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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte says that another Marcos can eradicate corruption, journalist contradicts his statement

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte says that another Marcos can eradicate corruption, journalist contradicts his statement

  • President Rodrigo Duterte said the country should look for another authoritarian leader like Marcos to eradicate corruption
  • The president admitted that he cannot fulfill his promise to solve the problem of corruption in the country
  • Journalist Luis Teodoro doesn’t agree that someone like Marcos can eradicate corruption

Corruption is one of the biggest problems that the country has had for years and President Rodrigo Duterte believes that another authoritarian leader like Marcos will eradicate corruption.

During the 121st anniversary of the Philippine Navy in Cavite, the President said that even he himself would not be able to eradicate corruption.

“Sa batas na ito, even if you give me 20 years I cannot do it. Maghanap uli kayo ng Marcos. Or someday, somehow, somewhere that fellow will be elected in the generations to come,” he said.

Duterte had promised to solve the problem of corruption when he was still running for president in the 2016 elections. Now, he says that he may not be able to fulfill his promise with his remaining term.

“Sabihin ko, nagsisi ako kasi akala ko within the constitutional powers na ibinigay sa akin, kaya ko. But truth to tell, kung araw-araw na lang pati every table dito sa Pilipinas ganoon, hindi ko talaga mahabol,” he said.

The former Dean of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication and well-known journalist Luis Teodoro posted his reaction on Twitter about the president saying the country needs another Marcos to eradicate corruption.

Teodoro said that “Marcos did not eradicate corruption, contrary to what Duterte implied. Marcos centralized it: he decided who can steal with impunity among his officials and cronies, but he made sure he got the lion’s share. He stole enough to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records.”

Based on the Guinness Book of World Records, it was on April 23, 1986, “the government of the Philippines announces that it had succeeded in identifying $860.8 million (£569.5 million) salted away by the former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos (1917–89) and his wife Imelda. The total national loss from November 1965 was believed to be $5–$10 billion.”

The Guinness Book of Record labeled the Marcoses feat as the “Greatest robbery of a Government”.

The Marcos regime was considered the darkest period in Philippine history when thousands of people were imprisoned and killed.

Duterte really admires Marcos as he endorsed the candidacy of Imee Marcos who won a seat in the Senate. He also allowed for the former president to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in spite of the protests of Martial Law victims.

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Depression overruled Mark Joseph Ubalde’s life, a video reveals his fight with Depression

Depression overruled Mark Joseph Ubalde’s life, a video reveals his fight with Depression

  • Ubalde’s body was found lifeless in the bathroom after someone had asked the hotel guest service center to check on him because he’s not answering his phone call.
  • With all his achievements in life, he has mastered the art of  pretending.
  • The video talked about his struggles with depression. 

“How are you? Honestly, tell me how are you?” a simple question that could save somebody’s life who is struggling with depression.

On Monday, April 1, it was not an April Fools’ Day prank that shocked every one, but it was the sudden death of Mark Joseph Ubalde, a broadcast journalist and The Manila Times columnist.

A 33-year-old journalist was found dead in his hotel room at the Shangri-La at The Fort in Bonifacio Global City (BCG) in Taguig City at 5:30 p.m and was confirmed by his sister Shyrl Ann on a Facebook post.

According to the BCG Police, Ubalde’s body was found lifeless in the bathroom after someone had asked the hotel guest service center to check on him because he’s not answering his phone call. Right at the moment, the Shangri-La’s in-house physician declared him dead.

Ubalde had finished his degree in journalism at the University of the Philippines in 2007 and after three years, he earned his Certificate in Online and Multimedia Journalism from the International Institute for Journalism in Berlin Germany.

My depression.

Posted by The Digital Nomad on Sunday, March 31, 2019

In 2009, he started his career in journalism for GMA News as s senior news producer and on the same year he was awarded for his report on absentee mothers called “When Mom is Away, the Family goes Astray.”

After two years he transferred to TV5 as multimedia Reporter for and won Best Online Report at the Migration Advocacy Media Awards for his report on “Highlights and Lowlights: 38 years of Pinoy Abroad.”

Then in 2013, he became a content manager for and managed the pioneering team of N5E, as the new site generated over 48 million unique visitors in 2014.

Using his social media expertise, he later worked as a consultant to the Asian Development Bank, the Presidential Communications Operations Office and in the Department of Information and Technology. Ubalde also helped in creating the National Government portal’s communication strategy and spearheaded the revamp of the website.

Last year, Ubalde started writing his column, “The Digital Nomad” for the Business Times and later, the Sunday Business and IT sections of The Sunday Times that would discuss on many relevant issues like how business can find benefit from social media, searching for ideal social media influencer and finding ways on how to fight fake news on the Internet.

With all these achievements in life, seeing Ubalde as an efficient and very competent person he has mastered the art of pretending (to be fine).

After his death, “The Digital Nomad” had posted his video titled “My Depression”.

This talked about his struggles with depression as he was clinically diagnosed by a psychologist after not able to sleep for two months straight in 2016.

On his half an hour video, he advised those who are undergoing depression to seek out for professional help and don’t self-medicate.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Joseph Holandes Ubalde (@seph_ubalde) on

He also traces back his experience that might have become the root cause of his depression.

Ubalde knew that there is a lingering sadness in him even when he was om high school or as early as grade six. It started when he thought how to survive without his grandmother.

“It started when you were thinking na parang I don’t know how to survive pag nawala yung lola ko and I was in grade 6 then. I would always check up on her and I sleep over sa bahay sa Fairview, I would always went to her and make sure she’s breathing.”

When he was in his sixth grade, he remembered having an experience of anxiety attacks thinking of what he would be.

“I was in grade 6 na naiisip ko na hindi ako pwedeng maging jobless, hindi ako pwedeng ito lang trabaho ko.”

At his young age and being academically gifted, he had to maintain his grades and extra-curricular activities which he thought have also contributed to so much pressure on his part.

Ubalde is also known for Seph wanted to show in his video that “people who are depressed don’t necessarily fall into a box” as always sad or non-functioning individuals who don’t want out of the bed for the entire day but for him, depression has another face.

He admitted that he is a functioning depressed person. Thinking that he has a very jolly out-looking life, who would always smile, having good friends, had laughed a lot and make other people laugh a lot, seeing him as very well composed and confident person but when he’s alone depression comes in.

“Outside you can see that I’m very well composed and confident but deep inside when you’re by yourself and your all alone, that when the façade crumbles, that’s when you have to grapple with your demons or monsters all throughout.”

What could a depressed person need?

Seph made this video to inform that a depressed person like him needs support system from friends, relatives, loved ones, workmates to keep them going as he specifically discussed it what kind of help a depressed person needs.

When you say it, you mean it.

Seph would have wanted friends who would ask simple questions like “kamusta ka na?”, “how are you?”,  “what have you been up to?” as they take that seriously but the person or a friend must mean it .

“I stood out with my friends before that you have to really mean when we say “how are you?” hindi yung parang nakita mo siya after a while and say kamusta ka na? It has the same level as “ Uy! kumain ka na? or Uy! kain tayo! It just a gesture, it’s empty but when we start asking and if you know this person is depressed like me, you really have to mean it.”

He also said that friends don’t have to say anything, what is more important, is to wait for a sincere answer from them or answer more beyond usual conversation, friends who are genuinely check-up on you and would really ask you, how are you?

“I wish I have more friends who really mean it when bumped into them and tell me “uy kamusta ka na?” that would really be pressed on saying “ totoo, kamusta ka na?”

Depressed people like him would feel that their alone but having more friend who would press them to tell their true feelings could have helped them to open up their problems and would not keep it within their self.

“Asked someone genuinely how are they doing and don’t escape with the answer of I’m fine. I’m fine is the idlest words among depressed people, because it’s a mask “I’m fine” A depressed person is never fine”

Friend, lend me your ears.

Seph would also want friends who have the patience to listen as he was fortunate enough to find one named “Ricky” who would always be there when he had his depression attacks.

“I wish I have friends like him, friends I can call at midnight when the fangs of depression are attacking. “
The common response that we hear advising or comforting a depressed person could be the worst things for them hear

.“The worst thing that a friend would say to a depressed person na saying parang “oh I feel bad and the friend would say oh.. wala yan ako nga ganito ang napagdaanan ko or friend magdasal ka lang kaya mo yan or the worst yung ikaw naman kasi eto yung ginagawa kung eto na lang yung ginawa mo..”

As a depressed person, he would advise that it is important to lend an ear and never compare your friends’ pain to your own pain because both of you living different lives and your experiences were different. Seph also said to stop downplaying depression as a mere face especially for those who are clinically or diagnosed as a depressed person.

“It’s a process, it is not something na ginagawa lang excuse… No! It’s not!

“When people look at me they won’t say that I’m depressed. There are moments that I look sad but I can bounce back… I mean mabilis I’m a master at pretending, even the way I look it, and it doesn’t manifest what I’m going through.”

All he ever wanted was a friend who would listen and acknowledge their pain that it is legitimate and not imaginary, more friends who don’t disappoint him, who would not leave. He also tries his best to reconnect to people who had been part of his life but because of the distance, he can’t easily get connected with them.

He also had wished to have a sensitive friend who would know that he was only pretending to be fine.

“I wished I have friends who could see clearly that I’m just pretending to be fine because it is difficult to know but you feel it, a good friend would feel it, a good friend would know that someone is faking it and who’ s genuinely experience it”

Support from my family.

In times of trouble, one’s family would always be there or is expected to help a person suffering with depression but for Seph, he not with him.

“I wished I had a support system in my family, that willing to talked about mental health issues and not mere dismissing it as “mapahinga ka kasi” or “magsimba ka kasi lagi” coz I come from a very religious family.” he said.

“I would always the tell them that “ang tao na nasa garage ay hindi nagging kotse at ang taong laging nasa simbahan ay hindi nagiging santo” it not about the structure , it’s about personal relationship with God whoever maybe in your life and I don’t appreciate relative would say “may pinagdadaanan lang siya.”

A Supportive Partner.

Seph recently been out of a relationship and had also wished to have a partner who would understand that he is undergoing depression and would not leave or would have stick with him for a while. For it does not define who he is, it a part of that he is trying to manage, overcome and understand.

“I wish I could find someone who could understand because after all, people who are suffering from mental health issues are just wanting of people who would understand them”

A desire society for a depressed person.

He wanted people who would not treat it as a “Fad” but who would turn this mental health issue as an opportunity for a business.

“I have met someone who claims to be an advocate for the mental health issue, according to him who is not undergoing any mental health issue at all but who wants to profit from it by creating this mental health institution.

“He wants mental health solutions or therapy to be retailed but mental health is not a clothing store or you could pass it as a commodity.”

Depressed person are not weak. They are the strongest people I know.

“People who are undergoing depression were so ashamed of themselves maybe it is because they look normal but don’t act normally,” he said.

He felt so sad when he sees people who took their own life it’s because pain becomes unbearable that death seems to be a lesser pain. Knowing depression he would say that “We’re not weak, we are strong” and every day is a struggle.

“If I told my story when I was I kid, everything underwent, you wouldn’t have survived.”

His final message to all who are depressed is to fight it as he also pleaded not to judge a depressed person who has given up on living.

“For people who are depressed or undergoing any mental health issue “fight” not everyone as brave as we are. Fight the when it seems like every day is a struggle and you’re not winning anything “fight” not just for your family, not just for your friends, “fight” for yourself. And for those who have decided not to fight anymore “please don’t judge them, you don’t know what they been through. Hope to see you and just be kind to one another be understanding of each other’s struggles. See you on the other side.”

His words should not be taken for granted, for he himself has experienced how hard fighting depression is. This might help us to save somebody’s life because only a few have survived and most of them have given up.

Behind Mark Joseph Ubalde’s success, his depression have overruled him, hid life.

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Daughter breaks down to mom for failing UPCAT, mom comforted and even posted how she’s still proud of her

Daughter breaks down to mom for failing UPCAT, mom comforted and even posted how she’s still proud of her

  • Daughter breaks down to her mom for failing the UPCAT, mom comforts her saying she’s already ‘the best’
  • Roxan Rogado-Bal, the proud mom, posted on her Facebook that she’s still proud of her daughter
  • Netizens were touched by their familial love and support and cheered Twitter user Francheska Rogado Bal for her future endeavors

An overwhelmed netizen shared on Twitter how she broke down to her mother yesterday for finding out that she failed in the University of the Philippines’ collegiate entrance exam, only for her mom to post on her own Facebook account that she’s proud of her despite it.

The touching gesture certainly comforted Twitter user Francheska Rogado Bal. She wrote, “Broke down in front of my mom this morning because I failed UP. She spent more than 12k for a review center and camped overnight sa UP just to get me a permit only to smile at me and say,”Bat ka umiiyak? Ang galing mo na nga eh.” AND THIS WOMAN POSTED PA SA FB ARGH i love her 😢”

Roxan Rogado-Bal, the proud mom, posted on her Facebook, “My daughter texted me this morning. Bagsak sya sa Biochem sa UP. Pero happy pa rin daw sya, mas maraming deserving and she had so much blessings already. At least she tried, we are still proud of you😘 She just passed the DOST scholarship exam, which is much better.”

My daughter texted me this morning. Bagsak sya sa Biochem sa UP. Pero happy pa rin daw sya, mas maraming deserving and…

Posted by Roxan Rogado-Bal on Sunday, March 31, 2019

Francheska’s post garnered over 23 thousand likes on Twitter, with many netizens comforting her and echoing her mother’s sentiment that they too, are proud, of her current achievements.

“Didn’t expect this tweet to get this much of attention but it saddens me how a lot of people are quote tweeting this with “sana all” and wishing that their parents had the same response. Well, I just want to say that you are not made to satisfy your parents. You did your best… and that’s enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH even if your parents would think otherwise just because you failed in a standardized exam that can’t actually measure your potential to be a successful person in the future. At tsaka I believe that God has greater plans in store for you,” added Francheska in a series of tweets.


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Filipino scientists found a way to make ‘cheap’ invisibility cloaks out of old office equipment

Filipino scientists found a way to make ‘cheap’ invisibility cloaks out of old office equipment

  • UP scientists created affordable “cloaking device” fit for classroom use
  • The Pinoy researchers further developed the existing science behind the ‘Rochester Cloak’ to make things invisible out of old office equipment
  • Due to its easy and cheap setup, the researchers believe it could help bring interest to science and be beneficial to learning

The University of the Philippines’ researchers recently built on top of what US scientists have developed in the past: to create an affordable “cloaking device.”

Scientists Miguel Revilla, JC Lorenzo, and Nathaniel Hermosa from the UP National Institute of Physics (NIP) discovered a way to make an invisibility cloak out of readily available parts, together with optics salvaged from old office equipment.

In an interview with GMA News, Hermosa said “Our first experiments on cloaking with different focal lengths were with lenses which came from old overhead projectors and telescopes.”

The researchers showed in a demonstration video how a metal bar inserted in the middle of the apparatus disappeared completely from view, allowing the NIP logo in the background to be clearly seen.

To become invisible, according to MIT Technology Review, an object must do two things: (1) it has to be able to bend light around itself so that it casts no shadow, and (2) it must produce no reflection.

Back in 2014, graduate student Joseph Choi and professor of physics John Howell at the University of Rochester in New York, USA developed the “Rochester Cloak.” It is a cloaking device which can be built using inexpensive, everyday materials. It features four standard lenses that allows an object to appear invisible as the viewer moves several degrees away from the optimal viewing positions.

The problem with the said cloak, however, is that there are limits to the kinds of lenses that can be used, as well as the size of the setup.

For many years, scientists have proposed, developed and mounted different optical systems to achieve the effect of…

Posted by UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs on Monday, February 25, 2019

Pinoy physicists Revilla, Lorenzo, and Hermosa, on the other hand, were able to simplify the Rochester Cloak by making it more compact and fiddling with different lens combinations and various focal lengths as opposed to the original setup of the Rochester Cloak.

As a result, their version of the invisibility cloak is much easier and cheaper to put together, which can then be used for classroom optics experiments.

“Schools lacking sets of lenses can benefit from this as well. They may have old or broken overhead projectors where they can get the lenses from,” said Revilla.

He then went on to explain how far they are from perfecting the invisibility cloak same as that from the Harry Potter movie, where factors such as a wide range of light and angles need to considered to be able to make large objects disappear when viewed at any given point. “Research in invisibility is continuous and new technologies and materials are being developed and fabricated yearly… Probably the difficult part of making the cloak is developing the material itself,” he said.

Nevertheless, his research-partner Hermosa believes that their existing work, and its easy setup, could help bring huge interest to kids who may one day pursue scientific careers, or for college undergraduates to better understand its underlying equations and concepts.

“I want something that will benefit physics education. My gut feel is our research will have a much heavier impact in the education community,” Hermosa remarked.

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‘Makibaka, wag matakot!’ lashes back a UP student leader who’s under death threats

‘Makibaka, wag matakot!’ lashes back a UP student leader who’s under death threats

  • UP student leader bravely faces death threat by saying Makibaka, wag matakot!
  • Ralph Baguinon calls for fellow students to stay critical about the happenings in the country
  • Ralph Baguinon pronounces death threat as an attack to silence progressive voices

In a Facebook post last week, University of the Philippines – Diliman Engineering student council leader Ralph Justine Baguinon shared a story about an unidentified man who visited his home and delivered a ‘death threat’ to his family.

At around two in the afternoon, a man in his early 30s, who introduced himself as part of the military, came to his house in Valenzuela with a death threat hand-written on a conspicuous piece of paper; a photo of which was attached to his Facebook post. He narrated that the man asked for his whereabouts, obtained information on the plate number of their family car, and even inquired if he was personally driving it.

His grandfather was the one who met the unknown messenger and the former became visibly upset over the man’s line of questioning and so the man hurriedly left after handing Baguinon’s lolo with his picture taken by a student publication when he joined a lightning rally at Quezon Hall, due to the sudden demolish efforts at Pook Malinis. The student-leader was immediately informed by his father about the terrifying incident.

Posted by Ralph Justine Baguinon on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Malinaw na isa itong pagbabanta hindi lamang sa akin o sa aking pamilya kundi pati sa pagkilos ng mga estudyante. Ang malayang pagpapahayag ng saloobin at pagprotesta ay karapatan ng sinuman. Malinaw itong nakasaad sa Saligang Batas. Ngunit kahit na ito ang sinasabi ng Konstitusyon, hindi na bago sa buhay ng mga lider-estudyante at mga progresibong indibidwal na maranasan ang ganitong klase ng atake.

“Nakakalungkot at nakakagalit isipin na mayroong mga nagpupumilit na patahimikin ang boses ng mga estudyante’t kabataan na humihingi lamang ng kasagutan sa mga problemang dinadanas ng bansa at ng mga mamamayan nito,” wrote Baguinon in his post.

He added, “Ngayon, ako ay nananawagan sa mga kapwa kong estudyante na patuloy tayong maging kritikal sa mga pangyayari sa ating bansa. Huwag tayong magpadala sa kahit anumang pananakot, labanan natin ito. Kung ako lang mag-isa ay malamang mananahimik na lamang ako ngunit ako’y nakasandig sa sama-samang pagkilos ng mga kabataan. Palakasin pa natin ang mga panawagan para sa ating mga demokratikong karapatan. Makibaka, wag matakot!

Ako si Ralph, kasalukuyang Chairperson ng UP Diliman Engineering Student Council.Bandang 1:45 PM – 2:00 PM, may isang…

Posted by Ralph Justine Baguinon on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Many of his friends and colleagues commented on his post, wishing him safety and to stay alert at all times.

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Despite release of grad pix, UP shows no record of Imee Marcos as a graduate

Despite release of grad pix, UP shows no record of Imee Marcos as a graduate

  • Amid reports of dubious degree, Imee Marcos offers ‘proof’ of UP Law graduation
  • Despite grad pic: No record of Imee Marcos graduating from UP Diliman
  • No record, yearbook entry for Imee Marcos’ graduation at UP

Senatorial candidate and Ilocos Norte governor Imee Marcos has posted photos of her graduation at the University of the Philippines, amidst rumors that she has dubiously obtained her degree.

The three photos posted on her official Facebook page said they were taken in 1983, during her “graduation from the University of the Philippines’ College of Law.”

Gov Imee Marcos attended her 1983 graduation from the University of the Philippines College of Law. The ceremonies were…

Posted by Imee Marcos on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

“Gov. Imee Marcos attended her 1983 graduation from the University of the Philippines College of Law. The ceremonies were held at the Meralco Theater where her parents — former President Ferdinand E. Marcos and former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos — pinned her cum laude medal,” the caption read.

The University of the Philippines has already invalidated Marcos’ claims of graduating in an earlier report.

“The records kept by the University of the Philippines Diliman Registrar indicate that Ms Marcos took non-degree courses (courses without credit) in the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of the Philippines Diliman during academic year 1976-77. Thereafter she took courses under the Bachelor of Laws program at the UP College of Law from 1st semester 1979 to 2nd Semester 1983. There is no record of her graduation from UP [Diliman] nor any honors or academic distinctions received with the University Registrar’s office,” UP Executive Vice President Teodoro Herbosa said.

This is not the first time Marcos found herself in a controversy involving her academic records as her undergraduate studies at Princeton University was also questioned after a school spokesperson said she was never awarded a degree by the Ivy League school.

In 2015, her brother Bongbong Marcos also faced the same issue after he allegedly made false claims that he earned a degree from Oxford University, whereas he only got a “special diploma.”

Her posting of her graduation photos were further rebuked by a netizen who posted a copy of his 1983 UP Yearbook where the name of the daughter of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos was not listed in the College of Law section. She was not even found anywhere else of the Philippensian yearbook.

“Pathological liars disgust me. But there must be a special place in Dante’s Inferno for those who pretend to have graduated from my Alma mater, for whatever political mileage that may be gained,” wrote Angelo Bernardo Jr. in his Facebook post.

Pathological liars disgust me. But there must be a special place in Dante's Inferno for those who pretend to have…

Posted by Angelo A. Bernardo Jr. on Thursday, February 21, 2019

This was also echoed in a 2-year old Opinion article of Madrileña de la Cerna of Cebu Daily News where she recounted her story of graduating for her MA in Asian Studies in UP Diliman on June 18, 1983: “There was tension in the gym because of the rumors that the students (graduates and those attending) will stage a protest rally should Imee Marcos be included in the roster of graduates in the College of Law… It was a public knowledge during my stay in the campus that Imee could not graduate because she lacked 35 units. Many of her batchmates were my dormmates in the campus. In the first place, we learned that her admission to the college was questionable because she did not finish her undergraduate studies at Princeton but was admitted just the same with intense pressure on the administration (whose admission policies are very strict). Thanks to the very few good men and women at the UP College of Law led by the late Haydee Yorac, the integrity of the college remained intact by not letting her graduate.

However, a few days later, I was shocked to watch on TV the “graduation” of Imee Marcos as magna cum laude at the Meralco Theater with Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos putting on the hood and cap on Imee. I could not believe what I saw. The next day, the “graduation” picture was all over the front pages of the national newspapers.”

There may be two sides to every story, but Marcos remained questionable to both of them.

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UP Regent member threatens Ateneo athletes; School releases statement

UP Regent member threatens Ateneo athletes; School releases statement

  • A member of the UP Board of Regents posted a cryptic message on facebook that said three Ateneo basketball players will be injured.
  • The university has released a statement, saying that they “disassociate” themselves from the post of Farolan and they highly condemn violence.

A University of the Philippines (UP) official has been under fire for posting a confusing and alarming message that people saw as a threat to the basketball players of Ateneo.

It spread ahead of game two of the UAAP Season 81 basketball finals.

The member of UP Board of Regents, Spocky Farolan, posted the message on facebook a day after the Maroons lost to the Blue Eagles at game one. He hinted that Ateneo won’t have complete players at the next game as three players would be injured and it’s just up to the people to pick who those three are.

In a comment, Farolan said that a “composite strike team of all UP frats” should be made up as a “sign of solidarity”.

After Netizens have reacted negartively, he deleted his post and said that it was sarcastic and he added that violence, barbaric, machismo, stupid and ignorant.

UP Board of Regents’ statement.

On December 3, the UP Board of Regents released a statement and said that they “dissociate” themselves from the message of Farolan that “appeared to advocate the usage of violence” against Ateneo’s basketball players.

“Whatever his motives may have been, there is no excuse for sowing fear and confusion, especially at a time when the University’s attention should have been focused on the rising successes of its athletic program. We view with extreme disapproval and strongly condemn violence in any form.”

They also apologized to the officials, staff, and athletes of Ateneo, as well as the UP community who were affected by his status.

“Committed to a higher standard of accountability for its members, the Board hereby withdraws its recommendation for the reappointment of Regent Farolan to the Board of Regents. We enjoin Regent Farolan from making any such further statements which can compromise the reputation and the goodwill of the University,” they concluded.

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Ricci Rivero makes fun of athlete; coach calls out basketball player

Ricci Rivero makes fun of athlete; coach calls out basketball player

  • UP Coach called out Ricci Rivero for his Instagram saying that he made fun of a fellow UP athlete.
  • The now viral tweet has earned mixed reactions from netizens.

University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons basketball Ricci Rivero is on the hot seat after he was said to have made fun of an athlete training inside the UP Campus.

In his Instagram stories, he uploaded a text saying “iniwan ko na po siya kasi baka maunahan ako sa cr” before uploading a clip of a woman speed walking on the side of the street.

Image: Screengrab from Ricci Rivero’s Instagram story

The post has reached the woman’s coach and he took his disappointment to Twitter, saying that it’s a shame that Rivero had humiliated his fellow UP athlete and his post is not a good influence to all his followers.

Bilang coach ng batang nilait at pinag muka mong katatawanan sa publiko at bilang kapwa atleta mo na rin sa UP, nakaka hiya ka. Una sa lahat public humiliation yang ginawa mo. Hindi magandang impluwensya sa daang libo mong followers yang ginawa mo. @_ricciiirivero 

At kung gusto mong i discuss ko pa sayo ang biomechanics ng nilalait mong sport, gagawin ko para lang maintindihan mo na mahirap ang sport na yan at hindi ka lait lait!

Netizens had mixed reactions regarding the now viral tweets. This Twitter user said that Rivero’s attitude has changed ever since he started getting more recognition.

TinatangkiLik kc ng mga tao etong kumag na’to, kya Lumaki ang uLo! LumaLaking basura ang ugaLi.

The Diliman Files has explained that there’s nothing wrong with calling out someone if he did something wrong as it educates people that it’s never okay to make fun of other people.

Here’s the thing, we don’t make fun of people. Period. There’s also nothing wrong with calling out people’s mistakes in public especially if what they did has a public impact. It educates other people, and not only the one called out.

Idk why ang daming replies na pinagtatanggol si Ricci where in fact kitang kita naman that what he did was really disrespectful. If other people would do this, I bet the response would be different

Other netizens defended Rivero saying that the coach also humiliated him by posting the said tweet and not dealing with it privately.

at some point, sana kinausap mo na lang siya privately hindi yung binroadcast mo pa yung pagkakamali nung tao. di ko alam kung kanino ko mas mahihiya e 🤷🏻‍♀️ such a childish act 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ikaw na nagsabi, “kababawang post” pero pagdating sayo ginagawa mong big deal

The basketball player has posted an apology on his Instagram stories.

In case u guys are annoyed w my story yesterday about the walker (walkathon thing).. im not making fun of the sport and the athlete. My bad


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“Eat Bulaga” Scholar tops Civil Engineer Board Exams

“Eat Bulaga” Scholar tops Civil Engineer Board Exams

  • Eat Bulaga’s scholar, Jaydee Niere Lucero, topped the 2018 Civil Engineer licensure exams.
  • He thanked Eat Bulaga for supporting him and his studies for nine years.

Jaydee Niere Lucero, one of Eat Bulaga‘s scholars, topped the November 2018 Civil Engineer licensure examinations with a rating of 97.20 percent.

The student from University of the Philippines Diliman was among 6,262 examiners who passed the exams out of the 13,887 people who took it.

In a lengthy Facebook post, he thanked the noontime show for helping him with his studies for nine years.

“Sa Eat Bulaga, sa pagpapaaral ninyo sa akin (at sa aming mga EBEST scholars) for the past 9 years. Hindi ko marahil mararating ang tagumpay na ito kung hindi dahil sa inyo, thank you po!

“At sa lahat ng mga taong nagbibigay ng support at motivation sa akin (hindi ko na kayo mamemention lahat kasi marami kayo), maraming maraming salamat po!”

Lucero was followed by Norejun De Guzman Osial from Bicol University Legaspi with a rating of 96.50 percent.

The exam’s result were released four working days after the last day of the examination.

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Trigger warning: Drew Olivar draws flak after another controversy

Trigger warning: Drew Olivar draws flak after another controversy

  • Blogger Drew Olivar got slammed for urging students to commit suicide.
  • He stated that instead of doing rallies, students should just hang themselves.

After his pepedederalismo and sign language controversies with PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, and bomb threat scare on Facebook, blogger Andrew Olivar was slammed once again for another issue.

In a video that made rounds on Thursday, September 27, Olivar said that student rallyists should just kill and hang themselves at the University of the Philippines‘ Oblation, instead of holding protests.

“Mag-suicide kayo diyan sa school ninyo para mas okay, para mabawasan. Mag-(Oblation) kayo diyan, ‘yung statue ninyo. Magbigti kayo lahat doon para matapos na talaga.”

At the time of his video, President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to give the student protesters’ slot to bright enrollees from lumad or indigenous communities.

Mental Health advocates immediately slammed the blogger for his thoughtless comments about suicide and self harm.

Various groups have been working so hard to fight the stigma and promote responsible means of reporting mental health. Here you have the Pepederalismo dancer, bomb scare instigator, and PWD trivializer Drew Olivar rambling mindlessly about suicide/self-harm. [TRIGGER WARNING]

Another netizen proceeded on calling the blogger “lowlife” and the administration “pathetic.”


This lowlife perfectly represents this administration: crass, ignorant, insensitive, vindictive, foul-mouthed, politically incorrect, unprofessional, and just downright desperate.

But the saddest part? He’s at the forefront in the battle lines.

How pathetic can this admin get?

@iiamerns stated that they’ve been trying to spread Mental Health awareness but the blogger is doing them, and the administration, no help.

We’ve been helping to promote awareness on Mental Health and to break the stigma and here you are encouraging UP students to commit suicide? Anong tulong ang ginagawa mo para sa administrasyong ito, para sa masa at para sa bayan DREW OLIVAR?

Laurence Bien Laure asked what it would take to make Olivar responsible for what he has done.

What would it take to make Drew Olivar responsible for these kinds of insensitive remarks?

Ji Glenn Guerero felt sad for those trying so hard to promote the advocacy on social media.

It’s so sad to see that instead of using the platform to promote self love and to seek help, he wishes others to commit suicide and/or self harm.

One of these days karma will do its job and he will be made sure to reap what he has sown.
This is outrageous.

James Linga tweeted that the only reason that Olivar has the guts to say anything he wants is because he’s under the protection of the current administration.

With the protection of the administration to this bastard, he can easily say anything he wants to. Gahd. You don’t even know a thing about people’s sufferings yet you can say such words. Nakakaawa ka and nakakagalit at the same time.

this is from the FB live that this trash of a person did. Encouraging UP students to commit suicide. This person’s existence is just so wrong in every aspect. HOW FCKING DARE U WHEN WE’VE BEEN FIGHTING AGAINST SELF HARM IN LOVING MEMORY OF ALL THE FRIENDS WE’VE LOST.

Another netizen hashtagged #JailDrewOlivar.

When you’re trying to be positive today then you came across this piece of trash. Bullshit. #JailDrewOlivar

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