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Old man collects rice to avoid hunger, brings crowd to tears

Old man collects rice to avoid hunger, brings crowd to tears


On an episode of GMA Network’s variety show ‘Wowowin’ aired on April 25, an old man revealed that he collects grains of rice everyday just to be able to eat.

The man was invited to the stage as a member of the studio audience. He revealed that he is living with loneliness and that his wife died of leukemia and has no children.

In addition, he also said that he picks up grains of rice from the market just to feed himself which really made the crowd emotional. His usual routine would be picking up grains of rice when the stores in the market are about to close.

One guy from the crowd named Hendricks, who according to him is a call center agent, got so emotional that he started shedding tears.

“Yung sitwasyon niya nagpupulot ng bigas, tapos tayo marami tayong reklamo, maraming hinahanap, nakikita natin kung gaano tayo ka-blessed. Dapat magpasalamat tayo kung anong sitwasyon natin na binigay ng Diyos at mag tiwala tayo sa kanya,” he said in an emotional tone. He then thanked Willie for providing people, including him, happiness through the show. They hugged it out and Hendricks was given the usual presents.

The old man said that it is an honor for him to be at the show and claims to watch the show and is big fan of it. He was then given the usual presents along with the other contestants.

The video of this has over 1.3 million views on YouTube. Netizens showed their sympathy towards the old man and hopes that programs would help out the old man in his struggles in life.

Watch ‘Wowowin,’ weekdays on GMA Network before ’24 Oras.’ Hosted by Mr. Willie Revillame with co-host Sugar Mercado.

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OFW goes home to donate kidney to her mother with cancer

OFW goes home to donate kidney to her mother with cancer


On April 26, during a ‘Wowowin’ episode, the audience was filled with emotion when a contestant revealed why she went back home from being a caretaker in Taiwan.

A ‘Wowowin’ contestant named Tin said she went back home to donate her kidney to her own mother. She said that her mother’s condition, called Stage 3 CKD (chronic kidney disease), a kind of kidney cancer, cannot be treated with dialysis and that a kidney transplant was the only way to save her.

“Nag-boluntaryo na po ako Wil umuwi lang po ako galing ng Taiwan sa kasagsagan ng trabaho ko po, kahit ayaw ko po iwan ‘yung trabaho ko kasi sobrang mahal na mahal ko po ‘yung mga pasyente ko,” she said.

She felt that it wasn’t right that she can take care of other people but not her own mother, so she decided that she would donate her own kidney to save the woman she always loved.

“Nag decide po ako na I cannot lose my mother at a very young age, gusto pa naming siyang makasama,” she said as tears were pouring all over the studio.

Her mother Edna said that she is lucky to have a daughter that is responsible and one that sacrificed a lot for her family, as Tin was crying.

Tin’s youngest sister Nica was also in attendance but did not say much but “Thank you” as she could not express to words her emotions and gratitude. The three women then hugged it out and the camera showed a good amount of audience members crying.

Tin expressed her gratitude for her sister by saying “Sobrang proud ako sayo, ako siguro yung pinakamasayang ate sa buong mundo kasi may isa akong kapatid na katulad mo. Kahit gaano man kahirap ang ating buhay, natapos mo yung pag aaral mo.”

Tin also said that her sister urged her to come home because she needed to be a mother to her child and that it was her sister’s turn to work for the family, which made Tin cry even more as she was sharing this story.

The contestant did not regret anything she did in the sacrifices that she made for her family.

“Ma, fight fight lang tayo diba. Kaya ko naming mabuhay na nag-iisa lang ang kidney eh. Ang nanay at magulang ay hindi napapalitan. Kulang na kulang itong isang kidney ko na ibibigay sayo sa sobrang sakripisyo na binigay mo sa amin Mahal na mahal kita mang mahal na mahal kita,” she expressed, as tears were still dripping from her eyes.

Her mother and her sister felt everything she said as the crowd was sympathizing with them all throughout.

Watch ‘Wowowin,’ weekdays on GMA Network before ’24 Oras,’ hosted by Mr. Willie Revillame with co-host Sugar Mercado.

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A lesbian grants her mother’s wish to have a baby, who she thought was dying

A lesbian grants her mother’s wish to have a baby, who she thought was dying

  • A teen beauty contestant in Wowowin introduced her mom as “pogi”
  • It was revealed that the contestant’s mom was a lesbian
  • Mama Che wrongfully thought her own mother was dying so she granted her wish to have a grandchild by getting pregnant

In the ‘Pera o Kahon’ segment of Willie Revillame’s ‘Wowowin’ on Tuesday, a teen beauty contestant introduced her mother as “pogi” to the curiosity of the host and the audience.

Asked why she did so, the contestant named Angel, said her mother was a lesbian. As the segment allows the contestants to share their life stories, the senior high school student proceeded to relay her story.

Angel aims to be an accountant or a business woman in the future to alleviate her family from poverty. She’s the only biological daughter of her lesbian mother, Mama Che.

Her mother adopted another child into their family. Angel never met nor knew her father growing up.

Revillame interrogated Mama Che on her decision to get pregnant, even though she’s a lesbian. The woman answered that the incident only happened because she initially thought her own mother was dying and doggedly wish for her to have a grandchild.

Wanting to fulfil her mother’s ‘dying request,’ Mama Che said, “Sige, bibigyan kita ng apo ‘tas liliko na’ko,” alluding to her decision of switching her gender and sexual orientation after she bears a child.

When asked by the host to leave her child with a message, the lesbian mother told Angel, “’Nak, alam mo naman, kahit ganito ko binuhay kita, pinalaki ka namin ng Mommy mo, alam mo naman ‘yun mula’t sapol kahit baby ka pa, kami na ng Mommy mo ‘yung nag-aalaga sa’yo, sumusuporta, gumagabay sa’yo. Nagpapasalamat ako sa’yo dumating ka sa buhay namin ng Mommy mo.”

Angel who was visibly teary-eyed in the video was very thankful of her mother and grandmother too. The grandmother appeared in the video clip as well, looking very healthy and hale.

“Ni-request ko po ‘yan (sa anak ko) para ho magkaroon kami ng kasama dahil dadalawa lang kami. Nagpapasalamat ako at hindi ako nagkakamali dahil napakaganda ng apo ko,” the proud grandma declared.

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Willie Revillame is having difficulty settling with family of the woman who died in ‘Wowowin’

Willie Revillame is having difficulty settling with family of the woman who died in ‘Wowowin’

  • They personally attended to the needs of the victims during the accident that happened in the studio
  • It really broke his heart when the old woman who was badly hurt is more concerned of his birthday episode than to what happened to her
  • The accident that happened was also a learning experience for everybody

After the sad incident that recently happened in one of the ‘Wowowin’ episodes, with one woman badly injured and the other died, renovations have been done to ensure the safety of the audience.

Willie Revillame said that they personally attended to the needs of the victims during the accident that happened in the studio.

He did not continue the taping for his birthday episode because Willie immediately went to the hospital to watch over the old woman who was wounded and suffered a fracture.

Posted by Wowowin on Friday, September 28, 2018

It really broke his heart when the old woman, who was badly hurt, was more concerned of his birthday episode and of what happened to her, as she was the one who asked for forgiveness. She even wore a printed T-shit with a written greeting “Happy Birthday Kuya Willie” and she also prepared her personal girt for the TV host.

According to Gorgy Rula of Pilipino Star Ngayon, Willie will meet again with the victims to give her financial assistance to start a business. He answered the expenses for the hospitalization and all the important things that she needed, and which brought him nearly crying because the victim was continuously asking for his forgiveness. “Nahirapan si Willie siyempre sa pamilya nung isang matandang namatay sa aksidenteng iyun,” Gorgy said in his column.

It was difficult for Willie to approach the beavered family of the woman who died on the accident. He was expecting that the family would not entertain him but he accepted all the responsibilities, even though it was really hard to talk and calm the children of the victim who died.

The show also answered all the expenses for her burial and Willie also gave something to the family that the victim left behind.

Chance n'yo na ito, mga Kapuso! Just look for Martin Tamba and Mau Mariano. Go go go!

Posted by Wowowin on Monday, October 22, 2018

He will never forget how good the family treated him. The accident that had happened was also a learning experience for everybody. Willie Revillame was so thankful to the GMA Network for supporting him throughout this crisis.

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Willie Revillame feels low after the accidents in ‘Wowowin’; one death and another injury

Willie Revillame feels low after the accidents in ‘Wowowin’; one death and another injury

  • One woman died and another injured during a Wowoin episode taping
  • ‘Wowowin’ audience member dies after falling off bleachers
  • According to the official statement, the two lost their balance after dancing and singing to the opening number of the show and fell off the bleachers

Wowowin has always been a show that’s full of laughter, jovialty, and hope. But, during an episode taping last Tuesday, January 22, the usual lively set was replaced by sadness and worry.

As the audience members were dancing for the pre-recording of the show, two women suddenly tripped from the bleachers and fell to the floor. One hit her head with a fire extinguisher while the other fell straight to the floor.

They were immediately rushed to the Delgado Hospital. One suffered from a leg injury, while the other died.

According to Cristy Fermin on her Bandera column last January 25, “Sobrang lungkot ng buong produksiyon sa naganap, halos hindi makapagsalita si Willie, dahil napamahal na sa kanya ang lahat ng mga kababayan nating nagluluwasan mula sa malalayong probinsiya para lang manood ng Wowowin.”

“Malungkot na malungkot ngayon ang aktor-TV host, wala nga naman siyang gusto kundi ang magpasaya ng ating mga kababayan sa pamamagitan ng Wowowin, pero hindi niya naman hawak ang emosyon ng mga kababayan natin kapag nagsisimula na ang programa.”

According to the statement from GMA Network, the deceased was identified as Estrella Bognot. She and Milagros Espiritu “lost their balance while singing and dancing during the opening act”.

It was unclear whether Bognot died before reaching the hospital.

“WBR Entertainment and GMA Network deeply commiserate with, and extended immediate assistance to, the families and loved ones of the victims,” the statement read.

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Bi Guy finds true love with a Bi Gal; relationship of both is getting stronger

Bi Guy finds true love with a Bi Gal; relationship of both is getting stronger

  • Wowowin contestant shared his unusual love story.
  • He said that he thought he was gay until he met the girl that changed his life.

The viewers of GMA Network‘s Wowowin were greeted by a touching story of how a bisexual man thought that he was gay, until he met his now girlfriend.

What’s more amazing is that the girl also turned out to be bisexual.

Austin shared his story during the Willie of Fortune segment on December 14. He said that he really thought that he was gay because he had a boyfriend of six years.

“Akala ko dati bading talaga ako eh kasi nagkaroon po ako ng ex na lalaki, six years. Kaka-break lang po namin. Akala ko siya na eh. Pero ngayon Kuya Wil, hindi ko alam kung bakit.”

Then he met Marie.

“Siguro pain changes people at na-in love ako sa babae. At may plot twist, bisexual din siya.”

The contestant told his girlfriend that if before, she thought that he was just joking around, now she knows that he’s not.

“Akala mo kasi dati biro lang eh. Ngayong gusto ko, ayan nationwide, gusto ko malaman mo na seryoso ako doon at saka sana hayaan mong ako ‘yung maging lalaki ng buhay mo,” Asutin told Marie.

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