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JK Labajo raises concerns over infant brought to concert

While Labajo’s intervention sparked discussions online, it also shed light on the importance of considering the safety and comfort of young children in public settings, particularly during events with loud noises such as concerts.

OPM singer JK Labajo recently voiced his apprehension regarding a two-month-old baby brought by their parent to his concert, citing the sensitivity of infants to loud noises.

During a concert performance, Labajo paused to address the situation after noticing the presence of the baby in the audience.

In a video shared on Facebook by user LifeofEs, Labajo can be seen conversing with the parent, questioning why the infant was in attendance.

Labajo expressed his concern, emphasizing the potential harm caused by exposing such a young child to loud music without proper hearing protection.

He mentioned, “Two months? Ba’t mo pinaparinig ng ‘ere’ ‘yung bata. Two months pa lang, maaga, huwag. Wala bang earmuffs si baby? Umiiyak na si baby okay lang ba ‘yan?”

Throughout the video, Labajo repeatedly inquired with the event staff about providing ear protection for the infant, highlighting the necessity of safeguarding the child’s hearing. He was visibly distressed, later holding and comforting the crying baby while conversing with a member of the event staff.

Following the incident, Labajo took the opportunity to remind the audience, particularly parents, about the sensitivity of infants’ ears to loud sounds.

He stressed, “‘Yung mga bata, especially one year below super sensitive pa yung mga tenga nila… Maraming salamat sa suporta, but please alagaan niyo si baby.”

Labajo’s actions received praise from netizens, with many commending him for his compassion and sense of responsibility towards the infant’s well-being. Several users expressed admiration for Labajo’s understanding and proactive approach in addressing the situation, despite not being a parent himself.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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