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Heart Evangelista shares traumatic experience with lip fillers

Evangelista’s revelation serves as a reminder to exercise diligence and discretion when considering cosmetic enhancements, emphasizing the significance of seeking qualified professionals for such procedures.

Heart Evangelista recently shared her traumatic experience with lip fillers, revealing that she had undergone the procedure by an unlicensed friend.

The actress, known for her elegance and style, made the admission during an Instagram Live session, later reposted on TikTok by @pageantchika on March 19, 2024.

In her candid confession, Evangelista admitted to having trusted a close acquaintance, described as a nurse, to administer the lip fillers, despite the lack of proper credentials. This decision was made despite her association with Dra. Aivee Teo, a renowned figure in the field of cosmetic enhancements.

“I did get lip filler. I just didn’t want to talk about it because I was super traumatized. Because when I got the lip filler, I went against Dra. Aivee. I didn’t do it with her. I did it with somebody that was very, very close to me, but he didn’t have the license to do my lips. But I trusted him. Kumbaga, budol na budol ako, so ginawa ko ‘yung lip filler,” Evangelista confessed.

Unfortunately, the outcome of the procedure left her with uneven lips and significant discomfort, leading her to seek professional assistance to rectify the situation.

“Sobrang nagpasa-pasa. I had pain. I had ganyan and it was so bad… So, anyway, I had a doctor really, like, have to take it out and fix it because it was really, really bad,” she disclosed.


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Reflecting on the ordeal, Evangelista emphasized the importance of trust and caution when undergoing cosmetic procedures. She cautioned against being swayed by trust and emotional attachment, emphasizing the need for thorough research and adherence to safety standards.

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