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Heart Evangelista clarifies kidney donation statement

Evangelista’s fans can rest assured that her kidneys are intact, and she continues to maintain her sense of humor.

A recent social media comment by actress Heart Evangelista regarding kidney donation has turned out to be a lighthearted jest, much to the relief of her fans.

In an Instagram Q&A session, a follower asked Evangelista how she managed to recover emotionally, mentally, and spiritually from those who took advantage of her kindness.

In response, Evangelista humorously mentioned that she had given away her kidney to someone in need.

“Ay, naku, ha. Matapang na ako ngayon. Hindi na talaga ako papayag. Dati, mabait ako. Ngayon, hindi na. So, kung nagtataray ako, may dahilan ‘yun. So in case, just in case, alam n’yo, hindi talaga ako papayag. I’ve, oh my God, gone over and beyond. Nabigay ko nga ‘yung kidney ko eh, alam mo ba? Ahmmmm, ganun kabudol. May sakit daw ‘yung ano, kailangan daw ng kidney, tutubo daw ulit. Binigay ko! Char.

“Pero ganoon kapasok, my God. But now? Try. You can take everything. I will find ways to work hard and get it back. Basta si Lord kasama ko, wala tayong problema. Pero matapang na ako. Cheers to that.”

This comment raised concerns among her followers, who thought it was a genuine revelation. However, in a subsequent TikTok video, Evangelista clarified that it was all in good fun and a playful exaggeration.

“So, the question is anong ibig kong sabihin nung sinabi kong except those nabenta niya ‘yung kidney niya? What I mean to say is rurok na rurok ‘yung pagkabudol ko emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Kaya, kahit anong hingin sa akin, gagawin ko.”

She explained that she was joking and had only meant to emphasize the depth of her belief in helping others.

“Nung sinabihan ako ng kinangangailangan daw ng kidney ‘yung emerut babyrut niya. Tapos sabi naman ng isang conniving kembot na tutubo naman daw ‘yung kidney ko uminom lang daw ako ng vitamin B, charot! B Complex, naibigay ko ‘yung kidney. But I was just joking because ang ibig ko sabihin noon, ganoon karurok ‘yung belief.”

In her original comment, Evangelista expressed her determination to assist those in need while highlighting her newfound strength and resilience.

The remark was made in a humorous context, and there was no actual kidney donation involved. It appears to have been a whimsical exaggeration rather than a factual disclosure.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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