Try the delectable Filipino foods from Ha-inan Delivery and Take Out

  • Ha-inan Delivery and Take Out has a Filipino food set-up.
  • They also named it Ha-inan with the dash to avoid confusion and comparison to a province in China.
  • Their specialties also include Bihon Guisado, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Pork Sisig, Sinigang Steak, and Empanadita.

Eleanor Que, owner of Ha-inan Delivery and Take Out, let us take a peek at their Filipino food set-up.

In a recent visit at their establishment, Eleanor and her daughter, Bernadette, shared how they started and chose a delivery and takeout system. They also gave us the reason why they named their business after the Filipino table setting.

“Looking forward to more people to come and try our food.”

Eleanor shared when and why they started their delivery and take-out business. Their family also used to order Filipino food for delivery, however, they began getting tired of it so they started their own.

“Nag-start lang kami three months ago, October 10. Initially, bakit ito ang klase ng business? Nakita kasi namin, ‘yung family namin madalas talagang nagpapa-deliver. Noong bandang huli, parang nagsasawa na kami sa delivery. Lalo na Filipino food. Kasi sa bahay namin hindi kami nakakapagluto masyado ng Filipino food. Kasi diba, parang ang daming mga rekados. ‘Pag mamamalengke, ang daming kailangan so madalas kami nag-oorder talaga ng mga Filipino food for delivery.”

She also shared that they thought that Queen B would be a good name for the said business. However, they couldn’t register the name so they thought of another.

“Initially, ang naisip nila na name ‘Queen B.’ Pero because of, IPO (Intellectual Property Office) Registration, hindi siya register-able. Tapos naisip nalang namin ‘Ah! Filipino table setting!’ ‘Yan ang ibig sabihin ng ‘Ha-inan.’ Maghain. ‘O, iha, maghain ka na nga.’ O kaya, ‘Iha, dalhin mo ito sa hainan.’ ‘Hainan,’ yung table. Which is hindi na rin yata natin ginagamit ang ‘Hainan.'”

Many wondered why their name has a dash on it. Hainan has two meanings. In Filipino, it means the traditional meal setting. However, in China, it remains an island province of the country and the nation’s southernmost point.

“Ngayon, bakit may dash? Hainan talaga yung Filipino word, without the dash. Pero ‘pag wala siyang dash, binabasa siya as Hainan which is a place in China. So, ayaw namin magkaroon ng ganoon.”

Eleanor gave some information about their specialty dishes: Bihon Guisado, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Pork Sisig, Sinigang Steak, and Empanadita.

Their Bihon Guisado usually has little strips of crispy liempo and a special chili sauce. The Bihon Guisado will let the people feel like they are at home or in a fiesta. Their special chili sauce lingers wonderfully at the base of the tongue. It remains spicy but not painful.

“Ang difference ng pansit namin sa other pansitan, kasi ‘yan yung parating nasa table set-up ng Filipino celebration or feast. Ngayon, yung pansit namin ang kakaiba. Eto yung special chili sauce… We have this crispy liempo on top of our pansit and then, very special chili sauce. Ang sili natin galing pa ng Davao. So, iba yung lahi ng sili na ‘to na ginawa naming specially blend. And then, kapag hinalo sa pansit natin, talagang ‘yun yung hahanap-hanapin mo. Iba yung flavor, iba ang anghang niya.”

They also have their own Pansit Malabon Negra which has squid and a special blend of squid sauce.

“Our (pansit) malabon, ang difference niya rin talaga sa ibang malabon, ay yung pansit hindi siya ganun katataba. Kasi ‘yung iba talaga matataba, pero parang ang hirap kagatin. So sa amin, masarap kagatin then, the special toppings natin. For those who are looking for a twist, sa pansit malabon, we have this flavored squid and special blend of squid sauce dito sa Pansit Malabon Negra natin.”

However, Spaghetti with Meatballs should have been for the children’s menu which adults also seem to enjoy. The Spaghetti with Meatballs has a balance between sweet and sour from the tomato sauce used in the dish.

“Of course, hindi mawawala ang mga gusto ng mga bata. Pero nagugulat kami na pati matatanda, nagustuhan ang spaghetti natin.”

The Pork Sisig which they also named MaSisig became a craving for many. The MaSisig remains savory and pleasantly stimulating. The chili on the sisig does not feel painful in the mouth.

“Yung pork sisig natin… Pero hindi lang kakaiba, kundi hahanap-hanapin mo. Special siya.”

Their Sinigang Steak has tomato cherries and green beans in it. The appetizing steak remains savory and tender. The meat stays juicy, delectable and mouthwatering.

“Sinigang steak, you are gonna love it.”

Empanadita, however, has three flavors: beef taco, pizza pie and creamy chicken. The most scrumptious flavor will be the beef taco. It tastes exactly like they named it. The delightfully divine taste of the empanadita will make you buy it again and again.

“Pang-merienda na, pang-regalo pa at pang-hatinggabing merienda.”

For more information, contact Ha-inan Delivery and Take Out at Visit their branch at 488th Barangka Drive cor. Camiguin Street, Barangay Malamig, Mandaluyong City.

Delivery is available in Mandaluyong, Ortigas, Taguig and Bonifacio Global City. Call: 0939-9370889 and/or 636-1686 and/or 245-5856.

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