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Modified HIV Virus Treats a 6 Year Old Cancer Patient

Philadelphia, USA (June 2013) – 6 year old Emma Whitehead, after being declared hopeless due to failed chemotherapy attempts from her Leukemia, was brought to a clinical trial of treating her cancer cells with a modified HIV virus that cured her, for good.

Emma Whitehead, on the verge of ‘no hope’ from her Leukemia.
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Along with other 11 patients, she was injected with a disabled form of the HIV virus to alter the functions of her immune system to destroy cancer cells genetically.

Emma, now lives her new healthy life.
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With the presumed idea of ‘fighting fire with fire’, Dr. Stephan Grupp of Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital said that the modified HIV strands are like “serial killer cells” as these hunted cancer cells.

The treatment resulted in three adults making it to full recovery with two of them hale and hearty for two years. Four others displayed improvement, one child improved but then worsened, while two showed no improvement at all.



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