Here’s Where You’ll Find the Hottest Men and the Sexiest Women on Earth

  • A site named Miss Travel asked their members to rate the nationalities which they think looks best.
  • The results said that the sexiest men are the Aussies, while the prettiest women can be found in Brazil.

A lot of people dream to be married to their ideal man/woman.

Most of them even set qualifications on how they can say that the person they met is the one for them. Some people dream of having a boyfriend with a great body, while the men prefer to be with someone who looks good.

To prove this, a website called to Miss Travel, asked their members about their opinions. The members were told to rate the different nationalities that they think are truly qualified with the given criteria.

First, they asked the netizens who rank the nationalities of men according to their sexiness.

The sexiest nationalities top ten:

  1. Australia
  2. Italian
  3. British
  4. Scottish
  5. Spanish
via News Limited
  1. American
  2. Irish
  3. Brazilian
  4. Canadian
  5. Dutch

Apparently, almost all women think that the Aussies got the hottest body that anyone would want which is not surprising at all since it is indeed the truth.

via News Corp

As a matter of fact, the Hemsworth men are one of the living proofs that Australia actually got the sexiest men in the world.

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On the other hand, it terms of looks, Australian women were put into the seventh place of the list, with the Brazilian women topping the chart.

The sexiest nationalities for women:

  1. Brazilian
  2. Russian
  3. Colombian
  4. British
  5. Filipina

And, the Filipinas are fifth on the list!

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  1. Spanish
  2. Australian
  3. Bulgarian
  4. South African
  5. Canadian
via News Corp

At the end of the day, physical appearance is simply a person’s dream. Still, anyone would want to be with the person they like even when he/she didn’t qualify for their standards. It’s just how love works.

How about you? What is your dream guy/girl? (Reese Barcelon)

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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