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Science says obese people are more generous than lean people

People carrying extra pounds are actually nicer than thin people.

In a study conducted by German researchers, 20 obese men (weighing in at an average of 120 kg,) and 20 thin men (weighing in at an average of 70kg) were asked to play lab games where they offered people money.


The results of the experiment suggest that men on the heavier side tend to be more generous compared to their leaner counterparts. In fact, thinner men made less fair decisions and gave 16% less money than obese men.

Moreover, skinnier men appeared to offer more money to fellow thin people. They were also way more grumpy compared to heavier men when they had lower blood sugar levels.

“Our data show that economic decision-making is affected by both the body weight of the participants and the body weight of their opponents, and that blood glucose concentrations should be taken into consideration when analyzing economic decision making,” the researchers concluded.

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