Boyfriend twin photo fascinates netizens

“I have a gay brother and most people think it is him. More people than I expected said we looked alike.”

A photograph of an LGBT couple that was recently posted on social media captured the public’s attention because of their good looks and undeniable resemblance.

The Dailypedia learned that the duo in the picture were Stefan Garcia and Jeb Tizon.

On Tuesday, Stefan shared on Twitter the adorable shot of himself and Jeb openly embracing each other with the simple caption, “I shaved so we aren’t twins na.”

The sight of the “boyfriend twin,” who have matching puffed-out chests and similar beards and hair styles, has delighted many netizens.

One wrote: “You guys are glowing.”

A netizen also commented that the pair is “hot.”

While another netizen quipped that he’d “love to be in the middle of this.”

In an interview with Dailypedia, Stefan admitted that Jeb sometimes gets mistaken for his brother because of their similarities when it comes to their looks.

“Yes, I have a gay brother and most people think it is him. More people than I expected said we looked alike,” he said.

But for him, Stefan said he does not think he and Jeb look alike.

“I understand we are the same type but we didn’t look alike for me,” he said. “I have thin hair. He has thick hair. I’m fatter as well.”

Stefan shared that he met Jeb through a dating app.

He said they started facetiming after they matched on Tinder and became friends.

Stefan said they had been friends for two years until three months ago when they officially got together.

He said he fell in love with Jeb not because of his physical appearance but because of his personality.

“I feel in love with you not because of how you look but because you are the kindest person I know,” Stefan said, addressing it to Jeb.

“I found you not looking for a matching face but looking for a matching heart,” he added.

The couple’s picture has generated more than 550 likes in just two days.

Lookalike couples have fascinated the public for years.

Back in 1987, scientists from the University of Michigan set out to study the phenomenon of married couples who grow to look more alike over time.

Their theory, which scientists still cite today, was that decades of shared emotions result in a closer resemblance due to similar wrinkles and expressions.

Another study published in The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin also showed that most people are attracted to the ones who resemble them or their parents.

According to American psychologist Dr. Jeremy Nicholson, people tend to socialize with others who are similar to them in a number of ways including physical traits and abilities because these similarities often help create feelings of familiarity and trust between people.

“It (similarities) increases the likelihood of a positive working relationship among them. And this feeling carries over into intimate relationships, too,” he said.

“We’re often inclined to date someone who looks like us or one of our parents because we’re more easily willing to trust that person. You might feel that he or she is just like you on the inside, simply because he or she looks like you on the outside,” he concluded.

Written by Angelle De Leon

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