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Netizens have been hooked with ‘Sahaya’ as a one-of-a-kind teleserye

Netizens have been hooked with ‘Sahaya’ as a one-of-a-kind teleserye

  • Sahaya is a one-of-a-kind epic drama that showcases the rich culture of Sama-Bajau
  • The drama had resurfaced the real-life scenarios of indigenous people (IP) and how they are treated in most places
  • Netizens have been hooked with Sahaya because it has been very entertaining, culture-based, tackles current issues, and gives netizens an awareness of the life of a true Badjao

“Sahaya” is GMA Network’s newest teleserye that had been talked about in social media. This is a one-of-a-kind epic drama that showcases the rich culture of Sama-Bajau.

Many had been hooked with this drama series by posting their insights, as they were able to relate to the story.

Positive comments about Sahaya have been spread on Twitter, especially on a recent episode where Sahaya fought her position as class valedictorian. The drama had resurfaced the real-life scenarios of indigenous people (IP) and how they were treated in most places, and in being taken for granted because of their ethnicity.

The main cast of the drama series “Sahaya” are Bianca Umali as Sahaya and Miguel TanFelix as Akmad. The tandem never fails to bring out the immense feeling of viewers with their acting skills, as they make them feel in love with the character and the story itself.

Besides having such talented main and supporting cast, who portrays their characters excellently, the epic drama also showcases important current issues that had been appreciated by netizens.

The netizens also appreciated the quality of the teleserye which includes the cinematography, as well as the coverage of the story which makes it so realistic with every scenario. They also acknowledged the creativity of the directors and writers hard work.

To sum it up, netizens had been hooked with Sahaya because it has been very entertaining, is culture-based, tackles current issues, and gives netizens an awareness of the life of a true Badjao.

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Suzette Doctolero explains why Mistress-centered series continue to thrive in Philippine TV

Suzette Doctolero explains why Mistress-centered series continue to thrive in Philippine TV

  • Suzette Doctolero explained why there are a lot of “kabitan” shows
  • Suzette recalls how she started conceptualizing  ‘My Husband’s Lover’
  • Suzette Doctolero guested in a scriptwriting lesson vlog on YouTube by GMA Network’s creative manager RJ Nuevas

When you think about Philippine drama, you think about “kabit” or the third party in a relationship. Suzette Doctolero, a Filipino screenwriter for film and television, guested in the scriptwriting lesson vlog on YouTube by GMA Network’s creative manager RJ Nuevas, about how she started ‘My Husband’s Lover.’

Suzette Doctolero jested on how cliche the genre was by saying, “Sa totoo lang, kung bakit maraming kabitan-serye kasi nagre-rate siya, pinapanuod niyo kasi! Tapos magrereklamo kayo!”

‘My Husband’s Lover,’ a project by Suzette, was discussed on the said YouTube vlog. Attention-grabbing, the show is the first gay-themed drama in Philippine television. It tells the story of a wife discovering her seemingly perfect husband having a male lover. It aired in 2013 and featured talented stars Carla Abellana as Lally, Tom Rodriguez as Vincent, and Dennis Trillo as Eric.

GMA Network’s creative manager RJ Nuevas also discussed with Suzette how she came up with the idea. She said while she was in a drama pitching summit with other GMA Network writers, it just came to her. She also recalled how her pitch went.

“Nag iisip ako ng… kinukulit ko si Sir Roy. Kinukulit ko siya, sabi ko, kasi wala ako actually pitch, kaya lang at that time na nagpipitch yung maraming writers, pumasok na lang, kaya ang ibinigay ko lang title, e, di ba? Sir Roy, may ipi-pitch ako na concept sa ‘yo sa panghapon. Bagong bihis ng kabitan. Kasi laging nagrerate ang… sa totoo lang kung bakit maraming kabitan serye kasi nagrerate siya, pinapanuod niyo kasi! Tapos magrereklamo kayo,” she jested.”

Suzette continued her story, “Pero natatakot ako kay Jun Lana kasi wala ako sa listahan, doon ko lang naisip at that time. So noong nailagay ako sa listahan nang magpipitch, ang kwento ko lang, may isang babae na perfect siya, tapos may asawa siya, perpekto rin akala niya, and then kinukutuban siya na may kabit. So noong nailagay ako sa listahan nang magpipitch, ang kwento ko lang, may isang babae na perfect siya, tapos may asawa siya, perpekto rin akala niya, and then kinukutuban siya na may kabit. Sinundan-sundan niya, tapos pagdating niya sa Room 1710, pagbukas niya ng pinto, natuklasan niya na may kabit nga pero hindi babae, lalaki. Yun ang pinaka premise niya, at kung paano siya binuo, nilagyan ng kaluluwa siyempre ang kwento.”

Suzette wanted to give soul to the show by also adding an educational element, by teaching people that there are other genders. “Doon ko ipinaliwanag na hindi lang babae o lalaki, meron pang ibang gender. So crineate siya, ang My Husband’s Lover, para maipaliwanag ang boses.”

Given the show’s provocative theme, it was unavoidable that some people felt uncomfortable that such show was aired on prime time. Suzette also shared how she felt on the show’s unprecedented popularity.

“Hindi ko siya masyadong na-enjoy kasi halos araw araw may nagrereklamo sa MTRCB! May ultra conservative religious ek ek chu chu na sulat ng sulat at gustong putulin kami sa ere. So halos araw-araw din, nagpupunta kami sa MTRCB para magpa-approve ng episode, lalo na may mga episode kasi doon na sensitibo. For example, yung nag-out si Vincent sa kanyang mga anak, mga bata yung involved so sensitive yung mga ganung topic. So wala kaming ginawa kundi magpaliwanag ng magpaliwanag at magdepensa.”

But even if she’s faced with harsh criticism from religious individuals and such, she is still proud of her work. “Kapag mago-grocery ako, maririnig ko yung mga sales staff ng grocery na nag-uusap-usap na, ‘Huy, napanood niyo yung episode kagabi? Si Lally ganyan ganyan. Nakakatuwa naman na pinag-uusapan nila yung soap ko.”

RJ also added on how he felt the success of the show affected him even though he was not the creator, then transitioned to asking if she also experienced such things. “Oo! Diyos ko, di ba nga naaway pa nga ako, hindi ko po show yun, bakit ako inaaway!”

The most recent experience Suzette had was when a medical practitioner pointed out a medical error in ‘Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko,’ and tagged her on Twitter.

And then they ended the talk on a good note of how well the show was received and how different it represented the LGBT community. Suzette said, “Masaya rin siya in a way, because I think, siya yung unang gay-themed series. At that time, ito yung series na ang bida, or dalawa sa bida ay bading.”

RJ then added, “Dati, isa rin sa nirereklamo ang representation ng bading sa teleserye na laging comedy, laging best friend, tagapagbigay lang ng katatawanan. Up to now naman, ginagawa yun. Kaya rin siguro nag hit ang My Husband’s Lover because of the representation ng mga bading.”

What are your thoughts on the “kabitan” cliche that is rampant on Philippine television? Please write your opinions in the comment box down below and please leave a like and share.

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Suzette Doctolero reacts to wrongfully executed medical scene in ‘My Special Tatay’

Suzette Doctolero reacts to wrongfully executed medical scene in ‘My Special Tatay’

  • This is not an excuse for them to make mistakes and this will serve as a lesson to be more vigilant
  • The scene brought the audience to react once again because of another medical misrepresentation on the television show
  • This can also affect the credibility of the show and the network

Another wrongfully executed medical scene has been capturing the attention of netizens. First was a scene from the Afternoon Primetime series ‘Asawa ko, Karibal Ko’ where Venus (Thea Tolentino) was trying to kill Daniel (Mattias Rhode) by suffocating him with the use of a pillow. And recently, on one of the episodes of ‘My Special Tatay,’ another medical error had been noticed by the audience.

It started when Boyet, played by Ken Chan, suffered two gunshots. On the scene, the first shot was on the upper left chest near the heart and the second shot was at the lower rib area on the right side.

Yet the doctor said, “Tinamaan ng bala sa ribs at ‘appendix’ ang anak niyo.” A lot of TV viewers were confused on the doctor’s statement as it did not coincide with the scene.

A lot of medical practitioners and even ordinary people know that the human appendix is located somewhere the lower right area of the abdomen. This brought the audience to react once again because of another medical misrepresentation on the television.

Television, as one of the avenues for information, have the responsibility to provide factual information, as this can also affect the credibility of the show and the network.

Suzette Severo Doctolero, a credible screenwriter, series creator, and creative consultant of the GMA network, once again, reacted on the medical error scene of the afternoon primetime series of GMA Network.

She was asked what advice she can give to the director of ‘My Special Tatay’ while pointing out the medical error of the scene, she didn’t blame the director but instead accepted the error that had happened.

“: ( lahat ata ng show, sa kahit saan network, may mali na magagawa. Lalo sa Pinas that the production need to shoot at least 35 scenes per day and up para di malugi. Yes, di ito excuse para magkamali so im sure lesson ito to be very vigilant sa susunod na taping. Ty!,” she tweeted.

And Suzette explained that most of the show either theirs or of other networks may make a mistake, especially in the Philippines, because the production needs to shoot at least 35 scenes per day and up.

Yet, this is not an excuse for them to make mistakes as this will serve as a lesson to be more vigilant in their next taping sessions.

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Suzette Doctolero reacts to a Doctor who pointed out a medical error in ‘Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’

Suzette Doctolero reacts to a Doctor who pointed out a medical error in ‘Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’

  • Suzette Doctoleros responded to a netizen’s comment by saying, “Writer ba ang nagdirek niyan o nag execute? Kita mo nga, nag point out ka ng mali pero mali din sinisisi mo.”
  • Suzette Doctolero responds to a comment on a ‘medical blooper’ in a GMA Network show
  • Said netizen referred to a certain Kapuso writer as “bitter”

A netizen, pointing out a medical error in the afternoon series, Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko, has caught the attention of GMA Network creative writer Suzette Doctolero.

In an episode aired last January 14, the scene, being criticized by a netizen, showed Daniel (Matthias Rhoads) lying down on a hospital bed as Venus (Thea Tolentino) tried to suffocate him with a pillow.

However, she did not succeed with her murderous plan because Rayver Cruz(Gavin) arrived at the hospital room even before she can put the pillow over Daniel’s head.

READ: “Writer ba ang nagdirek niyan o nag execute?” Kapuso writer reacts to ‘Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’ fail

On January 22, a Twitter user named @Simply_Clinton posted on his account pointing out that Daniel cannot die from pillow suffocation since he has intubation attached to a mechanical ventilator, allowing him to breathe.

Along with a screenshot of the scene, he wrote, “Sino na naman ang researcher nito? Sorry ha pero saksakan ng shunga. Kahit pa ilang oras mo idagan yang unan, makakahinga pa rin siya kasi nga secured ang airways niya nyang intubation na nakakabit sa mech vent. Bwahahahaha si bitter na naman ba ang writer nito?”

The netizen referred to a certain Kapuso writer as ”bitter” but left out naming the writer.

Even though her Twitter handle was not mentioned in the tweet, Suzette responded to the netizen’s comment.

She replied, “Writer ba ang nagdirek niyan o nag execute? Kita mo nga, nag point out ka ng mali pero mali din sinisisi mo. Hehehe.”

@Simply_Clinton did not respond to Suzette’s tweet.

However, he replied to another netizen, explaining his credentials.

The other netizen told him, “Subukan mong ganyan pag pinush ung unan syempre mas malakas ang force nun matatanggal yang tube sa pagkakadikit, SHUNGA ka din”

@Simply_Clinton, who said that he is actually a doctor, explained, “May cuff yang endotracheal tube na iniinflate para masecure sa loob ng trachea. Di yan basta mahuhugot kahit hilain unless sinira yong vocal cords ng tao. Makatawag ka ng tanga. Doctor ako, mga intensive care na pasyente ang hawak ko FYI kaya sanay ako sa ganitong eksena.”

Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko, which is top-billed by Kris Bernal, Rayver Cruz, and Thea Tolentino, airs from Monday to Saturday over GMA Network’s Afternoon Prime block.

Suzette, however, is not part of the creative team of this show, which is directed by Mark dela Cruz.

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Suzette Doctolero shades signal interruption whenever new GMA Network shows debut

Suzette Doctolero shades signal interruption whenever new GMA Network shows debut

  • Suzette Doctolero posted shady wishes for GMA’s new show Cain and Abel.
  • She stated that she’s not implying anything and she’s just simply praying.

GMA Network‘s head writer Suzette Doctolero promoted the network’s recent drama action series Cain at Abel, starring Dennis Trillo and Dingdong Dantes.

GMA Execs Got Burned

In her now deleted Facebook post, she stated her two wishes when it comes to the show.

The first one is for people to give Cain at Abel a chance especially if they are tired of something that has been in the table for a really long time.

Sa lunes na ito, after 24 oras. 

Dalawa lang po ang dasal ko.

1.Bigyan ng tsansa ang Cain at Abel at silipin lalo na kung sawa na sa putaheng matagal nang naka hain at 

Her second wish is where it gets shady as she said that she hopes that the electricity or cable signal won’t fluctuate as it mysteriously happen whenever the station launches a new show or if they have high ratings.

She then said that she’s not shading anyone, she’s just praying.

2. Nawa ay hindi mag brown out at mawalan ng signal ang mga cable sa Lunes kasi madalas nangyayari ito lalo na kapag launching ng show at kung mataas ang ratings. Di ako nagpaparinig. Nagdadasal po ako.


Cain at Abel started airing on GMA-7 on November 19, Monday.

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Suzette Doctolero Reacts to Ethel Booba’s joke, Philippine Literature issue

Suzette Doctolero Reacts to Ethel Booba’s joke, Philippine Literature issue

  • Suzette Doctolero shared Ethel Booba’s joke on her Facebook account.
  • She also expressed her opinion regarding the Philippine Literature being removed in the list of core subjects in college. 

GMA Network‘s head writer Suzette Doctolero reacted to Ethel Booba‘s witty tweet about the controversy of the Philippine Literature Subject no longer being a core subject in college while Korean language will be added in the elementary and high school curriculum.

GMA Execs Got Burned

On a serious note, she said that Filipinos should be more open minded about the decision as it is actually better to learn a foreign language aside from English.

Hehe. Ang witty ni Ethel.

Pero re: this issue. Ito ang opinyon ko.

Maganda ngang mag aral din ng foreign language liban sa English lalo na at lagalag ang mga Pinoy at kung saan saang bansa nakakarating.

Maging bukas ang isip at huwag pairalin ang false nationalism. Di porke nag aral ka ng Filipino sa college ay patriot ka na 👅

She added that students have learned the mother language since kindergarten until high school. And not that the K12 has been implemented, the students will be further educated regarding the subject.

At ano pa ba, aber, ang aaralin sa wikang Filipino pagtuntong sa college? E simula kinder hanggang High School ay itinuturo na ang Pambansang wika natin? Na wikang base sa tagalog. At ngayong may K12 na, imagine ilang years pag aaralan ang Fililipino? E di dose rin, plus 1 year kung nag kinder, o e di 13 years!!. Tapos gusto pa natin na mayroon din sa college? Susme, di pa natuto? Di pa ba alam ang wikang ito pagpasok sa kolehiyo? Ano pa ang aaralin mo, sige nga? e sa totoo lang, karamihan sa students, ika cutting class lang ito.

Ngayon, kung iintroduce sa Filipino subject sa college ang iba pang Phil dialects gaya ng binisaya o bicolnon e di may relevance pa nga. Pero yun ba ang ituturo? Hindi naman.

Doctolero further said that she thinks the subject should be removed in college if it’s not the major of the student as English is actually the medium in most offices.

But if the companies will change the language used by employees, then that would be a better reason to continue learning the language in college.

Kung di rin lang Filipino major, mas mabuti ngang alisin na ang subject na ito bilang aralin sa mga hindi nagpapakadalubhasa sa lengguwahe natin. At sa halip, dagdagan pa ng kaalaman sa pag aaral ng ibang wika o di kaya ay magpaka eksperto sa wikang English lalo at paglabas ng kolehiyo, english ang medium sa office, sa abogasya, sa schools? Sa pakikipagtalastasan, sa call center, at iba pa.

Pero kung gagawing Filipino na ang lahat ng salitang gamit sa abogasya, sa gobyerno, sa lahat ng office mula sa iba’t ibang ahensya at kompanya e di go, ituloy ang pag aaral ng Filipino hanggang college… pero ito ba ang wikang gamit paglabas natin sa Unibersidad? Hindi ba’t English?

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Suzette Doctolero agrees with ‘#BabaeAko selectiveness’

Suzette Doctolero agrees with ‘#BabaeAko selectiveness’

  • Suzette Doctolero shared Antonio Contreras’ statement regarding #BabaeAko.
  • Contreras compared different reactions regarding controversies that involve women.

On October 9, GMA Network‘s head writer Suzette Doctolero shared a post by columnist and professor Antonio Contreras‘ about ‘#BabaeAko selectiveness’.

It was about a comparison between the case of President Rodrigo Duterte kissing a woman on the lips versus Gretchen Fullido‘s ongoing lawsuit against two ABS-CBN executives.

In Contreras’ post, he said that the movement was born after the Duterte incident, however, when Fullido got assaulted by other women without her consent, supporters of the movement suddenly appealed to “context, due process and sisterhood.”

Another #BabaeAko selectiveness.

It was when the President kissed a woman on-stage with her consent that the movement was born, to protest the misogyny.

But now that Gretchen Fullido has been sexually assaulted without her consent, but by another woman, adherents of the movement deploy creative ways to appeal to context, due process and sisterhood.

He also mentioned about the celebration regarding Leila De Lima‘s sexual controversy that was said to have turned her into the face of #EveryWoman.

It is very much like them condemning the womanizing of men, but even celebrated Leila De Lima’s sexual agency for having a sexual relationship with a married man and turned her into an icon of #EveryWoman.

This is precisely why even if I am a feminist ally, that I could not fully appreciate this selective form of gender politics.

The post was then shared by Doctolero in her Facebook account and wrote “So true.”

So true. 

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Suzette Doctolero calls Mocha Uson “Syunga,” gets backlash from DDS

Suzette Doctolero calls Mocha Uson “Syunga,” gets backlash from DDS

  • Suzette Doctolero expressed her take on Mocha Uson’s decision to run for the 2019 midterm elections.
  • She also posted her opinion regarding President Rodrigo Duterte joining the Lotto craze. 

GMA Network writer Suzette Doctolero slams resigned Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson once again.

GMA Execs Got Burned

On October 8, Monday, Doctolero shared the news regarding Uson’s decision to run in the 2019 midterm elections.

She suggested that the former ASec should start at the barangay elections first as she’s still inexperienced and proceeded to say “Syunga syunga ka pa. Aral muna.”

Hay. Wala ka pang alam. Magsimula ka muna sa baranggay. Jusmiyo. Syunga syunga ka pa. Aral muna.

It earned negative feedback from the Diehard Duterte Supporters (DDS). One compared Uson to Senators Nancy Binay and Risa Hontiveros.

Mas hamak naman may alam cya sa kommunicsyon si Mocha kaysa kay nancy binay hontiverus dahil mas expose cya sa media. At graduate din maman syas UST. kaya nya supalpalin mga negatibong anti. Bakit si lito lapid jinggoy bong revilla. Mas hamak namang proffessional si Mocga kay bong lito estrada na mga artistang mga unggoy at illitirate. Nag artista lang din at naging bida at kontrabida.

In a separate status, Doctolero labeled some DDS “toxic” as they have been cursing her through private messages. She clarified that she’s a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, however, she refuses to be a “blind supporter” that stays silent whenever there’s something wrong.

Toxic nga pala talaga ang ibang DDS ano? May masabi ka lang puna sa pangulo o kay Mocha, mumurahin ka na sa pm hahaha.

Lilinawin ko ha. 
I remain a supporter of the President and this government. Ipinagmanalaki ko ang mga accomplishments ni PRRD at ginagawa ko iyon sa pamamagitan ng pagpopost ng magagandang balitang ito sa aking fb at twitter page. Dahil ang tagumpay ng pangulo ay malaking tagumpay para sa ating bansa di ba

Yun nga lang, ayaw ko na maging blind supporter na mananahimik kapag may nagawa o nasabing mali ang pangulo. Kaya kapag may mali, pupunahin ko rin. At gagawin ko ito kasi ito ang mando natin bilang mamamayan ng isang demokrasyang bansa. Ang maging kritikal, mapanuri chenes sa abot ng aking kaalaman at kakayahan haha.

She also said that she still defends Uson against sexist comments but believes that she’s not yet ready to be a senator as she still lacks knowledge, experience, and maturity.

And Mocha? Ipagtatanggol ko pa rin siya sa mga bigot at sexist (nakikipag away nga ako for her lalo nat sobrang mean at cruel na ng iba sa kanya) pero naniniwala rin ako na di pa siya ready maging senador. Sa palagay ko, kulang pa siya sa kaalaman, eksperyensa, maturity. Marami na ngang walang silbing nakaupo, dadagdagan pa ba?

Opinyon ko ito and if you do not share my opinion then stop following me. Kaysa inisin mo ang sarili mo sa pagbabasa ng mga post ko Hahaha.

Doctolero also posted about Special Assistant to the President Bong Go‘s statement that President Duterte joined the lotto craze.

Dear My beloved DDS, 👅

Hindi ko sinabing bawal tumaya ng lotto ang pangulo. By all means, tumaya siya, wala akong pake. BUT! Sana huwag nang ipublished at ipangalandakan pa ni Sap Go.

Nagbibigay kasi ito ng image na pwedeng interpret sa dalawang paraan:

“Wow! Masang masa talaga ang pangulo! Tumataya din siya gaya ko!”

O kaya, at ang masama, ay eto:

“Weh. Mayaman na nga, Presidente na, maghaharimunan pa sa lotto?!”

Kung nangyari ito noong campaign period, noong sobrang popular pa ang pangulo e Swak ang imaging (image-ing) na ito. Promding nangangarap maging Presidente. Nangangarap ding manalo sa lotto to support his candidacy. Perfect! Ganda! Kagat ng masa. Aprub!

E kaso tapos na ang honeymoon period.
Nasa 70 o 65 na yata ang ratings ng pangulo. It’s not bad, yes, good pa rin. Pero hindi na ganun kataas. Kumbaga sa boksingero, may mga tama na, konti na lang mga suntok, pwede pang bumagsak. Gusto ba natin ito ha!??

So kailangang mag ingat sa “imaging” ng pangulo. Di pwede, bara bara pa rin.

She said that the image of the President betting in the lotto is “greedy” not because of Duterte himself, but because of the image it shows.

Kaya sa opinyon ko, hindi maganda na makita ang image na tumataya din sa billion lotto draw ang pangulo. Greedy ang dating. Di ko sinabing greedy siya. Magmumukha lang greedy. Magkaiba iyon mga iho, mga katoto. Sa opinyon ko, ayokong maki agaw pa o makipag kumpetensya ang pangulo sa pag asa at pangarap na dala ng lotto sa milyon milyong mahihirap.

Kung ako ang political strategist o image consultant ng pangulo (no, hindi ako nag aapply, di ako interesado sa govt post), ang gusto kong makita ng tao ay ito:

1) isang pangulo na, hindi tataya sa lotto (o kaya pasekreto na lang tumaya, quiet lang), pero pupunta sa pcso on the day ng draw, para maging saksi sa draw, to insure na walang lokohang magaganap sa biggest ever bolahan of the century.

Anong imaging nito? Palalakasin nito ang “protective father” image niya. Di ba? Kakampi ng masa. Nagtataguyod ng pag asa at pangarap ng masa. Ang ganda!

So tatanungin ko ulit kayo, ano ang image na idudulot ng pangulo na tumaya sa lotto, kahit na ang dami nang ibat ibang batikos? Di maganda. Subject sa interpretasyon. Sa puntong ito, di na pwede ang image na subject sa interpretation oy.

Di ako kaaway ha. 
Importante sa akin ang pangulo kaya concern ako sa image niya. I want him to finish his full term kaya ko sinasabi ito.

Pero dahil akala ninyo ay tinitira ko ang pangulo kaya di nyo narealize ito. Bahalakayosabuhay nyo. Lol.


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“Busalan sila.” Suzette Doctolero reacts on Mocha Uson’s Federalism video controversy

“Busalan sila.” Suzette Doctolero reacts on Mocha Uson’s Federalism video controversy

  • Kapuso writer Suzette Doctolero shared her opinion regarding Uson and Olivar’s controversial video.
  • Doctolero advised the Asec to not make more excuses and apologize for the issue.

GMA Network head writer Suzette Doctolero, a proud Duterte supporter, expressed her opinion regarding Mocha Uson‘s controversial video about Federalism.

GMA Execs Got Burned

Doctolero expressed her disappointment regarding the Federalism jingle done by Uson and her co-host Andrew Olivar. In her post, she said that the video was “uncalled for”.

Patahimikin. Isama na itong ungas na beking di nakatulong. Busalan sila. Di porke kapwa DDS ay kakampihan. Mali, uncalled for ang kanilang ginawa. Di sila nakakatulong. Nakakadagdag pa sa iritasyon. Alam na ngang maraming abangers na kaaway, binigyan pa sila ng amunisyon laban sa dds. Ano ba!!

As Uson defended herself and said that they just want people to talk about Federalism, Doctolero again slammed her in another Facebook post.

Girl, huwag na dumepensa, mali ka. Magsorry na lng o kaya manahimik.

The writer continuously called out Uson for her excuses and just suggested that the Asec should say ‘sorry’.

Ibang issue ang 2016 election fraud.

Ibang issue din ang kagarapalan mo. 
Huwag baguhin. Mag sorry na lang kasi and stay away from the federalism issue hanggat di mo pinag aaralan ng todo at hanggat puro kabastusan ang gagawin nyo.

Antonio Contreras, a columnist at The Manila Times, advised Uson and Olivar to issue a sincere apology and just stay silent, which Doctolero shared and agreed to.

I will probably be drawing the ire of many DDS once again. But mine will be an advise from an older person who has earned many scars from battles in my career both within academe and in the public sphere.

To Mocha and Drew.

There is a moment to rationalize and justify.

But this is now the time for a sincere apology and some introspective silence.

After all, this is no longer just about you. It is about issues that are larger than all of us.

She shared Contreras’ post and clarified that the topic is Uson’s video and not Federalism itself.

I agree. Di ko ipagtatanggol ang ginawa ng dalawang buwang na ito kahit na DDS ako.

And no hindi ito pwedeng ijustify na dahil sa kanila kaya pinag usapan ang federalism. Excuse me!

Ang pinag usapan po ay: ang katangahan at kabastusan ni Mocha at nung lecheng kumag na kasama niyang nagsayaw ng pepe at dede— at hindi ang federalism! So wag nang ijustify! Mali sila! Mali din na kampihan ang mali nila.

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Suzette Doctolero agrees with Angono PNP’s rape reminder

Suzette Doctolero agrees with Angono PNP’s rape reminder

  • Suzette Doctolero agrees with Angono PNP’s reminder as preventive measure against rape.
  • Gabriela urged Angono PNP to remove the reminder as it is a “classic case of victim blaming”.

Angono PNP posted a ‘rape reminder’ that drew backlash from netizens as soon as it was posted on their Facebook page. It lists down tips such as not wearing skimpy clothing, not drinking on dates, avoiding dark places, among other things.

GMA Execs Got Burned
GMA head writer, Suzette Doctolero | File Photo

Gabriela Rep. Arlene Brosas urged the Angono, Rizal Municipal Police to take down the reminder immediately as it is “a classic case of victim blaming”.

“This rotten mindset being perpetrated by the state authorities themselves certainly emboldens perpetrators to commit rape and further puts women in a difficult situation. And the President’s machismo and misogyny feed into this rape culture,” she stated.

Photo courtesy of Angono PNP | Facebook

The photo was taken down from the page, however, GMA writer Suzette Doctolero disputed the reason for backlash.

In a Facebook post, Doctolero was firm on her argument that it is only right for the PNP to issue the reminders as rape does exist.

Image: Screengrab of Suzette Doctolero’s Facebook post

Tinanggal na ng Angono PNP ang kanilang paalala sa mga kababaihan. Nagdiriwang ang Gabriela (kaloka kayo).

Tsk. Akala ata ng Gabriela ay nasa tamang wisyo ang mga rapist kaya ang dali sabihang: Huwag kang mang rape! Tapos di na nga sila mangre rape. Wow ang ideal ng world!

E ang realidad: may rape. Hindi normal ang pag iisip nila. May di makontrol na lust sa mga groin nila with matching desire na magkontrol sa babae at mag inflict ng pain kaya sila nagrerape! Kaya tama ang paalala ng PNP! Bilang preventive measure.

She emphasized that you won’t know who is a rapist and who is not. It can be a relative. She also pointed out that it is a woman’s right to choose what to wear. Yes, skimpy clothing could post dangers of being raped and wearing this kind of clothing is like serving a cockroach its meal but cockroaches can be killed by simply stepping on them, but what about a rapist?

Image: Screengrab of Suzette Doctolero’s Facebook post

The fact is: di mo alam sino ang matino. Ang rapist ay pwedeng kaibigan, kakilala, kapatid, tatay mo. Na biglang aatakehin ng kademonyohan sa utak.

Oo karapatan ng babae na magsuot ng gusto niya! At oo wala sa damit ang ikakarape pero kung malaswa ang suot, para mong hinainan ng pagkain ang ipis. At least ang ipis, ang daling apakan at patayin! E ang rapist!??

Kapag pinatay ang rapist (kill them all), me reklamo din kayo!

“Ke ganda ng ginawa ng mga pulis na nagbigay lang ng paalala, nagreklamo pa kayo. Kaloka.” she added.

She also tweeted her sentiments regarding the issue.

Image: Screengrab of Suzette Doctolero’s Tweet

May kilala ako, nakipag inumam sa mga kaibigang lalaki, nalasing, niraped nung isa. Di kasalanan ng babae. Kasalanan nung rapist. Paalala: okey lang uminom pero tiyakin na kontrolado mo pa rin ang sarili. Walang masamang mag ingat.

Image: Screengrab of Suzette Doctolero’s Tweet

At mga babae, turuan ang ating mga kapatid na lalaki at mga anak na lalaki na huwag mamg rape.

Image: Screengrab of Suzette Doctolero’s Tweet

To end rape, dont rape. Ang daling sabihin pero di lang ito issue ng kawalang respeto sa babae. Uncontrollable lust kaya nanrerape. Sikolohikal siya. Me mali sa utak/pagkatao nung ogag. E di para mo na ring sinabi, to end depression, dont be sad. Ayayay.

Image: Screengrab of Suzette Doctolero’s Tweet

Iwas para wag marape ng mga manyak na may uncontrollable lust kaya di sila basta masasabihan na wag man rape. Armasan ang mga babae. Im sure may magrereklamo din.

She then threw shade on Gabriela for making PNP Angono delete their post.

Image: Screengrab of Suzette Doctolero’s Tweet

E nagtagumpay ang Gabriela. Tinanggal na ng PNP Angono ang kanilang advisory ek ek. Ano kaya masama doon? Tama naman mga paalala. Wala sa sariling wisyo ang mga manyak. Mga psycho yun. Sakit sa isip. Kaya nasa babae talaga ang pag iingat.

The Angono Rizal PNP Facebook account has issued an apology regarding the matter.

Image: Screengrab of Angono Rizal Pnp’s Facebook post

Ang Angono Municipal Police Station sa pamumuno ni PSUPT RUBEN M PIQUERO ay taos-pusong humihingi ng paumanhin sa lahat hinggil sa aming FB Post na “Paalaala Para Makaiwas sa Rape”. Ang amin pong intensiyon ay mapaalalahanan ang lahat para maiwasan po na maging biktima ng insidente ng rape. Sabi nga po “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Asahan ninyo po na nandito ang inyong kapulisan upang siguruhin palagi ang kaayusan at katahimikan sa bayan ng Angono.

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