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UP EVP Teodoro Herbosa ‘jokes’ about rape in FB post; netizens call for resignation

UP Executive Vice President and IATF Special Advisor Teodoro Herbosa makes another social media booboo.

It looks like University of the Philippines (UP) Executive Vice President Teodoro Herbosa isn’t done with social media gaffes as eagle-eyed netizens presented receipts of a now-deleted Facebook post.

The joke is about a son asking a father about the difference between rape, romance, and marriage. Herbosa has defended it as a joke that’s not about rape.

According to Herbosa, people who think his joke is a “rape joke” are “schizophrenic.” “Please read it again for the second time… and if you think it is, you need a psychiatrist,” said Herbosa.

Netizens, however, are not buying it, calling for the UP EVP’s resignation.

The best one, by far, is this series of tweets from columnist Tonyo Cruz.

He pointed out how the UP EVP and IATF special adviser isn’t exempt from Republic Act No. 6713, or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees. “However brilliant or indispensable he may consider himself to be, he is duty-bound to obey this law,” says Cruz.

UP, in its charter, is deemed autonomous, though most UP officials do at least abide by RA 6713.

Cruz also pointed out how Herbosa’s version of a “non-rape joke” “negates UP’s efforts towards making the university a safe place for women.” He also said Herbosa’s cavalier attitude towards rape may send a signal to other top officials that it’s okay to make rape jokes—something that President Rodrigo Duterte used to do on a regular basis.

Herbosa first gained wide public criticism after tweeting a link to an article from a source that was questionable at best.

He would later delete the tweet and restrict non-followers from seeing his tweets. He also previously shared a dubious set of infographics about COVID-19 which would later be debunked by the Department of Health. He would later delete the set of infographics..

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