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#WalangForever: 12 Adored Celebrity Loveteams that eventually parted ways

#WalangForever: 12 Adored Celebrity Loveteams that eventually parted ways

  • AlDub’s tandem ‘broke up’ as Maine found real-life BF  in Arjo, likened to Guy & Pip and other celeb loveteams of old
  • In PH’s cinematic history, AlDub is not the first nor the only loveteam that met a sad end
  • From the 50s to 2000s, here are the list of beloved loveteams that ended due to real life romance

It’s normal in the Philippines for fans to get really invested in celebrity tandems and pairings—experiencing romantic relationships like an out-of-body experience through the loveteams they follow and the lives these people lead on and off the screens.

And so, when reality drives a wedge between these beloved couples, ‘third-wheel’ fans also feel the sadness and regret over the breakup, with no exceptions.

Due to Maine Mendoza’s recent confirmation of her relationship with actor Arjo Atayde, many believe this is the end of the AlDub affair that sprouted from the Kalyeserye segment of noontime show Eat Bulaga! — a loveteam that captured the nation’s interest for three years, and which opened various doors for Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards in the entertainment industry.

But looking over the country’s television history, AlDub is not the first nor the only loveteam that met a sad end:

Nida Blanca & Nestor De Villa

In the 1950s, the Nida-Nestor tandem was made popular by LVN Pictures. Nida’s standoffish and stubborn personality perfectly balanced Nestor’s refined and gentlemanly ways. The two were featured in rom-coms like Waray-Waray, Turista, Handang Matodas, and Anak ni Waray vs Anak ni Biday, among others.

The two married non-celebrity partners in the end.

Gloria Romero & Luis Gonzales


In the same vein as our first couple in the list, Sampaguita Pictures in the ‘50s popularized the tandem of Gloria and Luis. Both of them have Spanish features that were seen as ideal back then; the reason why their combination also paid off on big screen hits such as Ikaw Ang Aking Buhay, Iginuhit Ng Tadhana, Pagdating Ng Takipsilim, Pinagbuklod Ng Langit, Sa Libis Ng Nayon, Artista, Sabado Ng Gabi… Linggo Ng Umaga, For You Mama, Huwag Kang Sumingit, and Sinisinta Kita.

Gloria later married actor Juancho Gutierrez while Luis wedded Vina Concepcion.

Nora Aunor & Tirso Cruz III

It was in the 60s that Nora and Tirso’s tandem rose to fame and was famously known as Guy and Pip. Her morena looks and his mestizo features complemented so well that their films became blockbuster hits like Young Love, Young Girl, D’Musical Teenage Idols, And God Smiled At Me, Fiesta Extravaganza, My Blue Hawaii, Winter Wonderland, Guy & Pip, and Always In My Heart.

They paired up again in the ‘80s with Till We Meet Again, Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang, I Can’t Stop Loving You, Sana Mahalin Mo Ako, Inay, and Bilangan Ang Bituin Sa Langit.

Nora married Christopher de Leon while Tirso married Lyn Enchausti.

Vilma Santos & Edgar Mortiz

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Branded the rival loveteam of Guy & Pip was the tandem of Vilma and Edgar, also known as Vi & Bot. Their films were blockbuster hits as well like Edgar Loves Vilma, Renee Rose, Sixteen, Ang Batang Bangketa, Kampanerang Kuba, Leron-Leron Sinta, Love Letters, Dama de Noche, The Sensations, Baby Vi, The Wonderful World of Music, Angelica, and Eternally.

Vilma wedded Edu Manzano, got divorced and found love again with politician Ralph Recto. Edgar, on the other hand, married Millet Santos.

Maricel Soriano & William Martinez

Maricel and William’s loveteam was dubbed as Taray & Kulit, when they were paired by Regal Films back in the ‘80s. Their films were instant box-office hits with titles like Oh My Mama, Mother Dear, To Mama With Love, The Story of Three Loves, Galawgaw, Pabling, Boys Town, Parang Kailan Lang, Summer Love, Teenage Marriage, I Love You… I Hate You, Daddy’s Little Darlings, Stupid Cupid, Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang, When I Fall In Love, The Graduates, Inday Bote, Maria Went To Town at Kung Ayaw Mo… Huwag Mo.

William married Yayo Aguila but got separated in the end. Maricel married Edu Manzano but divorced him later on.

Manilyn Reynes & Janno Gibbs

One of the hottest loveteams of  the ‘80s was that of Manilyn Reynes and Janno Gibbs’ pairing, as the duo’s chemistry shone once they began singong duets in the now-defunct program That’s Entertainment. Regal Films signed them and were featured on films such as Petrang Kabayo At Ang Pilyang Kuting, Feel Na Feel, Magic To Love, Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang, and several others.

Janno got married to Bing Loyzaga while Aljon Jimenez wedded Manilyn.

Sheryl Cruz & Romnick Sarmenta


Seiko Films, on the other hand, developed the Sheryl and Romnick pairing. Just like the previous pair, their loveteam started in That’s Entertainment, too. They also starred in hit movies like Everlasting Love, Puso Sa Puso, Pardina at ang mga Duwende.

Sheryl married a non-showbiz guy while Romnick married Harlene Bautista. And yet, the aforementioned loveteam got separated with their real-life spouses in the end.

Judy Ann Santos & Wowie De Guzman


It was in the ‘90s that Judy Ann Santos and Wowie de Guzman’s tandem rose to fame when the afternoon drama series Mara Clara started. Their chemistry translated into hit movies such as Sana Naman, Kung Alam Mo Lang, Wow Multo, and Mara Clara: The Movie.

Juday married actor-TV host Ryan Agoncillo while Wowie wedded a non-showbiz woman who sadly passed away in 2014.

Angelu De Leon & Bobby Andrews

Viva Films produced the tandem of Angelu and Bobby in the ‘90s youth-oriented series, TGIS. Because of their good chemistry, the film production company let them star in several hit movies, occasionally being featured in television dramas too.

Their loveteam ended when Angelu was found pregnant with Joko Diaz’s child. She later married Wowie Rivera. Bobby, on the other hand, married a non-showbiz girlfriend.

Jolina Magdangal & Marvin Agustin

Jolina and Marvin’s loveteam started back in the ‘90s teen series Gimik and due to their splendid rapport, they were featured in the film F.L.A.M.E.S.: The Movie. This was followed by Kung Ayaw Mo Huwag Mo, Labs Kita Okey Ka Lang?, Hey Babe, and Gimik: The Reunion.

Jolens wedded Mark Escueta in the end, and Marvin stayed single.

Bea Alonzo & John Lloyd Cruz

The unexpected but surprising Bea and John Lloyd tandem in Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, back in 2002, led the two to be paired off in My First Romance, which landed them as the highly sought-after loveteam in the history of Philippine cinema due to their box-office hits.

John Lloyd started a family with partner Ellen Adarna. Bea is currently in a relationship with Gerald Anderson.

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KathDen movie: Fans were mature enough to show their love and support Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards

KathDen movie: Fans were mature enough to show their love and support Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards

  • Cathy Garcia Molina announced the first-ever movie of Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards
  • There were speculations that the movie will not push through because Alden Richard is exclusively for GMA Network
  • Having this new team-up, both their fans positively accepted the upcoming “KathDen” movie

Recently, Star Cinema, under the direction of Cathy Garcia Molina, announced the first-ever movie of Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards, who will play the role of an OFW working in Hong Kong.

During the story conference of the KathDen movie last Tuesday, Alden was given a warm welcome by director Cathy Grace Molina, Roxy Liiquigan, Mico del Rosario, and director Olive ‘Inang’ Lamasan.


According to Roxy Liquigan, it took “5 months preparation” to arrange the team-up and there were speculations that the movie will not push through because Alden Richard is exclusively for GMA Network, and there was a possibility that the GMA Artist Center would not allowed him to do the project.

But with the help of Philip Rojas of Asian Artist Agency, headed by Boy Abunda, the project was made possible.

When both artists were asked about their reactions knowing that they would be working together, Kathryn said, “Kung tatanungin niyo ako kung kinakabahan ako, super!” and Alden’s reaction was, “Siyempre, first-time kong makakatrabaho si Kath. We’ve been seeing each other for a long time.”

Kathryn and Alden are known for having strong and loyal fans in their respective love teams, Kathryn with Daniel Padilla for “KathNiel, and Alden with Maine Mendoza for “Aldub.”

But having this new team-up, both their fans positively accepted the upcoming “KathDen” movie.

To show their love and support for both artist they posted their reaction on Twitter.



Some KathNiel fans show maturity by showing support for the upcoming movie.


And now because of Maine’s announcement on her blog that he is dating Arjo Atayde, some of the AlDub fans felt sad and hope this new team up would be a successful one.

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Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo team up took 5 months of negotiation

Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo team up took 5 months of negotiation

  • Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards had finally met with director Olivia Lamasan and director Cathy Garcia-Molina
  • This is Alden’s first time to work with director Cathy but for Kathryn, this is her fourth time to work with her
  • Direk Cathy know how much fans love the artists saying: “I both respect their fandoms.”

Have you imagined the biggest star of both rival networks team up together in one movie? Well, now it’s really happening.

There were rumors spreading that there will be an upcoming movie for Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards. But now, they put an end to those rumors when Star Cinema finally confirmed that Alden and Kathryn are set to star in a romance-drama movie under the one of the industry’s best directors, Cathy Garcia Molina.

The movie will be revolving around young Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

On March 12, Kathryn and Alden finally met with the managing director Olivia Lamasan and director Molina. Although they haven’t decided the title of the movie yet, the film outfit had confirmed that the movie will come out this year.

They also confirmed that they will start filming the movie next month and most of the scenes will be filmed in Hong Kong. On a Twitter post of ROXYLIQUIGAN,‏ @Roxy_Liquigan mentioned that it took 5 months to prepare for this movie project and thankedAlden for accepting the offer.

In addition to that, this is Alden’s first time to work with director Cathy but for Kathryn, this is her fourth time to work with her.

“This is the first time that I’ll be working with her so it’s a great honor and experience kasi I’m really on the stage of exploring the craft and my capability as an actor,” Alden told the press.

We all know that both stars are part of two leading love teams. Kathryn is with “KathNiel” pairing with Daniel Padilla, while Alden Richards is with “AlDub,” teaming-up with Maine Mendoza.

With the popularity of both love teams, Direk Cathy knew how much fans love the artists saying: “I both respect their fandoms.”

And now, she is appealing to the fandoms of both Alden and Kathryn to support them for the upcoming movie.

“Sana mahalin nila yung dalawa [with the] same [na] pagmamahal kasi hindi naman yung love team nila yung binebenta dito but yung kwento at yung galing nila bilang artista,” she added.


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AlDub fans deny the fact that Maine Mendoza is dating Arjo Atayde

AlDub fans deny the fact that Maine Mendoza is dating Arjo Atayde

  • Maine Mendoza admitted that she was already dating Arjo Atayde on her blog but some ALDUB fans still have a hard time accepting the fact
  • Arjo is doing everything to make her feel so special but then some ALDUB fans are not that happy celebrating with them
  • They even requested to hear personally from Maine her confirmation about her closeness with Arjo Atayde

Recently, Maine Mendoza admitted that she was already dating Arjo Atayde on her blog, but some ALDUB fans are still having a hard time accepting the fact.

There were also some who said that her blog was fake and it wasn’t her who actually wrote it.

There was also news that Arjo prepared a private yacht party for Maine’s pre-birthday celebration last Saturday night. Most of their guest were their friends and, take note, Maine’s parents were not around in the party and so were Arjo parents, Art Atayde and Sylvia Sanchez.

And here’s another scoop, Maine and Arjo went to Taiwan just to celebrate her 24th birthday. It seems that Arjo is doing everything to make her feel so special but some ALDUB fans are not that happy celebrating with them.

READ: ‘Eat Bulaga’ acknowledges ‘ArMaine’ during Maine Mendoza’s birthday celebration

They even requested to hear it personally from Maine, to admit her closeness with Arjo Atayde. And continuously saying her blog’s a fake and was hacked.

It only shows that it is really hard for them to accept the reality that Maine is in love with someone else.

Negative reactions from some of the ALDUB fans continue to spread on social media.

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Alden Richards reacts to “Descendants of the Sun” Pinoy adaptation with Maine Mendoza as lead star

Alden Richards reacts to “Descendants of the Sun” Pinoy adaptation with Maine Mendoza as lead star

  • Alden Richards shared that he would love to be a part of the upcoming Filipino adaptation of Descendants of the Sun.
  • He also shared updates about his love life and newest business venture.

At his thanksgiving party held on January 6, Alden Richards shared his plans for the year 2019.

He said that he would still be appearing in his regular shows like Eat Bulaga and Sunday Pinasaya. Then he will get to do a series of concerts in various countries before he starts a new show with the Kapuso network.

When asked about the title, he answered, “Nothing is definite po as of now.”

Fans of his loveteam with Maine Mendoza, AlDub, has been requesting for the tandem to star in the local remake of popular Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

“I’d really love to do it as I know it’s a hit drama worldwide. I’d also love to work with Maine again. But hindi naman po kami ang magde-decide tungkol diyan kundi ang GMA management. So I hope sana nga, sa amin ni Maine nila ibigay ang project as I’d really love to do it.

“Actually, kahit magkaiba ang career paths namin ngayon ni Maine as we’re on our own, mas close kami ngayon as friends at mas open sa isa’t isa. We are growing individually, on our own. But we really appreciate the fans of our love team who continue to support us and root for us and request na magkasama kami uli sa isang teleserye or movie.”

He also addressed the rumors of him being in a secret relationship, which was said to be the reason why he’s in his “happiest” as of the moment.

“Not true. I’m at my happiest dahil sa dami ng blessings na dumarating sa akin. Actually, ang wish ko nga, sana matagpuan ko na ‘yung the one this 2019. But hindi ko naman hinahanap, basta kung darating siya, ’di okay.”

About his future business plans, his own fast food chain franchise in Biñan, Laguna is currently under construction.

“But sobrang saya ko kasi dati, kumakain lang kami ng family ko sa isang branch noon sa Sta. Rosa at ngayon, may sarili na akong franchise. Our plan is to open it on Easter Sunday.”

At the topic of future leading ladies, Richards answered that he would like to work with Heart Evangelista in the future.

“I find her a good actress and I’ve never worked with her before. I’d really like to experience working with her as my leading lady.”

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Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, most requested to star in Philippine adaptation of “Descendants of the Sun”

Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, most requested to star in Philippine adaptation of “Descendants of the Sun”

  • AlDub fans pushed for Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza to portray the lead roles of GMA Network’s upcoming rendition of ‘Descendants of the Sun’.
  • Others expressed their opinions against the idea.

Fans of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are pushing the loveteam to star in the upcoming Kapuso remake of the popular Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

READ: “Sama-sama pa rin tayo!” Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza reassures AlDub fans

As the remake was announced as one of the Network’s upcoming projects this 2019, the Aldub fans have been tweeting nonstop, requesting for their favorite celebrities to be the main stars.



A Netizen said that the loveteam can do it as Richards has experience when it comes to action scenes and Mendoza can also do the character of Dra. Kang.

READ: GMA Network releases 24 titles of the shows to look forward to this 2019

But there are also some who were against the idea of the duo assuming the roles, saying that Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado are to be the leads instead.


On the other hand, a Netizen questioned GMA-7‘s ability to produce quality shows as she mentioned that she has learned her lesson from the Philippine version of My Love from the Star.

“Hindi ko pa rin po alam. Sana po,” he said when asked at his Thanksgiving Party.

“Pero sa ngayon po, as of the moment, wala pa pong final words sa soap opera.”

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The history of Concha’s Garden Cafe and Alden Richards

The history of Concha’s Garden Cafe and Alden Richards

  • Alden Richards and Gemma Sembrano shared the history behind their partnership for Concha’s Garden Cafe.
  • Alden also named some of his favorite dishes in the restaurant.

Concha’s Garden Cafe is one of the most talked-about restaurants of this generation, not just because of their partnership with Kapuso actor Alden Richards, but also because of their promise to serve quality food.

According to Gemma Sembrano, the founder of the business, one of the reasons they have tasty meals is because they don’t have any MSG in them. So how did her partnership with Alden start?

“So 2014 nag start ang Concha’s. March 2014. Naging customer namin si Alden, siguro isang buwan, hindi lang siya 5x bumabalik. Halos twice a week bumabalik siya sa Concha’s. Ang first branch namin is sa Silang, Cavite.

“Actually tayo yung lugar kung makikita niyo, hindi siya mukhang restaurant. Mukha lang siyang bilihan ng halaman. Bahay na maliit. Hindi mo akalain.”

Gemma said that Alden has been their regular customer even before he shot to fame through the AlDub tandem. She added that the actor even used to joke about how the food there are all delicious to the point that he asked “Ano ba yung hindi masarap dito?”

Then in 2016, the businesswoman offered him the chance to be their partner.

“So walang dalawang isip, nag okay agad siya. Naglagay kami sa Tagaytay, 2016. So business partner ko na siya sa Tagaytay.

“Then same year, inopen namin ‘tong sa Tomas Morato December 10. So the same year, dalawang restaurant yung binuksan namin.”

So what dish does Alden love the most?

“Yung Shrimp Gambas siguro nakaka dalawang order siya. Laoya. Minsan iba-iba kasi yung araw na ganito, ito lang. Sa susunod na araw iba naman. Like yung Bangus Sardines.”

On the other hand, Alden said that the reason why he agreed to be involved in the restaurant is because of the quality of the food.

“Kasi siyempre I’ve eaten in different kinds of restaurants and since I’ve started eating sa Concha’s, almost twice a week or three times a week, kumakain kami dun.”

He also added Okoy as one of his favorite dishes in the restaurant.

Alden admitted that he doesn’t really know anything about businesses as he didn’t have any background in the industry. But despite the cluelessness, he described the partnership as “the best risk he took so far.”

On a lighter note, when the star was asked if what he will order in case he will take a date to Concha’s, he answered, “Siyempre we’ll start with Okoy. Tapos yung Shrimp Gambas, yun. Kasi ako I really believe good food really gives you good mood eh. Iba yung nagagawa ng pagkain pag busog ka, pag masarap yung food. When you start the day with good food, throughout, maganda good mo.

“So yun din yung isa sa mga kino-consider namin. For our customers to feel, you’ll have good food, and pag-labas nila, happy sila.”

Concha’s Garden Cafe currently has three branches, one in Silang, Tagaytay, and Tomas Morato.

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AlDub fan devotes final days in support of her two idols

AlDub fan devotes final days in support of her two idols

  • Alden Richards’ fan passed away recently.
  • AlDub fan tries Maine Mendoza’s MAC makeup prior to having cancer; watches Alden Richards’ concert before dying
  • Her sister shared how much the actor has been her happiness up to the last days of her life.

A fan of the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza recently passed away due to cancer.

According to the fan Gail’s sister, the actor’s ‘Adrenaline Rush’ last September 21 was the last concert they ever watched together before she passed away on October 8. It’s a sad thought but her sister said that she was happy while watching Alden perform.

She remembered it all after watching the replay of the concert telecast last October 14.

It’s bittersweet watching #ALDENAdrenalineRushOnSNBO on TV tonight. This was the last concert my sister @LaDivaVida and I saw together before she passed away on October 8 after battling cancer since 2016. She was so happy watching you perform, @aldenrichards02.

She added that they actually received the devastating news that her sister’s cancer got worse on the day of the concert, however, Gail still wanted to enjoy that night.

We actually received the devastating news that her cancer had spread again to her pelvic area on the day of the concert but she was determined to enjoy #ALDENAdrenalineRushOnSNBO.
Our tickets were my gifts to her, my mom and our kasambahay, to support Alden.

Aside from the concert, her sister still got to purchase three of Maine Mendoza’s MAC lipstick.

We didn’t expect that a little more than 2 weeks later, she would have complications from surgery to remove her tumors. Still, before then, she made sure she would get the MAC lippie of @mainedcm for herself, for me and my mom.

She also shared her sisters’ little interactions with Alden and his dad.

During the group photo after Adrenaline Rush, she asked Alden to hold the “Walang Iwanan” banner with her and was able to tell @R_FAULKERSoN how Alden has given joy to her and my family despite her condition.

She then expressed her thankfulness to all the people in fandom they have met.

We are thankful to everyone in this fandom whom we have met in the events we’ve gone to. My sister Gail treasured you all. Supporting DongYan and MaiChard was one of the things which gave her strength to press on through her illness.

I hope those who met her briefly or knew her a bit would remember her smile and courage. Let’s treasure each day we have and show our love to the people who matter most to us. That’s what I learned from Ate Gail. I love you and I miss you, @LaDivaVida. Go sing with the angels now

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Maine Mendoza answers netizen regarding “user” issue between her and Alden Richards

Maine Mendoza answers netizen regarding “user” issue between her and Alden Richards

  • Maine Mendoza clarified the issue regarding her and Alden Richards’ current relationship.
  • She said that she’s not forcing anyone to support her and people have the freedom to decide on their own.

Maine Mendoza contradicted the rumors that she and love team partner Alden Richards are just using each other so that AlDub fans will still support their individual projects.

AlDub became a phenomenon in 2015 after they started interacting with each other in Eat Bulaga’s ‘Kalye Serye’ segment.

The issue of “using each other” was brought to Maine’s attention after Twitter user @PaaNgMaichard warned Maine’s fans to stop calling Alden a ‘user’ as both of them still have solo projects to promote in the near future.

Mga mulat wag nyong tawaging user si Alden. Tandaan nyo may movie at lipstick pa si Meng.

Kasi kapag si Meng naman ang dumikit kay Alden, keri nyo bang tawagin sya ng mga BN na user?

Babalik din sa inyo yang mga sinasabi nyo eh

Maine took notice of the tweet and replied that she’s not forcing anyone to support her projects.

Sorry may nag tag lang sa akin, pero…. movie and lipstick? Support o hindi, nasa sa inyo naman yun, wala naman pong pilitan kung ayaw.

Alden and Maine continue to be co-hosts in the noontime show, however, both also have their own projects.

Alden is currently starring in GMA 7’s Victor Magtanggol with love interests Janine Gutierrez at Andrea Torres while Maine is part of the cast of the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival entry Jack Em Popoy: The PulisCredibles with Coco Martin and Vic Sotto.

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LOOK: Some fans of Maine Mendoza tweet about “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”

LOOK: Some fans of Maine Mendoza tweet about “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”

  • Maine Mendoza fans decide to support Coco Martin’s Ang Probinsyano by tweeting its hashtag.
  • Maine and Coco, together with Vic Sotto, will be working together for this year’s MMFF entry.

Alden RichardsAldub partner, Maine Mendoza herself tweeted her support to the actor wishing the actor the best of luck and happiness; however, a number of Mendoza’s fans decided o show their support to Victor Magtanggol‘s rival, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano‘s hashtag #FPJAPTensyon instead.

maine mendoza the new jolly endorser
File Photo

Though Maine showed her support to her love team’s show pilot, some fans still opted to post tweets on the rival show.

Screencap of Maine’s post on Twitter to show support to Alden’s “Victor Magtanggol” pilot episode

It was Victor Magtanggol‘s much-awaited premier on Monday, and the episode’s hashtag #VictorMagtanggolAngSimula (though didn’t gain full support from Maine’s fans, still it reached the top spot of the Philippine trends that night.

File Photo

One of the reasons for this is Maine and Coco Martin, along with Vic Sotto has an upcoming entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

A fan tweeted that she decided to support Coco’s hashtag because he’ll be working with Maine soon and to also thank Coco’s fans from tweeting for the star the day before.

Image: Screengrab of @MaineFaney’s tweet

Supporting Coco’s HT dahil makakatrabaho siya ni Maine and to thank some of Coco’s fans as well for tweeting for Maine yesterday. #FPJAPTensyon

Other Netizens proceeded to throw shades on Alden and his show while expressing their support for Ang Probinsyano.

Image: Screengrab of @Yellow39309922’s tweet

This guy definitely deserve our support ,he walk the talk,he said he wants to work with Maine,he did something about it,unlike the others guy,he avoided to work with Maine,now,he begged her to tweet his uninteresting ts #FPJAPTensyon 

Image: Screengrab of @sol_falena’s tweet

My support goes to #FPJAPTensyon . Coco Martin is maine’s new partner for the movie, and I’m against glorifying other ek-ek gods. Only One True God for us. 

Twitter user @mizzygirl even tweeted out full details of Ang Probinsyano as support.

Image: Screengrab of @mizzygirl777’s tweet

#FPJAPTensyon let’s go for Coco Martin @cocomartin_ph the real deal. Watch his Ang Pribinsyano from Monday to Friday after TV Partson Channel 2 ABS-CBN. Watch also his forthcoming movie with Vic Sotto & Maine Mendoza @mainedcm Jack Em Popoy – The Pulis Credibles MMFF entry.

Image: Screengrab of @DebraEF5’s tweet

As a sign of gratitude to Coco Martin’s fans who helped trend Maine’s HT for Daig, I’ll tweet using Coco Martin’s HT.

Image: Screengrab of @MsM1995’s tweet

I am truly excited for Coco and Maine tandem.

I am sure that Coco will really take care of our girl.


A Maine supporter also expressed her excitement regarding the upcoming movie.

Image: Screengrab of @missblue547’s tweet

Yun magkasama na silang tatlo, especially Maine, malakjing pasabog na yan! Woooooh!!! #FPJAPTensyon

Netizens and Coco Martin fans are surprised and thankful about the unexpected help they got from fans of Maine.

Image: Screengrab of @fanzup’s tweet


Image: Screengrab of @itsmedoreymon’s tweet

OMG Thank you Maine fans for supporting Kapamilya. #justlove

#FPJAPTensyon #BAGANIVision

Not only the Coco fans, but this one supporter of Maine also got surprised about the turn of events.

Image: Screengrab of @maineonlyfan’s tweet

Wow! Maine fans supporting Coco! #FPJAPTensyon

Jak Em Popoy The Pulis Credibles will be in cinemas starting December 25.

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