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Local artist sells his paintings on the street for his wife’s dialysis, receives support from people

Local artist sells his paintings on the street for his wife’s dialysis, receives support from people

  • A local artist sells his artwork on the streets to support his wife for dialysis
  • Molinos’s post on social media helps him to find support and buy his painting
  • They are grateful for the love and support they received from the people

A netizen named Sal Molinos called out on social media to support a local artist named Larry Casinao from Baldoza, La Paz who paints and sells his paintings along the sidewalk of Jaro, Iloilo.

Seeing local artist without a proper venue to showcase their talents made him really sad.


Molinos said that he had a brief chat with Casinao and learned the reason the latter was selling his artworks on the street. Casinao was doing it to raise funds for his wife who is undergoing dialysis twice a week .

“I hope we could really help him by supporting his art because I had a small talk with him and he said that his wife is undergoing dialysis twice a week,” Molinos wrote on Facebook.

In an interview with Molinos, he said that the police had reprimanded Casinao and was not allowed to display his artwork on the sidewalk. But with the help of Molinos’s post on social media, Casinao has gained public attention and support.

Many are inquiring how to reach Casinao or where to find him. Even the StarStruck judge and artist Heart Evangelista Escudero asked how to find him via a Twitter post.


Casinao and Molinos are very grateful for the positive response that the former has received from netizens.

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8 Celebrity Feuds That Turned To Friendship

8 Celebrity Feuds That Turned To Friendship


Here is a list of celebrities or known personalities with ‘enemies’ who have now kissed and made up:

Keeping it in the family:

1. Gutierrez Brothers

Ruffa Gutierrez has once revealed that her twin brothers, Raymond and Richard, did not talk for over a year when Richard broke off with a girlfriend who was a very good friend of Raymond.


It’s now all in the past as the two has remained inseparable.

2. Aquino Brother and Sister

In her Instagram post, Queen of All Media Kris Aquino revealed that she and her elder brother, former president Noynoy Aquino, had a cold war for three months. It only stopped when she reached out to her brother due to her son’s (Josh Aquino) hospitalization.


Along the post, she expressed her gratitude to her brother who remained a constant male figure in her son’s life and remarked how they are like any other normal family who experiences rift with each other but still come to the other’s rescue if needed.

3. De Rossi Sisters

When Assunta de Rossi married Congressman Jules Ledesma in a civil wedding back in November 2002, no family member of hers attended the ceremony. Admittedly, she and Alessandra de Rossi had fissure in their relationship, giving the other a silent treatment.

However, it all came to pass when Assunta’s family finally attended her wedding with Jules, this time in a church ceremony in March 2004. Alessandra was the maid of honor.

4. Mother and Daughter, Cecilia and Heart

It was well-known how Heart Evangelista’s parents, especially her mother Cecilia Ongpauco, were against her wishes to marry Senator Chiz Escudero. They did not attend her wedding back in February 2015 in Balesin.


Last year proved a blessing to Heart and she was grateful that she and her parents have mended their relationship and even became amiable to her husband.

5. Mother and Sons

Jackie Forster has always been referred to as the estranged mother of teen stars Andre and Kobe Paras. After almost 12 years, Jackie and Kobe met again last January at Los Angeles. She also met with Andre when she visited the Philippines last April.


It turned out that they have been contacting each other through chat and video calls.

Love Triangles:

6. Gal Pals

Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador have been the best of friends until news came out that Kim’s ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson was in a relationship with Maja.


In an interview back in October 2015, Kim revealed that her friendship with Maja is being mended piece by piece.

7. Three is a Crowd

One of the biggest controversies before was the sudden break-up of sweethearts Dingdong Dantes and Karylle, when the former became entangled with his on-screen partner Marian Rivera.


Years later, Marian and Karylle were seen in the same event in which both greeted each other with kisses in the cheek.

Truly, time heals all wounds.

8. Barretto family feud

Sisters Gretchen and Claudine Barretto have been estranged for years due to a bitter family feud. Earlier this month, the two met for dinner, fueling speculation that they have managed to finally patch their relationship up.

On Instagram, Claudine shared that Gretchen had been with her for the past few days as she recovered from her illness.


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Netizen asks Alessandra de Rossi what it feels like to have a rich sister and bestfriend

Netizen asks Alessandra de Rossi what it feels like to have a rich sister and bestfriend

  • Alessandra de Rossi answered a Netizen’s query after commenting on Heart Evangelista’s photo.
  • The Netizen asked her what it feels like to have wealthy friends and sister.

Alessandra de Rossi got into a conversation with one of the Netizens when she was asked what it feels like to have rich friends.

It all started when she posted a comment on celebrity and socialite Heart Evangelista‘s Instagram photo. A Netizen then asked her what it feels like to have a bestfriend and sister who are wealthy.


She then answered with the question “Ano issue sa mayayaman?” adding the she doesn’t know how to feel about the Netizen’s inquiry.

The Instagram user advised Alessandra to not take it negatively as she was merely curious. The latter then replied that she feels happy as she has “2 less persons to worry about” knowing that they can afford what they need. The conversation went well as they even invited each other to their different hometowns.

But another Netizen called out the woman and said that her question was “tactless”, in which she answered that she did nothing wrong and she actually owns a company while doing charitable work.

Alessandra answered that she now gets it why the Netizen was asking about the feeling of having wealthy friends.

“Kanina kasi feeling ko senseless yung question mo. But to you I think it’s what you live for bragging rights. I get it now! Salamat!”

Alessandra ended her comment by wishing the Netizen happiness.

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Alden Richards reacts to “Descendants of the Sun” Pinoy adaptation with Maine Mendoza as lead star

Alden Richards reacts to “Descendants of the Sun” Pinoy adaptation with Maine Mendoza as lead star

  • Alden Richards shared that he would love to be a part of the upcoming Filipino adaptation of Descendants of the Sun.
  • He also shared updates about his love life and newest business venture.

At his thanksgiving party held on January 6, Alden Richards shared his plans for the year 2019.

He said that he would still be appearing in his regular shows like Eat Bulaga and Sunday Pinasaya. Then he will get to do a series of concerts in various countries before he starts a new show with the Kapuso network.

When asked about the title, he answered, “Nothing is definite po as of now.”

Fans of his loveteam with Maine Mendoza, AlDub, has been requesting for the tandem to star in the local remake of popular Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

“I’d really love to do it as I know it’s a hit drama worldwide. I’d also love to work with Maine again. But hindi naman po kami ang magde-decide tungkol diyan kundi ang GMA management. So I hope sana nga, sa amin ni Maine nila ibigay ang project as I’d really love to do it.

“Actually, kahit magkaiba ang career paths namin ngayon ni Maine as we’re on our own, mas close kami ngayon as friends at mas open sa isa’t isa. We are growing individually, on our own. But we really appreciate the fans of our love team who continue to support us and root for us and request na magkasama kami uli sa isang teleserye or movie.”

He also addressed the rumors of him being in a secret relationship, which was said to be the reason why he’s in his “happiest” as of the moment.

“Not true. I’m at my happiest dahil sa dami ng blessings na dumarating sa akin. Actually, ang wish ko nga, sana matagpuan ko na ‘yung the one this 2019. But hindi ko naman hinahanap, basta kung darating siya, ’di okay.”

About his future business plans, his own fast food chain franchise in Biñan, Laguna is currently under construction.

“But sobrang saya ko kasi dati, kumakain lang kami ng family ko sa isang branch noon sa Sta. Rosa at ngayon, may sarili na akong franchise. Our plan is to open it on Easter Sunday.”

At the topic of future leading ladies, Richards answered that he would like to work with Heart Evangelista in the future.

“I find her a good actress and I’ve never worked with her before. I’d really like to experience working with her as my leading lady.”

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Dog allegedly raped by a gang in Palawan; Heart Evangelista, netizens call for justice

Dog allegedly raped by a gang in Palawan; Heart Evangelista, netizens call for justice

  • Netizen calls the attention of people to report a gang rape that has allegedly happened to a dog in Palawan.
  • Peopel have been calling the attention of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to take action regarding the incident. 

A netizen has called for help of authorities as a dog was the subject for a gang rape in San Pedro, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Riesan Hermosa posted screenshots of a conversation between two Grindr users. Man with username raretrip was encouraging the other to take part in a gang rape.

Who was the subject? His dog.

He then stated that there has been a lot of guys who had the chance to have an intercourse with his pet.

Adding to the horror of the mere thought of people sexually harassing the dog, he sent pictures of other men doing so.

Hermosa said that her Facebook post regarding the incident kept on getting deleted due to the sensitive photos which is why she chose to upload the screenshots on Twitter as well.

Netizens have reacted, saying how they are disgusted and horrified about the dog rape. Many of them has urged people to report it to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).



Animal welfare advocate and PAWS spokesperson Heart Evangelista has also reacted to the viral tweet saying that she hopes that it is not real.

PAWS has yet to release a statement regarding the matter.

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Which celebrities are predicted to get pregnant in 2019?

Which celebrities are predicted to get pregnant in 2019?

  • Fortune tellers predict an ABS-CBN and GMA artist who will get pregnant this year.
  • A feng shui expert also told the future of Kapuso artists and how they can get good careers in 2019.

As the year just started, predictions and readings from Feng Shui experts have surfaced.

In an episode of Rated K, an expert called Master Thomas stated that there are stars that may get pregnant this 2019. One of which is The Hows of Us star Kathryn Bernardo.

“May isang artista na nakikita namin na may chance na puwedeng mabuntis ngayong taon na ito, si Kathryn Bernardo,” he stated.


At GMA Network, their stars also had their own readings. Fortune teller Mr. E said that the world of showbiz, GMA Network artists will be in the priority list, however, they need to put in more effort.

When it comes to pregnancies, a studio audience of Sarap, ‘Di Ba? asked the fortune of celebrity and socialite Heart Evangelista.

“Magkaka-baby ka, Heart,” Mr. E answered.

He said that it’s possible that God may grant her that gift that she’s been praying for.

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Not Fit For TV? 6 Celebrities Who Have Received The ‘Fat Memo’

Not Fit For TV? 6 Celebrities Who Have Received The ‘Fat Memo’

  • Stars who have been recipients of “fat memos” from their networks.
  • They shared their reactions and how the said memo affected their careers and mental health.

As public personalities, people have this thinking that celebrities should be confined to the society’s ideal perception of what being attractive is. That they should have smooth skin, no flaws, and a skinny body.

Whenever these figures doesn’t fit those descriptions, there are always netizens that will point out what they should be and should not be. This includes the topic of weight.

As cameras make one look multiple times the size they truly are, networks give ‘fat memos’ to those who they think looked heavy on-screen.

Here are some of the celebrities who have were reported to have received memos from their respective networks and those who have been fat shamed online.

Jessy Mendiola

Jessy recently admitted that she has received a “fat memo” from the big bosses of ABS-CBN around one or two years ago.

“It’s a proof na you can’t get work if you gain weight. That’s how society works.”

She admitted that back then, she didn’t understand the reason why she received the said memo, and it did not have a positive effect on her. In fact, the incident even pushed her into depression.

“I got very depressed. Parang dumating ako sa point na, ‘Ah ito na lang pala din talaga ‘yung halaga ko. Kung hindi ako sexy, wala akong projects or hindi nila ako makikita as who I am.’”

But eventually, the star picked herself up and decided that rather being sexy, she just wants to be healthy and feel good about herself. Losing weight is just an add-on to the process.

She also gave credit to her support system who became her inspiration through those hard times.

“Yung support system ko. And it’s more of siyempre hindi naman ‘yun mangayayari mag-isa. Kailangan mo rin talagang maging active in life. Hindi lang siya sa pagwowork-out ha. More of pro-active sa mga tao, sa work mo.”

Geoff Eigenmann

Geoff was also one to receive the said “fat memo” from his mother station GMA.

He admitted it four years ago, and said that he “knew it was coming.”

It was said that during Forever, his series with Heart Evangelista, their stylists had to resort to layering off his clothes just to hide his weight gain. And later on, the executives had to intervene.

“GMA talked to my manager, they went over what should be done and all that, and then my manager told me about it.”

Unlike Jessy, Geoff didn’t have any negative reactions. But the memo didn’t have any positive effect either as he didn’t have any projects following such.

“GMA talked to my manager, they went over what should be done and all that, and then my manager told me about it. When he told me, wala. I wasn’t angry. I didn’t complain. There was no point.

“I don’t want to bullshit you: It wasn’t just a memo, it was a suspension. Nawalan ako ng trabaho.”

He was given three months to get back in shape.

Hiro Peralta

Three years ago, Little Nanay leading man Hiro said that he didn’t necessarily get a “fat memo”, but he did receive a warning.

In an interview, he was compared to Mark Herras, who was Kris Bernal‘s brother in the series, and how he got a bigger role than the already established actor.

He said that his role is not a proof that he’s ahead of Herras, but he thinks that he just fits the character more.

“I think, the safest thing that I can say is, ako yung pinaka-fit sa character ni Archie. We had a screen test before they announced na ako ang lead.”

Peralta proceeded to admit that he gained weight prior to the show but did not work out because of it. The real reason was his management warned him that he was getting fat.

“Parang they told me, ‘Hiro, you’re getting fat. Don’t wait for the fat memo.’

“Parang ako, ‘Sige, give me two weeks, I’ll lose weight, yung magandang weight loss.’Kaya nang makita nila ako, hindi na ako mataba.”

Richard Gutierrez


According to a report by Pinoy Stop, one of the reasons why Richard didn’t renew his contract with the Kapuso network was a “fat memo” he supposedly received, which has insulted him. Another report said that the network also told him that they can’t give him offbeat roles as he has been gaining weight.

Sharon Cuneta

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The Megastar once opened up that she avoided attending social events because she was “ashamed” of her size.

“I WAS ASHAMED TO GO BECAUSE OF HOW FAT I WAS, that I knew no matter how hard I tried, I could never look like ME.”

She added that she would get too self concious and started thinking about what people would say about her.

“I knew mean souls would laugh and snicker and talk behind my back, and why, I asked myself, would I want to give them the opportunity to do all that and put myself through all the pain and humiliation they would’ve caused me?”

Judy Ann Santos


In a press conference in 2016, Judy Ann candidly admitted that she has “come to terms” with being fat. She said that she already braced herself for more weight related remarks when her movie, Kusina, was released.

She also clapped back after a netizen called her fat. In a comment she said, “Affected ka ba na mataba pa rin ako? Pasensya na hindi ko kasi alam na nagmomonitor ka pala.. D bale.. Pag pumayat ako ikaw unang unang itatag ko ah, para mabawasan bigat ng dibdib mo.”

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“Wag nang manlaban, isuko na ang alagang hayop!” Celebrities and PAWS call out ‘Oplan “Dog” Hang’

“Wag nang manlaban, isuko na ang alagang hayop!” Celebrities and PAWS call out ‘Oplan “Dog” Hang’

  • Celebrities reacted to ‘Oplan “Dog”Hang’ by a barangay in Novaliches.
  • PAWS stated that they condemn such campaign.
  • Barangay captain explained that it was only used to call out irresponsible pet owners.

A poster from a barangay in Novaliches, Quezon City received backlash after calling an operation to surrender dogs to a pound “Oplan Dog-Hang“.

In a poster that went viral on social media websites, it read, “Wag nang manlaban, isuko na ang alagang hayop! Upang hindi na makapinsala at makadumi sa kapaligiran.”

Well known personalities were shocked by such a project and expressed their disappointment through their social media pages.

Kapuso actress Carla Abellana posted on Instagram saying that officials Christian Cando, Agnes Cando, and Arnie Cando should be “ashamed” of putting their names and faces on such “illegal campaign“.

Daniel Matsunaga then posted Carla’s post in his Instagram stories.

Agot Isidro also tweeted about the campaign saying that they should just teach responsible pet ownership instead.

WTH??? Pati aso? 😡😡😡

Why not teach responsible pet ownership? Or hold free neutering and spaying?

Grabe, walang katinuan! Sino ba mga ito??? Magkakapangalan, alam na!

Heart Evangelista also expressed her disagreement to the program.

This is so WRONG.

‘PAWS releases statement’

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) released a statement condemning the initiative of Barangay Capri.

They stated that the use of the term “dog”-hang — “whether as an allusion to ‘tokhang’ or as a way to encourage violent acts towards animals” — is wrong.

PAWS condemns the Oplan “Dog” Hang launched by Barangay Capri, Novaliches QC.

The use of the term “dog”-hang whether as an allusion to “tokhang” (used colloquially to mean “to summarily kill someone”) or as a way to encourage violent acts towards animals (ie. “hang”) as a means of animal control is wrong.

Animal control or collection of strays must be done humanely under the Animal Welfare Act (RA 8485, as amended by RA 10631).

Using “tokhang” to refer to the killing or rounding up of animals who have not committed any crime is unfair and ignorant. Its message is also dangerous and irresponsible as the poster gives the impression that inhumane acts towards strays are acceptable.

By telling the public to surrender their animals to the pound, Barangay Capri officials encourage pet abandonment instead of educating them to become responsible pet owners.

‘Barangay captain explains’

According to a report by GMA News Online, Barangay Capri captain Christian Cando was the one who came up with “Dog-hang”. He stated that it was just used to call out negligent pet owners.

“Ang kinokondena po namin dito ay ‘yung irresponsible owner at hindi ‘yung animals nila.”

They have taken down the controversial poster but stated that the initiative will push through.

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Tootsy Angara, Heart Evangelista wore Pride Pins at SONA 2018 in support of SOGIE bill

Tootsy Angara, Heart Evangelista wore Pride Pins at SONA 2018 in support of SOGIE bill

  • Heart Evangelista and Tootsy Angara wore rainbow pins at SONA 2018.
  • The pins symbolize their support for the SOGIE or Anti-Discrimination Bill.

Apart from the President‘s speech, one of the things that the Filipino people look forward to at the annual The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is the fashion sense of each politicians and other attending personalities.

Photo Courtesy of Heart Evangelista and Tootsy Angara | Instagram

Tootsy Angara, wife of Sen. Juan Edgardo ‘Sonny’ Angara and Heart Evangelista, wife of Sen. Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero, both wore rainbow pins to complete their attires.

Evangelista posted on her Instagram account regarding the meaning of her pin attached to the upper left side of her Filipiniana dress.

She wrote that it is in support of the SOGIE bill, also known as the Anti-Discrimination Bill, which aims to protect the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. She added that she and her husband are in full support of the said bill.

Photo Courtesy of Heart Evangelista | Instagram

Everyone has the right to live, work, and dream. The SOGIE bill is a step in the right direction to guarantee the protection of those rights, especially for our friends in the LGBTQIA+ community. Last year the bill made great progress but we still have a long way to go. My husband and I are in full support of this bill and hope to see it move forward and become a law.  #sona2018 #LoveIsAllWeNeed

Angara also shared a photo on Instagram and expressed her support for the SOGIE bill.

Photo Courtesy of Tootsy Angara | Instagram

Getting ready for #sona2018 
Wearing this pin to show my all out support for the Anti Discrimination Bill as I join the call to fight for equality and end all forms of discrimination,” Imagine a world where you will not be judged for race, gender, faith, ethnicity..
Where love can flow freely 
“Imagine a world where people use their powers not to create conditions of oppression that lead to violence, but conditions of freedom that lead to peace”

The SOGIE bill was passed by the Congressmen for its third and final reading. If the bill successfully becomes a law, it will then be illegal to “out” or reveal a person’s sexual orientation without his or her consent. It will also be illegal to engage in discriminatory speech that insults and vilifies the practices of the LGBTQ community, deny the LGBTQ community access to private medical and health services because their gender, as well as force them to take psychological examination as a mean of determining or altering their sexual orientation.

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15 Filipino celebrity weddings of 2015

15 Filipino celebrity weddings of 2015


Before the year ends, let us take a look back on the celebrity weddings that made us swoon in 2015. These unions captured the attention of the public and made them some of the most talked about events of the year.

The Dailypedia presents 15 Filipino Celebrity Weddings of 2015:

1. Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero (February 15)

Many controversies surrounded the relationship of actress Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz Escudero, one of them being the disapproval of Heart’s parents. Despite the trials, Kapuso actress Heart and now vice-presidential candidate Chiz had a grand wedding on February 15. Their wedding took place on Balesin Island, Quezon Province.

Photo Credit: Bride and Breakfast
Photo Credit: Bride and Breakfast

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