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Throwback video of her dancing goes viral; Heart Evangelista reacts

Heart has already seen the clip and reacted via Twitter. “Hahah giling was never my forte! Hahah mag-paint ka na lang baby hearty!” she wrote.

  • A netizen uploaded a throwback video of Heart Evangelista.
  • The video features the actress in her younger days, messing up the choreography in one of her dance performances.
  • She got compared to the viral unsynchronized dance video of Girltrends.

A few months ago, the Girltrends were all over the internet when a video of their unsynchronized dance performance went viral. While the girls apparently did not practice their dance enough, they haven’t been the only ones who have blundered through a performance.

Recently, a video of Heart Evangelista made its way online. A Facebook user named Melo Prete Parreno uploaded a video of his and other people’s commentary about Heart’s dance number on Jeepney TV.

She was with Desiree del Valle and Anna Larrucea.

The netizen, along with his companions, were laughing as Heart kept on missing the steps of the choreography. “Mas malala pa sa Girltrends,” one person said. Another also pointed out that even though the actress got the choreo all messed up, she still kept on trying to catch up, which added a bit of amusement to those watching.

Idol eversince. Kabahan ang GIRLTRENDS.😂😂😂#batang90’s#HeartEvangelista

Posted by Melo Prete Parreno on Saturday, November 9, 2019

At the end of the video, a person mentioned Marian Rivera who is known for her dancing skills. In a follow-up comment, Melo said that they have nothing against the actress.

“No hate. We love heart!!!”

Heart has already seen the clip and reacted via Twitter. “Hahah giling was never my forte! Hahah mag-paint ka na lang baby hearty!” she wrote.

Girltrends get criticized because of a bad performance

The Girltrends were recently criticized for their unsynchronized performance on the noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’. They trended on social media platforms and were bashed to the point that the members needed to speak up to defend themselves.

“I hope you understand na hindi madali mag aral ng sayaw ng same day, lalo na’t marami kaming episode na tinetape nung araw na yan. Pasensya na kung di kami sabay sabay, pero bakit pag sabay sabay kami wala kayong sinasabi? Bt kung kelan lang kami nagkakamali?” Sammie Rimando stated.

However, another member Mica Javier advised Sammie not to mind those types of comments.

“Don’t mind them, di nila kaya ang buhay artista hehe they think they know, but they have no idea.”

Written by Jackie Mata

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