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Proud sister shares younger sister’s apology letter; delights netizens

She just can’t get mad at her because of what she wrote to her.

A post of a proud sister went viral after she shared the letter of apology of her younger sister on social media.

A certain “Kree” recently tweeted that her 10-year-old sister accidentally broke something on her Macbook but she just couldn’t get mad at her because of what she wrote to her.

In the photos of a letter that Kree uploaded on Facebook, the little girl told her that she used her Macbook but her headphone jack got stuck in the laptop.

The girl then asked Kree to call Apple “so they can get it out.”

The little girl said she tried to fix it and get the jack out but it only “messed up her nails and broke half of her pens.”

She told her sister that she will give her P1,000 for the repair fees.

“I’m sorry. I’ll give you P1,000 by working,” the girl wrote.

“I’m very sorry. Please don’t get mad,” she added.

The girl also wrote that she will give the letter to her sister once she realized that her Macbook’s audio wasn’t working.

“Funny thing is I never realized my Macbook’s sound isn’t working since I watch shows on either my phone or iPad, and if I hadn’t opened her drawer I wouldn’t see this note at all. 😂😂,” Kree said in another tweet.

“I’m actually proud of her because as a kid this note proves that: 1. She’s willing to admit to her mistakes (‘I’m very sorry please don’t be mad’) 2. She’s willing to CORRECT her mistakes (‘I’ll work and pay you back’ and ‘I tried to get it out’),” she added.

Kree said even when her sister was only six years old, “She had way more emotional intelligence than any kid.”

“She was able to handle when she’s being said ‘no’ to and she never threw a tantrum over anything,” Kree noted.

“She somehow understands things better than kids her age do (and even older ones),” she added.

Kree’s post delighted a lot of netizens who posted their comments.

“Ang cute ng sister mo!!! 💓,” a netizen wrote.

Another one said: “She is also very lucky to have such a loving sister like you. 🥰😊”

“This was all I needed from my siblings when we were younger! Instead I got attitude from them shuta,” a netizen wrote.

Another one added: “She’s so precious, what a cutie. 😍”

Kree’s tweet has already garnered over 44,500 likes and it has been retweeted 5,167 times since it was posted.

Written by Angelle De Leon

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