them the funds through Facebook boosts.

View this post on Instagram

Your specific instructions were to identify anti-administration / anti-dds blogs and give them funds to protect your “queendom” through fb boosts. In addition to the Kris Aquino FB Page, I boosted Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog page as an advertiser because YOU introduced her to me. Jover magically appeared in YOUR HOUSE when we were in a meeting. You told me you will give me cash so that there will be no paper trail. I used the cash you gave me properly, every peso and centavo. Remember, I'm an accountant, so there’s proper FB documentation. There is no way that "baka may nabulsa sa pondo." I never stole from you, and you know that! I have receipts of the boostings, but you never bothered to review them, including all the reports and updates. Please stop this bullying against my family and I. We refuse to be your victims.

A post shared by Nicko F (@nix722) on

He added that he only boosted Laurio’s blog posts as she was the one that introduced the blogger to him in a meeting at her house.

“You told me you will give me cash so that there will be no paper trail. I used the cash you gave me properly, every peso and centavo. Remember, I’m an accountant, so there’s proper FB documentation.”

He then stated that his family refuses to be victims of the Queen of All-Media.

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“Ang tawag dito – arrogant ignorance.” Maria Ressa answers Rappler hater

“Ang tawag dito – arrogant ignorance.” Maria Ressa answers Rappler hater

  • Maria Ressa fired back at Rappler hater implying that they’re covering the Liberal Party’s early campaigning.
  • She explained that every party gets coverage whenever they announce their political line-up.

Rappler Chief Executive Officer Maria Ressa answered a netizen on Twitter.

Twitter user named Zephan Jade Yaru accused the Liberal Party of early campaigning. The netizen was implying that the media have been accusing the Duterte administration of early campaigning but proceeded to report about the other parties.

Hay Naku RAPPLER @mariaressa @piaranada ehh ano ang tawag nyo sa ginagawa ng LP ngayon?! diba yun “EARLY CAMPAIGNING” . Tama na Halata na masyado! @ABSCBNNews @gmanews @PTVph @cnnphilippines @GMA_NEWStv @News5AKSYON

Ressa clapped back, saying that the tweet is a sample of “arrogant ignorance” as every party gets coverage whenever it unveils its political slate.

Hindi. Ang tawag dito – arrogant ignorance. Every party gets coverage when it unveils its political slate. If you follow earlier, we all covered the admin slate. Just remember the saying: what you post often tells the world exactly how much … or how LITTLE … you actually know

Other Twitter users backed Ressa, saying that Rappler also had coverage for Duterte last election.

Noong last election nga nakarami ng coverage si Duterte kay Rappler, isa rin sila nagpanalo kay Digong after ng election galit na si Pdutz lalo na DDS 

Na- erased sa FB ang mga DDS dito naman sa tweeter gustong mag fake news


Early campaigning? I have two words for you: bong go. And don’t make me raise my middle finger.

I know this to be true – since the start of the current administration undoing a lot of misconceptions and miseducation has been the norm here on Twitter. Andami kasi talagang wala nang kwentang mag-isip, bastos to the hilt pa.

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‘WE WASTED 2 HOURS…” Bong Go disrupts 12th National Youth Parliament

‘WE WASTED 2 HOURS…” Bong Go disrupts 12th National Youth Parliament

  • Bong Go attended the 12th National Youth Parliament.
  • A netizen stated that Bong Go wasted two hours of the program.

As the 2019 midterm elections is getting nearer and nearer, you won’t be surprised to see politicians and candidates suddenly appearing here and there to campaign for themselves.

But in Bong Go‘s case, not everyone was happy about his appearance at the 12th National Youth Parliament. It was said that certain politicians were invited to the event to host some sessions in the program.

On October 23, the Senatorial aspirant was introduced as he proceeded to discuss his plans for the country in case he wins a seat in the Senate.

It did not end there as the attendees were also given freebies and were complaining about the campaign jingles being played.

A Twitter user named Rudy Clariño posted a tweet saying that they “wasted” two hours for Bong Go’s activities and take photos instead of doing something productive.





Bong Go posted about the event on his Facebook page, saying that he has served as an inspiration for the youth leaders.

Naging inspirasyon si Kuya Bong Go para sa mga Filipino youth leaders nang dumalo ito sa pagpupulong ng National Youth Parliament sa Waterfront Hotel, Davao City ngayong araw, October 22.

Sa pagtitipon, hinikayat ni Kuya Bong ang mga kabataan na gawin ng matapat ang kanilang mga tungkulin at mas lalo pang pagbutihin ang kanilang mga kasanayan upang makapagsilbi sa bayan. Hinimok din niya ang mga ito na ibahagi ang kanilang mga kaalaman sa iba pang mga kabataan sa kanilang komunidad.

Bilang kandidato sa pagka-senador sa darating na eleksyon, ibinahagi naman ni Kuya Bong sa mga dumalo ang kanyang plano para sa bayan. Nariyan ang pagpapabuti ng access ng mga Pilipino sa healthcare services at paglaban sa illegal na droga. Sinabi rin nito na kanyang susuportahan at itutuloy ang legislative agenda ng Pangulo.

He then clarified that he didn’t attend to campaign for himself and thanked the National Youth Parliament for welcoming him.

Sa kabila nito, nilinaw ni Kuya Bong na ang kanyang pagdalo sa naturang event ay hindi upang ikampanya ang kanyang sarili.

Kinilala rin ni Kuya Bong sa event ang papel ng National Youth Commission, sa pangunguna ni USec. Ronald Gian Cardema, upang maging mabuting ehemplo sa iba pang youth leaders.

Maraming salamat po sa National Youth Parliament sa inyong naging mainit na pagtanggap kay Kuya Bong. Sana ay tulad niya at ni Tatay Digong, pagbutihin natin ang ating pagganap sa ating mga tungkulin tungo sa kaunlaran at katiwasayan ng ating bayan!

#GoPhilippinesGO 👊🏼🇵🇭

National Youth Parliament releases official statement 

Officials of the 12th National Youth parliament strongly condemned the electioneering and use of political propaganda in their events.

“Sa pagtatapos ng #NYP12, lubos kong ipinagmamalaki na hindi kami nanatiling tahimik. Mula sa iba’t ibang sektor at organisasyon, nanindigan at patuloy na maninindigan ang Kabataang Pilipino laban sa pamumulitika. Patuloy na maninindigan ang kabataan para sa tama at nararapat!”

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Kat De Castro clarifies report about SAP Bong Go special treatment at COMELEC

Kat De Castro clarifies report about SAP Bong Go special treatment at COMELEC

  • Former undersecretary defended SAP Bong Go against allegations regarding a special treatment that happened during his filing of COC.
  • She said that the SAP did not receive any special treatment and the situation was caused by the overwhelming amount of supporters. 

Former Tourism Undersecretary Kat De Castro took to Facebook to clarify the allegedly false report that ABS-CBN’s Ron Gagalac made during the October 15 episode of TV Patrol.

In the report Gagalac said that SAP Christopher “Bong” Go has filed his candidacy for the 2019 midterm elections. “Mismong ang Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte ang kasama niya dito sa COMELEC at iba pang mga miyembro ng gabinete. Halos napuno ang kwartong ito dahil bukod sa entourage at sa security ng pangulo, may ilang cabinet members din ang sumama kay SAP Bong Go, mga taga Malacañang, at ilan pang mga supporters.”

The reporter further said that the Special Assistant to the President has violated a regulation when it comes to filing the COC.

“Ang patakaran ng COMELEC Bernadette ay dapat hanggang apat na tao man lang ang dapat isama ng kandidato sa filing of COC. Pero hindi ito nasunod kanina. Lahat ng nag file ng COC simula pa nung isang linggo ay sumunod sa patakaran. Kaya ang tingin ng iba ay nagkaroon ng special treatment ang COMELEC kay SAP Bong Go.”

De Castro fired back and said that she disagrees with the report as Bong Go initially only had one companion, which was President Rodrigo Duterte.

I watched Ron Gagalac’s report on SAP Bong Go’s filing at the Comelec. The angle was while the other candidates followed the rules of Comelec (only 4 companions are allowed per candidate), SAP Bong Go was allegedly given the “special treatment” by the Comelec. That’s how I understood Ron’s report.

I for one disagree. I was there. SAP originally only had one companion… no less than the President himself. The President, obviously, had an entourage, mostly PSGs. However, the number of Bong Go supporters was overwhelming. Hence, when PRRD and BG arrived, people started moving forward. Everyone wanted to shake hands with both men. Comelec on the other hand only had a few policemen and and a handful of security guards to barricade the crowd and the main entrance. When PRRD and BG went in, nakalusot ang ibang supporters. The other officials were already inside the Comelec even before PRRD and BG arrived.

She added that Bong Go never had special treatment as the incident was a result of the overwhelming amount of supporters and that he never asked for it.

So no, SAP Bong Go did not personally break any Comelec rule. The report should have mentioned that the number of supporters was too much to bear. Comelec, for its lean number of security, would not have been able to handle it.

Let’s not make it appear that BG was given special treatment. He never asked for it.

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Suzette Doctolero calls Mocha Uson “Syunga,” gets backlash from DDS

Suzette Doctolero calls Mocha Uson “Syunga,” gets backlash from DDS

  • Suzette Doctolero expressed her take on Mocha Uson’s decision to run for the 2019 midterm elections.
  • She also posted her opinion regarding President Rodrigo Duterte joining the Lotto craze. 

GMA Network writer Suzette Doctolero slams resigned Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson once again.

GMA Execs Got Burned

On October 8, Monday, Doctolero shared the news regarding Uson’s decision to run in the 2019 midterm elections.

She suggested that the former ASec should start at the barangay elections first as she’s still inexperienced and proceeded to say “Syunga syunga ka pa. Aral muna.”

Hay. Wala ka pang alam. Magsimula ka muna sa baranggay. Jusmiyo. Syunga syunga ka pa. Aral muna.

It earned negative feedback from the Diehard Duterte Supporters (DDS). One compared Uson to Senators Nancy Binay and Risa Hontiveros.

Mas hamak naman may alam cya sa kommunicsyon si Mocha kaysa kay nancy binay hontiverus dahil mas expose cya sa media. At graduate din maman syas UST. kaya nya supalpalin mga negatibong anti. Bakit si lito lapid jinggoy bong revilla. Mas hamak namang proffessional si Mocga kay bong lito estrada na mga artistang mga unggoy at illitirate. Nag artista lang din at naging bida at kontrabida.

In a separate status, Doctolero labeled some DDS “toxic” as they have been cursing her through private messages. She clarified that she’s a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, however, she refuses to be a “blind supporter” that stays silent whenever there’s something wrong.

Toxic nga pala talaga ang ibang DDS ano? May masabi ka lang puna sa pangulo o kay Mocha, mumurahin ka na sa pm hahaha.

Lilinawin ko ha. 
I remain a supporter of the President and this government. Ipinagmanalaki ko ang mga accomplishments ni PRRD at ginagawa ko iyon sa pamamagitan ng pagpopost ng magagandang balitang ito sa aking fb at twitter page. Dahil ang tagumpay ng pangulo ay malaking tagumpay para sa ating bansa di ba

Yun nga lang, ayaw ko na maging blind supporter na mananahimik kapag may nagawa o nasabing mali ang pangulo. Kaya kapag may mali, pupunahin ko rin. At gagawin ko ito kasi ito ang mando natin bilang mamamayan ng isang demokrasyang bansa. Ang maging kritikal, mapanuri chenes sa abot ng aking kaalaman at kakayahan haha.

She also said that she still defends Uson against sexist comments but believes that she’s not yet ready to be a senator as she still lacks knowledge, experience, and maturity.

And Mocha? Ipagtatanggol ko pa rin siya sa mga bigot at sexist (nakikipag away nga ako for her lalo nat sobrang mean at cruel na ng iba sa kanya) pero naniniwala rin ako na di pa siya ready maging senador. Sa palagay ko, kulang pa siya sa kaalaman, eksperyensa, maturity. Marami na ngang walang silbing nakaupo, dadagdagan pa ba?

Opinyon ko ito and if you do not share my opinion then stop following me. Kaysa inisin mo ang sarili mo sa pagbabasa ng mga post ko Hahaha.

Doctolero also posted about Special Assistant to the President Bong Go‘s statement that President Duterte joined the lotto craze.

Dear My beloved DDS, 👅

Hindi ko sinabing bawal tumaya ng lotto ang pangulo. By all means, tumaya siya, wala akong pake. BUT! Sana huwag nang ipublished at ipangalandakan pa ni Sap Go.

Nagbibigay kasi ito ng image na pwedeng interpret sa dalawang paraan:

“Wow! Masang masa talaga ang pangulo! Tumataya din siya gaya ko!”

O kaya, at ang masama, ay eto:

“Weh. Mayaman na nga, Presidente na, maghaharimunan pa sa lotto?!”

Kung nangyari ito noong campaign period, noong sobrang popular pa ang pangulo e Swak ang imaging (image-ing) na ito. Promding nangangarap maging Presidente. Nangangarap ding manalo sa lotto to support his candidacy. Perfect! Ganda! Kagat ng masa. Aprub!

E kaso tapos na ang honeymoon period.
Nasa 70 o 65 na yata ang ratings ng pangulo. It’s not bad, yes, good pa rin. Pero hindi na ganun kataas. Kumbaga sa boksingero, may mga tama na, konti na lang mga suntok, pwede pang bumagsak. Gusto ba natin ito ha!??

So kailangang mag ingat sa “imaging” ng pangulo. Di pwede, bara bara pa rin.

She said that the image of the President betting in the lotto is “greedy” not because of Duterte himself, but because of the image it shows.

Kaya sa opinyon ko, hindi maganda na makita ang image na tumataya din sa billion lotto draw ang pangulo. Greedy ang dating. Di ko sinabing greedy siya. Magmumukha lang greedy. Magkaiba iyon mga iho, mga katoto. Sa opinyon ko, ayokong maki agaw pa o makipag kumpetensya ang pangulo sa pag asa at pangarap na dala ng lotto sa milyon milyong mahihirap.

Kung ako ang political strategist o image consultant ng pangulo (no, hindi ako nag aapply, di ako interesado sa govt post), ang gusto kong makita ng tao ay ito:

1) isang pangulo na, hindi tataya sa lotto (o kaya pasekreto na lang tumaya, quiet lang), pero pupunta sa pcso on the day ng draw, para maging saksi sa draw, to insure na walang lokohang magaganap sa biggest ever bolahan of the century.

Anong imaging nito? Palalakasin nito ang “protective father” image niya. Di ba? Kakampi ng masa. Nagtataguyod ng pag asa at pangarap ng masa. Ang ganda!

So tatanungin ko ulit kayo, ano ang image na idudulot ng pangulo na tumaya sa lotto, kahit na ang dami nang ibat ibang batikos? Di maganda. Subject sa interpretasyon. Sa puntong ito, di na pwede ang image na subject sa interpretation oy.

Di ako kaaway ha. 
Importante sa akin ang pangulo kaya concern ako sa image niya. I want him to finish his full term kaya ko sinasabi ito.

Pero dahil akala ninyo ay tinitira ko ang pangulo kaya di nyo narealize ito. Bahalakayosabuhay nyo. Lol.


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“Bibigyan ko po ng boses ang ordinaryong Pilipino!” Mocha Uson to run in 2019 midterm elections

“Bibigyan ko po ng boses ang ordinaryong Pilipino!” Mocha Uson to run in 2019 midterm elections

  • Mocha Uson announced that she will run in the 2019 elections.
  • She has also denied the rumors of her actually getting fired from her position as PCOO Assistant Secretary.

Former Presidential Communications Operations Office assistant secretary Mocha Uson just announced that she’s taking part in the 2019 midterm elections!

Uson disclosed the decision on October 8, when she was asked to comment regarding the rumors of her getting fired by President Rodrigo Duterte. She stated that as she thinks that it’s a form of defamation because people thought that she would run, she took it as a challenge.

Naniniwala po ako na paninira iyan sa pulitika, eh dahil akala nila ako’y tatakbo. Kaya siguro, challenge na lang po sa akin ‘yan na bibigyan ko po ng boses ang ordinaryong Pilipino kaya oo, tatakbo na ako!”

She has also posted about it on her Facebook page.

Hindi po totoo na ako ay sinibak. Kaya kong patunayan yan. Ito ay obvious na paninira ng kalaban sa pulitika dahil ang akala nila ay tatakbo ako sa 2019. Dahil diyan AKO AY TATAKBO NA dahil mapalad pa nga ako na nakakasagot ako sa blog ko pero paano ang mga ordinaryong Pilipino na walang paraan sumagot sa mga fake news ng ilang media. Bibigyan ko kayo ng boses. Salamat

She failed to state the post that she’s eyeing. She was said to be running for the senatorial seat, however, PDP-Laban president Senator Aquilino Pimentel III quickly dismissed the rumors that she will be running under the ruling party.

Amidst the rumors of Uson getting fired, Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and Special Assistant to the President Bong Go denied the reports.

Go has also expressed their thankfulness for the time Uson spent as a government official.

“Nirerespeto po namin ang kanyang pagre-resign at nagpapasalamat rin kami kay Asec. Mocha sa kanyang naging serbisyo po sa gobyernong Duterte. Naging good ally po siya.”

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Priest prays for the President to get sick; Bong Go reacts

Priest prays for the President to get sick; Bong Go reacts

  • Father Noel Gatchalian shared that he prayed for the President to get sick.
  • SAP Bong Go answered back that he hopes God will forgive Father Gatchalian.

A priest wished during mass that President Rodrigo Duterte would fall sick.

At the Mass held for Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, the priest named Father Noel Gatchalian joked during the homily that he prayed for the President to get sick.

He said, “Noon pong marami nang kaguluhan ang nangyayari, na winawalanghiya pati ang ating relihiyon, binabastos pati ang ating Diyos, sinasabi ng ating Simbahan na magdasal. Sabi ko o sige magdasal, kaya pinagdasal ko na magkasakit si Digong.

“Diba sabi niya pagod na siya? Edi magpahinga muna siya.”

The Mass was held outside Trillanes’ office in the senate. Father Gatchalian added that it is really one of his many prayers to God.

“Ang totoo po niyan, isa lang iyan sa mga dalangin ko. Marami pa tayong [ibang panalangin], sapagkat kahit na tayo ay tahimik ay naghihintay lang tayo ng mga pagkakataon.”

“Patawarin sana ng Panginoon”

Special Assistant to the President Bong Go couldn’t help but react to what he deemed an outrageous wish.

In a message to reporters, he said that he hopes that God would forgive Father Gatchalian who prayed for President Duterte to get sick.

“Patawarin sana ang pari ng Panginoon”

Trillanes has been staying at his office in the Senate since Tuesday after Duterte ordered his arrest.

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Pinay domestic helper tries to escape employers, jumps from a building in Kuwait

Pinay domestic helper tries to escape employers, jumps from a building in Kuwait

  • OFW from Kuwait jumped from the third floor of a building just to escape her employers.
  • The government has instructed OWWA to provide assistance and help to the injured domestic helper.

On May 2018, the Philippines and Kuwiat signed a Memorandum of Agreement on the Employment of Domestic Workers. It was expected to improve the working conditions of Filipino helpers in Kuwait.

In spite of the existence of the MOA, there are still instances when Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), especially the domestic helpers, are not treated with respect in their workplace.

This is proven by a Pinay domestic helper who recently jumped from the third floor of a building just to escape from her employers.

The 28-year-old OFW named Gina Agustin Aguilar, is from Kabacan, North Cotabato. She left behind two children just to work in Kalha, Kuwait.

Aguilar expected a chance to finally give her children a comfortable life, however, it all disappeared as she jumped from the building she’s working from.

It resulted to her ending up with four broken ribs, a broken heel, and a spinal injury.

Aguilar was admitted to the Amiri Hospital in Kuwait City to receive treatments and to undergo surgery. The Filipino community in the area is currently giving her the assistance she needs.

An OFW named Jovelyn Nobleza shared the young mother’s story on her Facebook account and helped her ask for help from the government.

Aguilar’s agency immediately ordered them to take down the videos but Nobleza ignored the instructions. She was also prohibited to show her face to the media.

The story reached the Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go and Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre Bello III.

In a report by, it was said that Bello immediately ordered the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to provide the help that the injured OFW needs.

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