Law-Breaking Media Man Drew Flak From Netizens

Yesterday, a video involving a confrontation between a media man and another driver went viral and drew flak from social media users. According to Dora Lulab Dorado, real name Jose Dorado, a white vehicle with plate number TSO 543  entered a one way (no left/no entry) zone while on hazard around 10AM Tuesday morning (September 16, 2014)) at UP Diliman-Tandang Sora.

Dorado’s FB post reads:

screengrab from Dora Lulab Dorado FB
screengrab from Dora Lulab Dorado FB

The video shows a white car with huge signage MEDIA and 9News (previously known as Solar News) stops in front of Dorado’s car. The driver apparently wants to counterflow the traffic. Dorado gets out of the car, with his camera, and confronts the car driver.

Dorado calmly says, “No left turn dito. Bawal ka magcross dito.” To which the media man answers, “May hinahabol lang kami. Naka-hazard kami, di mo ba nakikita?”

The argument heats up as the media personnel insists on his getting his way.

In an interview with Newsgraph, Dorado claims there was no traffic enforcer in the area when the incident happened. He also pointed out that “If it was a fire truck, or an ambulance. I would gladly scoot my vehicle aside to make way for the emergency mobile. The media man was in no sort of emergency and had no right to counterflow”.

According to him, it’s not a life and death situation so the driver does not have any right to counterflow.

When asked what action he wanted for the management of 9News to do to their personnel, Dorado answers, “I hope he gets fired for breaking the law.”

As of writing, the post gained 7, 465 shares, 2, 316 likes, and a number of comments from fellow netizens

screengrab from Dora Lulab Dorado FB
screengrab from Dora Lulab Dorado FB

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  1. Ang kapal nga mukha ng driver ng media truck na yan. Pag nakahazard ba may karapatan ka na mag violate ng batas? Yan ang mali sa mga gunggong na pinoy drivers. Inaabuso ang hazard lights at ang media pass nila!
    Mukhang may date pa ata yan! Kapal ng mukha nilang mang video pa.

  2. Di po lahat ng media pasaway. Most likely ang naka encounter nyo is bagito at walng proper orientation. Me myself may experience with some stupid driver from our media friends and we confronted them also…

  3. Di lang drivers ng media companies ang ganyan pati yung mga armored truck. Kahit no left turn, stop, at one way, go parin lol

  4. Nakiusap naman media men. Give way lang kahit na sa right of way ka kung emergency give consideration. Mali ang taong nag video dito nakikita nagmamatigas sya sa audio nya. Humihingi na nga ng daan ang tao ayaw nyo.



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