What You Should Bring When Traveling to Morong, Bataan

Your stay and adventure in Morong, Bataan will be more fun, memorable, and sustainable if you bring these items with you.

The municipality of Morong, Bataan is a destination that many flock to during the summer season. Outlined with beach resorts, animal sanctuaries, and heritage sites, Morong offers several reasons to return to this seaside paradise.

Your adventure in Morong wouldn’t be complete without a few things that make your sightseeing, beach strolling, and food tripping more memorable and more sustainable. Here are some of the things you should bring when traveling to Morong, Bataan.

Your Camera and Selfie Stick or Tripod

People take pictures of their travels and adventures to preserve memories during that time. While it is easy to just click on your camera or phone to take selfies, consider capturing the stunning scenery of the beach resort you are in. For example, Anvaya Cove is a beach hotel and resort that offers a lot of landscaped areas where you can take double-tap worthy pictures perfect for your social media, blog, or as decor for your bedroom.

Your selfie stick or tripod keeps your phone or camera stable while taking that perfect Morong shot. Use these to capture the entire seascape or landscape as your background, or to take stylish photos of your beach resort outfit. Don’t forget to take different angles of the beach, the shore, and the landscaped view to add texture and contrast to your photo gallery.

Your Journal

Another way to preserve memories of your stay in Morong, Bataan is to write it down in your journal. The calm ocean waves, refreshing sea breeze, and beautiful horizon create the perfect atmosphere for you to start writing about your thoughts, reflecting on your experiences, and reconnecting with nature. Enjoy writing while on a hammock in your beachfront resort house.

If you don’t have an actual notebook as your journal, use the note application on your phone to write when you explore the fishing villages, natural sanctuaries, and food stops at Morong, Bataan.

First-aid Kit

A handful of resort developments have recently reopened in Morong. To ensure the safety of their residents and guests, these resort developments have heightened their sanitation and cleanliness measures. They are ready with thermal scanners and hand sanitizers to prevent further spreading of viruses among guests and residents.

While developments are doing their part to keep you safe, you should also do your part. Include medicines, sunscreen, band-aids, antiseptics, cotton, ointments, wipes, thermometer, gauze pads or rolls, and a hot-and-cold compress in your first aid kit. These will come in handy in case you injure yourself, get a really bad sunburn, or catch a cold or fever.

Reusable Water Bottle, Utensils, and Bags

You’ll most likely want to return to Morong, Bataan after you’ve enjoyed the sapphire waters, fresh seafood, and cool breeze. Of course, the beauty of these beach resorts relies on maintenance by the staff and tourists as well. One way you can contribute to keeping your favorite beach resorts pristine and clean is to reduce waste from your take-outs and shopping.

Consider using a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water during your trip. When shopping, use a tote bag to hold all of your purchases. These will not only reduce plastic wastes that pollute the ocean, but you also save more money for the remainder of your trip. If you are dining out, you can use your reusable straws and utensils instead of disposable ones. Just like reusable water bottles and bags, reusable utensils and straws reduce waste and are more hygienic.

Doing these sustainable practices will not only maintain the beauty of your favorite beach resort in Morong, but you also help preserve the animals and greenery growing in the area. For example, Anvaya Cove strongly believes in taking care of the environment. Through their waste management and sustainable practices, they are able to preserve the environment of their resort as well as nurture the growth of green sea turtles that breed and live on their shores.

Your Bicycle

Morong offers trails for hiking, strolling, and riding your bike. Some resorts offer bikes for rent if you want to do a bit of working out while exploring the rugged terrains of Morong. You can also bring your own bicycle if you want to save money on the rental fee.

If you want to learn to mountain bike, some resort communities in Morong have bike parks that have different trails to suit every learner. An example would be the bike park in Anvaya Cove, which has four biking trails with varying distances and difficulties that suit beginner and professional bikers.

Morong, Bataan offers a paradise for those who need to rest from the chaos of the city. Bring these items with you so that you can preserve your memories, reflect, and make the most of your Morong trip while contributing to the municipality’s sustainable lifestyle.

Written by Daily Fel

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