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The Call You Wish Had Never Ended

  • Remembering that last phone call
  • Hearbreaking, but the fight continues after that last call

During this time, a memory of your first phone call will flash back. You will notice that the laughter you shared in that first phone call suddenly turned into tears during your last.

Acceptance is both the key and the poison

It’s a relationship built for weeks, months, years, even decades and yet, you both chose to end it with a call. A call that lasted for an hour, a call that made you eyes cry more than you should, a call that will be the last. Because after it, moments will turn into memories–memories that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

A sudden regret will surely flood your thoughts, you will beg. You will ask for another chance, but he doesn’t want to… anymore. He wants you to grow, to prosper, to continue life without him. Between the two of you, he was the strong one, the one who remains firm on his decision.

He has a point, you know it. If you continue your damaged relationship, it will just continue exploding. You can’t help but hate his decisions, how he handled the situation. And there you are, crying, begging for something he no longer wants to avail.

You will keep your hopes up. Even if that call ends, you will continue praying for his name to pop up on your phone screen. Even if the spark in you faded, losing him is an idea you always shrug off.

You will surely miss his hugs. Remember that tough day? How about that afternoon you felt all the bad luck in the world happened to you? He was there offering his warm hugs. You can’t help but give in. Now, it’s gone. Forever. That we don’t know.

You always thought you are irreplaceable, but he will make you feel you are not. You will feel resentment, become bitter. At the end of the day, you will realize, it’s of no use. You will still forgive him no matter what and welcome him wholeheartedly when he knocked on your door once more.

Like he never did you wrong, like you never saw him with his ‘other one’.


One word that can help you move forward and recover. Stop. If you’re thinking what you had can be fixed overnight, stop. It’s a process. Indefinite and uncertain. What if something better comes along the way and you are still stuck with the idea of him?

That’s the time you’ll lose the essence of life. The world does not and would not stop revolving even without him. Think of yourself as the Earth. Even if a devastating typhoon hits its land, or a tsunami upsets its waters, it never forgets to continue the cycle and revolve.

So, instead of thinking that it was the call you wish had never ended, think of it as the call of a door opening.

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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