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Depression overruled Mark Joseph Ubalde’s life, a video reveals his fight with Depression

Depression overruled Mark Joseph Ubalde’s life, a video reveals his fight with Depression

  • Ubalde’s body was found lifeless in the bathroom after someone had asked the hotel guest service center to check on him because he’s not answering his phone call.
  • With all his achievements in life, he has mastered the art of  pretending.
  • The video talked about his struggles with depression. 

“How are you? Honestly, tell me how are you?” a simple question that could save somebody’s life who is struggling with depression.

On Monday, April 1, it was not an April Fools’ Day prank that shocked every one, but it was the sudden death of Mark Joseph Ubalde, a broadcast journalist and The Manila Times columnist.

A 33-year-old journalist was found dead in his hotel room at the Shangri-La at The Fort in Bonifacio Global City (BCG) in Taguig City at 5:30 p.m and was confirmed by his sister Shyrl Ann on a Facebook post.

According to the BCG Police, Ubalde’s body was found lifeless in the bathroom after someone had asked the hotel guest service center to check on him because he’s not answering his phone call. Right at the moment, the Shangri-La’s in-house physician declared him dead.

Ubalde had finished his degree in journalism at the University of the Philippines in 2007 and after three years, he earned his Certificate in Online and Multimedia Journalism from the International Institute for Journalism in Berlin Germany.

My depression.

Posted by The Digital Nomad on Sunday, March 31, 2019

In 2009, he started his career in journalism for GMA News as s senior news producer and on the same year he was awarded for his report on absentee mothers called “When Mom is Away, the Family goes Astray.”

After two years he transferred to TV5 as multimedia Reporter for and won Best Online Report at the Migration Advocacy Media Awards for his report on “Highlights and Lowlights: 38 years of Pinoy Abroad.”

Then in 2013, he became a content manager for and managed the pioneering team of N5E, as the new site generated over 48 million unique visitors in 2014.

Using his social media expertise, he later worked as a consultant to the Asian Development Bank, the Presidential Communications Operations Office and in the Department of Information and Technology. Ubalde also helped in creating the National Government portal’s communication strategy and spearheaded the revamp of the website.

Last year, Ubalde started writing his column, “The Digital Nomad” for the Business Times and later, the Sunday Business and IT sections of The Sunday Times that would discuss on many relevant issues like how business can find benefit from social media, searching for ideal social media influencer and finding ways on how to fight fake news on the Internet.

With all these achievements in life, seeing Ubalde as an efficient and very competent person he has mastered the art of pretending (to be fine).

After his death, “The Digital Nomad” had posted his video titled “My Depression”.

This talked about his struggles with depression as he was clinically diagnosed by a psychologist after not able to sleep for two months straight in 2016.

On his half an hour video, he advised those who are undergoing depression to seek out for professional help and don’t self-medicate.

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He also traces back his experience that might have become the root cause of his depression.

Ubalde knew that there is a lingering sadness in him even when he was om high school or as early as grade six. It started when he thought how to survive without his grandmother.

“It started when you were thinking na parang I don’t know how to survive pag nawala yung lola ko and I was in grade 6 then. I would always check up on her and I sleep over sa bahay sa Fairview, I would always went to her and make sure she’s breathing.”

When he was in his sixth grade, he remembered having an experience of anxiety attacks thinking of what he would be.

“I was in grade 6 na naiisip ko na hindi ako pwedeng maging jobless, hindi ako pwedeng ito lang trabaho ko.”

At his young age and being academically gifted, he had to maintain his grades and extra-curricular activities which he thought have also contributed to so much pressure on his part.

Ubalde is also known for Seph wanted to show in his video that “people who are depressed don’t necessarily fall into a box” as always sad or non-functioning individuals who don’t want out of the bed for the entire day but for him, depression has another face.

He admitted that he is a functioning depressed person. Thinking that he has a very jolly out-looking life, who would always smile, having good friends, had laughed a lot and make other people laugh a lot, seeing him as very well composed and confident person but when he’s alone depression comes in.

“Outside you can see that I’m very well composed and confident but deep inside when you’re by yourself and your all alone, that when the façade crumbles, that’s when you have to grapple with your demons or monsters all throughout.”

What could a depressed person need?

Seph made this video to inform that a depressed person like him needs support system from friends, relatives, loved ones, workmates to keep them going as he specifically discussed it what kind of help a depressed person needs.

When you say it, you mean it.

Seph would have wanted friends who would ask simple questions like “kamusta ka na?”, “how are you?”,  “what have you been up to?” as they take that seriously but the person or a friend must mean it .

“I stood out with my friends before that you have to really mean when we say “how are you?” hindi yung parang nakita mo siya after a while and say kamusta ka na? It has the same level as “ Uy! kumain ka na? or Uy! kain tayo! It just a gesture, it’s empty but when we start asking and if you know this person is depressed like me, you really have to mean it.”

He also said that friends don’t have to say anything, what is more important, is to wait for a sincere answer from them or answer more beyond usual conversation, friends who are genuinely check-up on you and would really ask you, how are you?

“I wish I have more friends who really mean it when bumped into them and tell me “uy kamusta ka na?” that would really be pressed on saying “ totoo, kamusta ka na?”

Depressed people like him would feel that their alone but having more friend who would press them to tell their true feelings could have helped them to open up their problems and would not keep it within their self.

“Asked someone genuinely how are they doing and don’t escape with the answer of I’m fine. I’m fine is the idlest words among depressed people, because it’s a mask “I’m fine” A depressed person is never fine”

Friend, lend me your ears.

Seph would also want friends who have the patience to listen as he was fortunate enough to find one named “Ricky” who would always be there when he had his depression attacks.

“I wish I have friends like him, friends I can call at midnight when the fangs of depression are attacking. “
The common response that we hear advising or comforting a depressed person could be the worst things for them hear

.“The worst thing that a friend would say to a depressed person na saying parang “oh I feel bad and the friend would say oh.. wala yan ako nga ganito ang napagdaanan ko or friend magdasal ka lang kaya mo yan or the worst yung ikaw naman kasi eto yung ginagawa kung eto na lang yung ginawa mo..”

As a depressed person, he would advise that it is important to lend an ear and never compare your friends’ pain to your own pain because both of you living different lives and your experiences were different. Seph also said to stop downplaying depression as a mere face especially for those who are clinically or diagnosed as a depressed person.

“It’s a process, it is not something na ginagawa lang excuse… No! It’s not!

“When people look at me they won’t say that I’m depressed. There are moments that I look sad but I can bounce back… I mean mabilis I’m a master at pretending, even the way I look it, and it doesn’t manifest what I’m going through.”

All he ever wanted was a friend who would listen and acknowledge their pain that it is legitimate and not imaginary, more friends who don’t disappoint him, who would not leave. He also tries his best to reconnect to people who had been part of his life but because of the distance, he can’t easily get connected with them.

He also had wished to have a sensitive friend who would know that he was only pretending to be fine.

“I wished I have friends who could see clearly that I’m just pretending to be fine because it is difficult to know but you feel it, a good friend would feel it, a good friend would know that someone is faking it and who’ s genuinely experience it”

Support from my family.

In times of trouble, one’s family would always be there or is expected to help a person suffering with depression but for Seph, he not with him.

“I wished I had a support system in my family, that willing to talked about mental health issues and not mere dismissing it as “mapahinga ka kasi” or “magsimba ka kasi lagi” coz I come from a very religious family.” he said.

“I would always the tell them that “ang tao na nasa garage ay hindi nagging kotse at ang taong laging nasa simbahan ay hindi nagiging santo” it not about the structure , it’s about personal relationship with God whoever maybe in your life and I don’t appreciate relative would say “may pinagdadaanan lang siya.”

A Supportive Partner.

Seph recently been out of a relationship and had also wished to have a partner who would understand that he is undergoing depression and would not leave or would have stick with him for a while. For it does not define who he is, it a part of that he is trying to manage, overcome and understand.

“I wish I could find someone who could understand because after all, people who are suffering from mental health issues are just wanting of people who would understand them”

A desire society for a depressed person.

He wanted people who would not treat it as a “Fad” but who would turn this mental health issue as an opportunity for a business.

“I have met someone who claims to be an advocate for the mental health issue, according to him who is not undergoing any mental health issue at all but who wants to profit from it by creating this mental health institution.

“He wants mental health solutions or therapy to be retailed but mental health is not a clothing store or you could pass it as a commodity.”

Depressed person are not weak. They are the strongest people I know.

“People who are undergoing depression were so ashamed of themselves maybe it is because they look normal but don’t act normally,” he said.

He felt so sad when he sees people who took their own life it’s because pain becomes unbearable that death seems to be a lesser pain. Knowing depression he would say that “We’re not weak, we are strong” and every day is a struggle.

“If I told my story when I was I kid, everything underwent, you wouldn’t have survived.”

His final message to all who are depressed is to fight it as he also pleaded not to judge a depressed person who has given up on living.

“For people who are depressed or undergoing any mental health issue “fight” not everyone as brave as we are. Fight the when it seems like every day is a struggle and you’re not winning anything “fight” not just for your family, not just for your friends, “fight” for yourself. And for those who have decided not to fight anymore “please don’t judge them, you don’t know what they been through. Hope to see you and just be kind to one another be understanding of each other’s struggles. See you on the other side.”

His words should not be taken for granted, for he himself has experienced how hard fighting depression is. This might help us to save somebody’s life because only a few have survived and most of them have given up.

Behind Mark Joseph Ubalde’s success, his depression have overruled him, hid life.

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GMA News TV to convert into a Digital Platform?

GMA News TV to convert into a Digital Platform?

  • GMA News TV to become a digital channel.
  • The Kapuso network is also planning to release a DTT device next year. 

GMA Network Incorporated is set to convert GMA News TV into a digital channel by next year.

It started 13 years ago as QTV, which was primarily featured international dramas and lifestyle programs that aimed towards women. It has become a part of the partnership between GMA Network and religious broadcaster, ZOE Broadcasting Network.

On March 18, 2007, QTV introduced a new logo which brands the network simply as Q.

It was discontinued in February 2011 in preparation for the launch of GMA News TV. Its programming now consists of news, public affairs and sports programming produced by GMA News and Public Affairs. Entertainment, lifestyle, cooking shows, talk shows, local and foreign dramas, travel, and foreign animated series were part of the lineup as well.

As soon as the network is turned into a digital channel, it is said that a big part of the news programs, produced by GMA News TV will transfer to online platforms.

As all analog channels will be switched off by 2023, channels are starting to convert to the digital platform, which includes ABS-CBN, GMA Network, UNTV, PTV, TV5, CNN Philippines, and Light Network, among others.

GMA Digital TV Device.

It has been going around that the Kapuso network is planning to release their own Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) device sometime next year. The said DTT is currently under “final testing” and is targeted to be launched at the first quarter of 2019.

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BIG JUMP! 25 Kapuso Artists Who Transferred to ABS-CBN

BIG JUMP! 25 Kapuso Artists Who Transferred to ABS-CBN

  • There has been a number of artists that moved from GMA Network to ABS-CBN.
  • DailyPedia listed down some of the current Kapamilya stars who were once Kapuso.

Regine Valesquez’s recent signing with ABS-CBN is one of the most talked about topics this week.

After a month of staying mum about her network transfer, she has been emotional as soon as she stepped inside the premises of the Kapamilya network.

She’s not the only icon that moved from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN. Her husband, Ogie Alcasid, has also transferred, along with others like Janno Gibbs, Jaya and Lani Misalucha.

Here’s the growing list of former Kapuso artists that decided to switch networks in the past:

Richard Guttierez

After being in GMA-7 for more than a decade, Richard officially became a Kapamilya a little more than a year ago. He became a part of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo‘s fantasy series La Luna Sangre. He is also set to star in a movie with Angel Locsin and Angelica Panganiban.

Louise delos Reyes

Prior to transferring to ABS-CBN, she had numerous appearances in GMA-7’s TV shows. When she moved to ABS-CBN, her first project was becoming a part of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as SPO3 Katrina Velasco.

Angel Locsin

Considered as GMA’s former primetime star, Angel shocked everyone with her decision to change her home network. She has starred in Star Cinema films such as One More Try, Everything About Her, and The Third Party. She has also led the primetime hit The Legal Wife and became one of the judges for Pilipinas Got Talent. She has renewed her contract with ABS-CBN in 2015 and has made an appearance in La Luna Sangre.

She will star in the network’s upcoming series, The General’s Daughter.

Isabelle Daza

Isabelle has been a Kapuso for three years before signing up with ABS-CBN in November 2014. Her first project as a Kapamilya is the upcoming series Nathaniel.

Iza Calzado

After 10 years with GMA-7, she transferred to its rival network in 2012.

She expressed her thankfulness to her previous company and why she made the decision to move to ABS-CBN. “I’m grateful for all my years with [GMA-7], but [my father] was the one with me in wanting new things for me and my career. He wanted me to spread my wings and fly.”

Jake Cuenca

More than a decade ago, Jake has moved from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN. He has been cast in numerous dramas like Maria Mercedes, Rubi, and Palos, wherein he played the main lead, and Ikaw Lamang and Tayong Dalawa as the antagonist.

Cristine Reyes

Not everyone knows that Cristine’s entry to showbiz has been with GMA-7’s artista search program, Starstruck.

She transferred networks 10 years ago and has top-billed several projects such as Eva Fonda, Kristine, Reputasyon, Tubig at Langis, and I Can Do That.

Paulo Avelino

Paulo has been with GMA-7 for five years before becoming a Kapamilya. He has served as the male lead in shows such as The Promise of Forever, Honesto, Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon, Kahit Konting Pagtingin, and Bridges of Love.

JC de Vera

JC has stayed as a Kapuso for six years then transferred to TV5. He finally became a Kapamilya in 2014 and played a role in The Legal Wife and Moon of Desire.

Ellen Adarna

Ellen signed with ABS-CBN last 2013. She admitted that her transfer to the network made a huge impact regarding the recognition she got.

“When I was with the other network, ‘What are you doing now? What are your shows?’ ‘Uh, I’m a part of this show.’ ‘Ay, nandoon ka pala!’ Ibe yung audience ng ABS-CBN talaga. Iba yung impact.”

Toni Gonzaga

Toni has hosted in GMA-7 for seven years until 2005. She continued her career with ABS-CBN, venturing to acting and music. She has released six albums under Star Records and has starred in 11 Star Cinema films.

She has also continued hosting with The Buzz, Pinoy Big Brother, and The Voice of the Philippines.

Elmo Magalona

His first project with the Kapamilya network was the TV series Born for You, wherein he was paired with Janella Salvador for the first time.

Maxene Magalona

Just like her brother, Maxene was also a Kapuso turned Kapamilya, however, she actually started off in ABS-CBN in 1992 with Ang TV. She was then identified with GMA-7 for nine years before signing up with ABS-CBN in 2016.


Karylle has co-hosted GMA-7’s SOP for seven years. She is currently in It’s Showtime.

Anne Curtis

Anne was a Kapuso until 2003. She has lead Kapamilya shows such as Kampanerang Kuba, Maging Sino Ka Man, Dyosa, Green Rose, Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw, and Dyesebel.

She can be seen regularly in noontime show It’s Showtime.

Liza Soberano

Liza has previously admitted that she “didn’t feel at home” in GMA-7, wherein she became an artist for only a week. She added that as ABS-CBN’s the one she always watches, it’s really where she wanted to work in the first place.


After winning Pinoy Pop Superstar, Jona has been one of GMA-7’s most promising singers. She then joined the trio La Diva.

She made a shocking transfer to ABS-CBN in 2017, saying that the network gave her more trust and has promised her a line-up of projects.

Yassi Pressman

Yassi has spent almost a decade with GMA-7 and TV5 before making her way to ABS-CBN. She has become a household name after appearing in Pinoy Big Brother and becoming a part of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Jay R

Jay R spent the first decade of his career as a Kapuso artist. In 2015, he opened a new chapter of his life with ABS-CBN when he appeared as a contestant in Your Face Sounds Familiar.


Jaya decided to leave GMA-7 after she concluded her final project with the network, Poor Señorita. Her appearance in It’s Showtime in 2016 marked as her surprising decision to switch networks.

Ogie Alcasid

After being out of the limelight when he left GMA-7, Ogie has been with TV5 for a while before returning to ABS-CBN, where he did a few shows in the 90s.

He became a judge of Tawag ng Tanghalan and talent show Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.


Kyla stayed as a Kapuso for 15 years before she moved to ABS-CBN.

Aljur Abrenica

Aljur was a GMA-7 artist for nearly a decade before deciding to be a Kapamilya. Only six months after his move to ABS-CBN, he already top-billed his own series Asintado.

He has also appeared as a guest in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Janno Gibbs

Needing some freshening up, Janno made a switch and signed with Star Music, wherein he’s currently promoting his latest single, Feeling JKL. He has also appeared in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and other ABS-CBN shows.

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith explains why she chose GMA Network over ABS-CBN

Jasmine Curtis-Smith explains why she chose GMA Network over ABS-CBN

  • Jasmine Curtis-Smith talks about her network transfer.
  • She said that she has heard good things from GMA artists which solidified her decision to be a certified Kapuso.

In an exclusive interview with, Jasmine Curtis-Smith revealed the reason why she chose to be with the Kapuso network instead of going to ABS-CBN where her sister is currently working for.

On April 17, 2018, the 24-year-old star signed a two-year contract with GMA Network. This came about after being with TV5 for five years.

She stated that she got to know more about her current network after working with Tom Rodriguez for Maledicto.

“Paano ba ang network? Paano ba ako makikihalubilo diyan?

“Siyempre, may culture na papasukan ko. At least, nakapag-research ako through Tom.”

Jasmine shared that she learned all the good things from not just Tom, but also Lauren Young, who told her more about the Kapuso culture.

“Good lahat. Nag-research rin ako through Lauren Young. Tinanong ko rin siya kasi matagal na rin since lumipat siya from her previous network.

“Gusto ko rin malaman kung ano yung culture na na-experience niya. Isa na rin siya ang nag-kuwento sa kung paano.”

Now that she has signed up with GMA, Jasmine said that things are so far running smoothly.

“True enough, mababait ang mga tao, very accommodating, wala pa naman akong na-encounter to feel worried about…I hope wala naman.

“Trabaho lang naman ‘yan. Network lang naman ‘yan. Kumbaga, ang real work ay yung nasa taping na kami. Kapag nagpo-promo na kami.”

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“Walang breeding at mababaw?” Jay Sonza names “bastos na reporters”

“Walang breeding at mababaw?” Jay Sonza names “bastos na reporters”

  • Jay Sonza states his opinion about current journalists in the ‘big 3’ television networks
  • Netizens react to his bold statement

Veteran newscaster and talk show host Jay Sonza names reporters who have “no ethics” and “no depth”.

In a Facebook post, the newscaster a handful of journalists whom he considers shallow and disrespectful.

Among these are GMA Network newscasters like Joseph Morong, Kara David, Joel Zobel, and Arnold ClavioABS-CBN newscasters like Alvin Elchico, Zen Hernandez, Karen Davila, and one other host at ANC; TV5‘s Ed Lingao, Lourd de Veyra, and one other newscaster.

“SAD NOTE. Karamihan ng mga bagong sibol na mga reporter/anchor sa radyo at telebisyon ngayon ay walang mga modo (walay batasan/ala lang asin), bastos at may pinag-aralang nasabi pero walang breeding at mababaw o walang depth o hindi aral sa mga isyu.

illustrative examples (i.e.): JOSEPH MORONG/kara david/joel zobel/arnold clavio (gma); ALVIN ELCHICO/zen hernandez/KAREN DAVILA at isa pang lady host sa anc (abs-cbn); ed lingao/LOURD DE VERA/isang hindi kilalang news reader na babae (tv5); at marami pang iba”

Netizens react to Sonza’s bold statement.

“Totoo po lahat yan sir Jay
Naaalala ko parati ko pinapanood ang Mel And Jay pero ngayon wala ng kwenta ang mga balita. Kaya i stopped watching news”

“Oy ngayon nyo lang ba nahalata sir jay eh ng umupo si digong d n sila nagla undagaga sa kakahanap ng mali ni digong para headline nila si kara ano pat naging anak sya ni randy david idagdag pa natin si winnie monsod bawal daw ang pasaway pero numero unong pasaway ang matandang lente nya”

“tingin ko dapat may gawin ang station mismo dito. sila ang dapat dumisiplina sa mga empleyado nilang lumalabag sa code of ethics, kung meron pa nga ba sa news media.”

Jay Sonza is currently the station manager of the terrestrial television station UNTV 37.

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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte attacks ABS-CBN for violating anticontractualization laws; Media group adds GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5, PTV

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte attacks ABS-CBN for violating anticontractualization laws; Media group adds GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5, PTV

  • President Rodrigo Duterte slams ABS-CBN regarding said violation of anticontractualization laws
  • Buhay Media Facebook page reacts: “hindi lang po ABS-CBN ang may illegal contractualization.”

President Rodrigo Duterte once again reprimanded ABS-CBN for allegedly engaging in contractualization and claiming some employees do not have job security despite working for the network for 10 years or more.

In a speech in Cebu last June 7, he stated “ [ABS-CBN] keeps on criticizing contractualization but their workers are all talent fee based. In some cases, it lasts as long as 10 years,

They keep on criticizing but they are apparently number one in doing it. But what can they criticize about me? Not my signature, not in a million years,”

On the other hand, Buhay Media, a Facebook page made by a group of media practitioners, responded that the illegal contractualization doesn’t only happen in the said network, but others as well such as GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5, and even PTV, which is a government owend television network.

“Mr. President, hindi lang po ABS-CBN ang may illegal contractualization. Pati GMA Network, CNN Philippines, TV5– maski PTV.

‘Yung iba diyan iniba lang ang tawag. From “talents” ginawang “project employees” to make it sound that they are employees when in fact, they are not.

#BuhayMedia #EndContractualization”

Aside from not having job security, among the benefits that “talents” do not enjoy are health insurance coverage and 13th month pay.

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ESPN is finally back on Philippine TV with TV5 partnership

ESPN is finally back on Philippine TV with TV5 partnership

  • ESPN is back in the Philippines
  • TV5 proudly brings ESPN back on Philippine TV

Shout out to all Sports fans out there, the ‘Worldwide Leader in Sports’ returns to Philippine TV in a partnership with TV 5.

Yes, ESPN is back!

TV5 President Chot Reyes is ecstatic to announce the official return of the sports media giant ESPN to the Philippines in a partnership with the local TV station. Dubbed as ESPN-5, TV5 and ESPN eyes for the bigger heights.

In a short but sweet introduction he gave in the recent launch, Coach Chot said,

“Our belief has always been that the Filipino audience deserves the world’s best in sports programming and this drives us to be better in what we do,” he said in a presentation. “By competing in sports, it gives us the chance against the giants in our business. There is no way we can compete with them in other fields. But in sports, we have a chance to be called #1,” he pointed out.

This is the mere fact why they are really proud to announce that TV5 found the way to bring back ESPN to the Philippines.

Future programs

Live games from leagues such as PBA and the NFL will be expected to be in the ESPN-5 block, also the locally-produced edition of the ESPN flagship program Sports Center which everyone is really excited about.

Through this ‘alliance’, ESPN, on the other hand, believes that quality sports coverage will finally be produced in the country. They will invade all platforms of social media, from TV to web to mobile, pretty much everything. It is, indeed, a 360-degree experience 24/7.

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TV5 investigates alleged involvement of Erwin Tulfo in a fund scam

TV5 investigates alleged involvement of Erwin Tulfo in a fund scam


“TV5 stands by the statement of Mr. Tulfo, but will conduct its own internal inquiry into the matter,” the network has released a statement regarding this issue.


TV 5 investigates Erwin Tulfo
Erwin Tulfo! One of the bravest broadcasters | Photo from TV 5

Erwin Tulfo, a prized broadcaster of TV 5, was allegedly involved in a developing Priority Development Assistance Fund scam!

The network would now investigate the matter, despite standing with Tulfo’s denial to the matter.

According to a report from Philippine Daily Inquirer, Tulfo received a disguised payoffs of “advertising expenses”. The payoffs were said to be coursed through the state-owned National Agribusiness Corporation.

TV 5 investigates Erwin Tulfo
He is a part of the famous Tulfo Brothers!

However, the broadcaster denied the involvement. Also, in a statement, the network vowed to look into this matter, and will be fair with their investigation.

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Here are seven reasons to love TV5’s online show ‘Kwentong Barbero’

Here are seven reasons to love TV5’s online show ‘Kwentong Barbero’


Do you miss being told stories that only our Filipino barbers can tell? If that’s the case, then TV5 Originals’ new online series Kwentong Barbero is now ready to entertain you and everyone else.

A TV5 Original: Kwentong Barbero. (Facebook)

Airing online for some time now, Kwentong Barbero is an original from TV5 directed by Kevin Santos. The show features an everyman’s opinion of everyday topics.

Here are seven things to love about this new online show:

1. The ‘barbero-with-a-mouth’

Starring Eric Joy Galang as Ponso, our “barbero-with-a-mouth” represents wise-cracking barbers from all over the town. And what a mouth he has on him. Listen to him talk throughout  the entirety of the show.

Eric Joy Galang as Ponso, the wisecracking barbero. (Facebook)

2. The barrage of puns and wit

Ponso has a big mouth, but what he says makes sense. When he talks, he don’t just blabber gibberish. He’s actually a wise-cracking man who can be just like your ordinary ‘barbero’.

(Kwentong Barbero Facebook page)

3. ‘Hugot’ insights from social issues

Aside from his humorous speech, Ponso not only tackles current social issues, but also from the past with matching ‘hugot’.

4. That inside-the-‘barberya’ feel

Not only does the show offer a barrage of puns and witticisms from an everyman who represents all the barbers, it does so in the setting of a usual barber shop.

5. It’s a webisode

Kwentong Barbero is a first in the Philippines along with all the webisodes that TV5 have produced. Kwentong Barbero’s episodes can actually be accessed online anywhere, anytime. It just requires an internet connection.

6. Escape-worthy running time of 3-minutes or less

Regular shows or sitcoms on television sometimes get prolonged with commercials. This web series does away with that with a running time of only about three-minutes or less.

7. The relatable everyday talk

Here’s a little truth from Kwentong Barbero: Everyone can relate to the conventional topics in each of the episodes from the barber shop of Ponso. From Pinoy culture to Philippine politics to even pop culture, Ponso always has something to share.

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What Went Wrong With Jen Calimon’s “Escolta Fire” Selfie?

What Went Wrong With Jen Calimon’s “Escolta Fire” Selfie?


With the great impact social networking sites have to its users, it is a must to always think twice before you post any status or photos specially when you are a public figure.

News Correspondent Jen Calimon of TV 5 got bashed on Social Media for posting a selfie on Facebook celebrating her scoop for the day which was a fire in Escolta, Manila.

In her post was the caption, “Uuwing masaya after three live reports. Salamat mga kaibigan sa MPD sa pagkumbinsing may ilalaang mas magandang story si Lord. I love my beat!!” (Going home happy after three live reports. Thanks to my friends at MPD for convincing me that God will grant a better story.)

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

Moments after Jen’s selfie was posted on Facebook, hundreds of comments flooded bashing the correspondent with sarcasm and criticizing her post for her lack of sensitivity.



Others even shared the reporter’s selfie with negative captions:



One of the comments even said that the selfie of tragic incident was just treated as “an experience or souvenir”.


But, did the netizens just really overreacted over Jen’s “Escolta Fire” selfie?

In 2013, as reported in the Huffington Post, after the Typhoon Yolanda incident, policemen assigned during relief operations were banned from posting selfies with the typhoon stricken areas as their background. Lina Sarmiento, head of the community relations was quoted saying, “I think that’s (selfies) being insensitive. People there are suffering from the effects of the typhoon, losing home and loved ones, yet here they are posing for pictures as if it is something enjoyable.”

Although we may understand Jen’s excitement for being able to get the scoop and posting it to maybe share with the public her so-called “God-sent” story, The US Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics states the following:

Be sensitive when seeking or using interviews or photographs of those affected by tragedy or grief.

The place of the incident was actually just an abandoned building, there were no casualties but one of the firemen was badly hurt, but we leave our readers with another quote from The US Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics:

Recognize that gathering and reporting information may cause harm or discomfort. Pursuit of the news is not a license for arrogance.

Lastly, we leave you this statement from the The Philippine Journalist’s Code of Ethics:

I shall conduct myself in public or while performing my duties as journalist in such
manner as to maintain the dignity of my profession.

What Went Wrong With Jen Calimon’s “Escolta Fire” Selfie? An uncalled-for selfie? An inappropriate caption? Or was it just a misinterpretation? We’ve already stated the facts.

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