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Qualified or Disqualified? Senior High School graduates find difficulty in seeking for jobs

Qualified or Disqualified? Senior High School graduates find difficulty in seeking for jobs

  • Some senior high school graduates wanted to apply for jobs but still failed to get any.
  • 35 percent confirmed that they are not ready to hiring K-to-12 graduates.
  • The DepED asked the coordination of DOLE and private sector to have proper identification of jobs for K-to-12 graduates.

In 2012, the Department of Education (DepEd) implemented the K-to -12 programs with its visions to improve the educational standards of Filipinos in order to be competent for any job. A graduate of Senior High School is already qualified to find a job; for those who want to work and help with the financial needs of the family.

Currently, there are more than 1.2 million senior high school graduates and some of them wanted to apply for jobs but still could not get any.

On GMA News 24 Oras special report by Chino Gaston, a Senior High School graduate Catrinjoy Bolo is hoping to find a job and get employed. She was a top student in their class with working experience as a part-time data encoder and underwent call center agent training but still had a hard time finding a job.

“Marami na po, mga 20 na po akong nag-apply. Sadly, ‘di pa rin po ako nakukuha,” she said.

Bolo was expecting to be hired after she graduation for she thought that it would grant her a job.

“Pangako nila noon is ‘pag naka-graduate ka, makaka-apply ka agad. Bakit parang ang hirap pa rin sa akin na kapag… i-accept ako sa trabaho na ina-applyan ko,” said added.

Prof. Rene Tadle is against the program and sent a petition to the Supreme Court that said: “How sure are you na after k-12, they’ll be employed?

“That is a fundamental objection that we raised. It seems that even now, wala pa ring masyadong solusyon ang gobyerno.”

Based on the Philippines report in 2018, 41 percent of the companies were still indefinite to hire and 35 percent had confirmed that they are not ready on hiring of K-to-12 graduates.

“Medyo nag-aalangan pa kasi. Unang-una, makikita natin na hindi sila handa tumanggap ng K-12 kasi ‘yung mga requirements nila ay only offered to college graduates,” shared Philip Gioca, country manager, Phl.

The Philippine Business for Education, a private sector coalition said that companies have their misconception over senior high school graduates and that should be changed.

“Hindi nila alam na karamihan sa mga guma-graduate ng K-12, ay 18 years old na. Kasi nandun pa rin sila sa mindset na, ‘ah high school graduate’ so 16, underage. Marami sa mga companies nagre-require talaga ng college level or college graduate sa mga H.R. manuals nila. It takes time to change those policies,” saud Love Basillote, executive director, PBED.

The PBED had checked the K to 12 curriculum and 93 percent match the skills of a senior high school graduate to meet the requirements of the companies.

“On the part of government, or from the school part, siguro dapat na abisuhan ‘yung mga companies na medyo mas maaga, na, ‘o, 2018, ga-graduate na ‘yung first batch. dapat ‘yung sistema niyo siguro dapat handa na to,” Basillote said

Undersecretary Nepomuceno Malaluan of Department of Education also said waiting for the readiness of the companies seems impossible.

“If we will wait for a certain conclusive readiness, we’ll never get there because it will always be a work in progress.”

The DepED asked the coordination of DOLE and the private sector to have proper identification of jobs for K-to-12 graduates.

“The curriculum has changed, the training programs have changed to include those competencies and it will take time for the industry to realize that, at kailangan ng.. to recognize that what we need is greater interaction with them and partnerships,” he added

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Viral post of an ambulance used for family outing has driver receiving disciplinary action from the mayor

Viral post of an ambulance used for family outing has driver receiving disciplinary action from the mayor

  • A government-owned emergency vehicle was used as a personal service during a Holy Week outing
  • Netizen discovered they used an ambulance as a service for their family outing
  • The mayor did not disregard the issue and took disciplinary action on the driver

The attention of the local government of Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro was called because of a viral post of a netizen showing a government-owned emergency vehicle that was used as a personal service during a Holy Week outing. The post received negative reactions from the netizens and called out to discipline the driver.

An uploader named KC Jane Valdez Vicera shared the photos on her Facebook Account with the caption: “Akala ko may aksidente sa ilalim ng amnay bridge ayun pala ginawang service for family outing 👏😮👀👀 Tama ba o mali ang kanilang ginawa?” she wrote.

She wondered if there was an accident happening under the Amnay Bridge but then she discovered that they were just having a family outing and had used the ambulance as a service for their family activity.

On her uploaded pictures, it can be seen that the children were all wet while swimming by the river and some of their companions were eating by the riverside. A wet shirt is also seen hanging on the front window of the ambulance which made her realized that the ambulance was used as their service.

Netizens on social media have reacted negatively as they know that an ambulance is used for emergency cases and later called the attention of the Mayor to investigate and give disciplinary action on the driver.

“Magandang tanong diyan may nagpapa-abot ba naman nito sa LGU Sablayan? Kasi hindi naman nila hahayaan ang ganitong gawain. Dapat gawin ang tamang proseso pa-imbestigahan, malay ba naman natin may malalim na istorya nababalot dito. Na dapat natin malaman. Halimbawa sino ang mga taong nakasakay sa ambulansiya? At sino sa kanila nagpahintulot na gamitin yan sa outing? Sino ang driver?🤔”

“Ang mali ay mali, at sa aking pagtingin sa mga larawan, mali talaga ito. Pero ang ikonekta ito sa mayor ay mali rin. Naniniwala akong walang alam ang mayor sa pangyayaring yan. At sigurado rin akong aaksyonan nya yan agad-agad once na makarating yan sa kanya… Hindi nya po yan kukunsintihin, dahil kahit nga sya mismo ay bumaba sa goverment service vehicle nya at ginamit ang sariling sasakyan para sa kanyang pangangampanya dahil alam nyang bawal yon…”

Posted by KC Jane Valdez Bicera on Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mayor Eduardo Gadiano had confirmed with GMA News that the used ambulance with the mark LGU-Sablayan and plate number SKT 741 belongs to the Sablayan local government. The driver was assigned from the northern part of the town and he will not disregard the issues.

On a phone interview, he said he has three choices for disciplinary actions for the driver: suspension, termination, or resignation.

Kailangang bigyan ng disciplinary action ‘yung driver dahil mali ‘yung ginawa niya. Tatlo lang pinagpipilian ko sa kanya: suspension, termination, o mag-resign siya, kasi mali ang ginawa niya,” said Mayor Gadiano.

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Depression overruled Mark Joseph Ubalde’s life, a video reveals his fight with Depression

Depression overruled Mark Joseph Ubalde’s life, a video reveals his fight with Depression

  • Ubalde’s body was found lifeless in the bathroom after someone had asked the hotel guest service center to check on him because he’s not answering his phone call.
  • With all his achievements in life, he has mastered the art of  pretending.
  • The video talked about his struggles with depression. 

“How are you? Honestly, tell me how are you?” a simple question that could save somebody’s life who is struggling with depression.

On Monday, April 1, it was not an April Fools’ Day prank that shocked every one, but it was the sudden death of Mark Joseph Ubalde, a broadcast journalist and The Manila Times columnist.

A 33-year-old journalist was found dead in his hotel room at the Shangri-La at The Fort in Bonifacio Global City (BCG) in Taguig City at 5:30 p.m and was confirmed by his sister Shyrl Ann on a Facebook post.

According to the BCG Police, Ubalde’s body was found lifeless in the bathroom after someone had asked the hotel guest service center to check on him because he’s not answering his phone call. Right at the moment, the Shangri-La’s in-house physician declared him dead.

Ubalde had finished his degree in journalism at the University of the Philippines in 2007 and after three years, he earned his Certificate in Online and Multimedia Journalism from the International Institute for Journalism in Berlin Germany.

My depression.

Posted by The Digital Nomad on Sunday, March 31, 2019

In 2009, he started his career in journalism for GMA News as s senior news producer and on the same year he was awarded for his report on absentee mothers called “When Mom is Away, the Family goes Astray.”

After two years he transferred to TV5 as multimedia Reporter for and won Best Online Report at the Migration Advocacy Media Awards for his report on “Highlights and Lowlights: 38 years of Pinoy Abroad.”

Then in 2013, he became a content manager for and managed the pioneering team of N5E, as the new site generated over 48 million unique visitors in 2014.

Using his social media expertise, he later worked as a consultant to the Asian Development Bank, the Presidential Communications Operations Office and in the Department of Information and Technology. Ubalde also helped in creating the National Government portal’s communication strategy and spearheaded the revamp of the website.

Last year, Ubalde started writing his column, “The Digital Nomad” for the Business Times and later, the Sunday Business and IT sections of The Sunday Times that would discuss on many relevant issues like how business can find benefit from social media, searching for ideal social media influencer and finding ways on how to fight fake news on the Internet.

With all these achievements in life, seeing Ubalde as an efficient and very competent person he has mastered the art of pretending (to be fine).

After his death, “The Digital Nomad” had posted his video titled “My Depression”.

This talked about his struggles with depression as he was clinically diagnosed by a psychologist after not able to sleep for two months straight in 2016.

On his half an hour video, he advised those who are undergoing depression to seek out for professional help and don’t self-medicate.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Joseph Holandes Ubalde (@seph_ubalde) on

He also traces back his experience that might have become the root cause of his depression.

Ubalde knew that there is a lingering sadness in him even when he was om high school or as early as grade six. It started when he thought how to survive without his grandmother.

“It started when you were thinking na parang I don’t know how to survive pag nawala yung lola ko and I was in grade 6 then. I would always check up on her and I sleep over sa bahay sa Fairview, I would always went to her and make sure she’s breathing.”

When he was in his sixth grade, he remembered having an experience of anxiety attacks thinking of what he would be.

“I was in grade 6 na naiisip ko na hindi ako pwedeng maging jobless, hindi ako pwedeng ito lang trabaho ko.”

At his young age and being academically gifted, he had to maintain his grades and extra-curricular activities which he thought have also contributed to so much pressure on his part.

Ubalde is also known for Seph wanted to show in his video that “people who are depressed don’t necessarily fall into a box” as always sad or non-functioning individuals who don’t want out of the bed for the entire day but for him, depression has another face.

He admitted that he is a functioning depressed person. Thinking that he has a very jolly out-looking life, who would always smile, having good friends, had laughed a lot and make other people laugh a lot, seeing him as very well composed and confident person but when he’s alone depression comes in.

“Outside you can see that I’m very well composed and confident but deep inside when you’re by yourself and your all alone, that when the façade crumbles, that’s when you have to grapple with your demons or monsters all throughout.”

What could a depressed person need?

Seph made this video to inform that a depressed person like him needs support system from friends, relatives, loved ones, workmates to keep them going as he specifically discussed it what kind of help a depressed person needs.

When you say it, you mean it.

Seph would have wanted friends who would ask simple questions like “kamusta ka na?”, “how are you?”,  “what have you been up to?” as they take that seriously but the person or a friend must mean it .

“I stood out with my friends before that you have to really mean when we say “how are you?” hindi yung parang nakita mo siya after a while and say kamusta ka na? It has the same level as “ Uy! kumain ka na? or Uy! kain tayo! It just a gesture, it’s empty but when we start asking and if you know this person is depressed like me, you really have to mean it.”

He also said that friends don’t have to say anything, what is more important, is to wait for a sincere answer from them or answer more beyond usual conversation, friends who are genuinely check-up on you and would really ask you, how are you?

“I wish I have more friends who really mean it when bumped into them and tell me “uy kamusta ka na?” that would really be pressed on saying “ totoo, kamusta ka na?”

Depressed people like him would feel that their alone but having more friend who would press them to tell their true feelings could have helped them to open up their problems and would not keep it within their self.

“Asked someone genuinely how are they doing and don’t escape with the answer of I’m fine. I’m fine is the idlest words among depressed people, because it’s a mask “I’m fine” A depressed person is never fine”

Friend, lend me your ears.

Seph would also want friends who have the patience to listen as he was fortunate enough to find one named “Ricky” who would always be there when he had his depression attacks.

“I wish I have friends like him, friends I can call at midnight when the fangs of depression are attacking. “
The common response that we hear advising or comforting a depressed person could be the worst things for them hear

.“The worst thing that a friend would say to a depressed person na saying parang “oh I feel bad and the friend would say oh.. wala yan ako nga ganito ang napagdaanan ko or friend magdasal ka lang kaya mo yan or the worst yung ikaw naman kasi eto yung ginagawa kung eto na lang yung ginawa mo..”

As a depressed person, he would advise that it is important to lend an ear and never compare your friends’ pain to your own pain because both of you living different lives and your experiences were different. Seph also said to stop downplaying depression as a mere face especially for those who are clinically or diagnosed as a depressed person.

“It’s a process, it is not something na ginagawa lang excuse… No! It’s not!

“When people look at me they won’t say that I’m depressed. There are moments that I look sad but I can bounce back… I mean mabilis I’m a master at pretending, even the way I look it, and it doesn’t manifest what I’m going through.”

All he ever wanted was a friend who would listen and acknowledge their pain that it is legitimate and not imaginary, more friends who don’t disappoint him, who would not leave. He also tries his best to reconnect to people who had been part of his life but because of the distance, he can’t easily get connected with them.

He also had wished to have a sensitive friend who would know that he was only pretending to be fine.

“I wished I have friends who could see clearly that I’m just pretending to be fine because it is difficult to know but you feel it, a good friend would feel it, a good friend would know that someone is faking it and who’ s genuinely experience it”

Support from my family.

In times of trouble, one’s family would always be there or is expected to help a person suffering with depression but for Seph, he not with him.

“I wished I had a support system in my family, that willing to talked about mental health issues and not mere dismissing it as “mapahinga ka kasi” or “magsimba ka kasi lagi” coz I come from a very religious family.” he said.

“I would always the tell them that “ang tao na nasa garage ay hindi nagging kotse at ang taong laging nasa simbahan ay hindi nagiging santo” it not about the structure , it’s about personal relationship with God whoever maybe in your life and I don’t appreciate relative would say “may pinagdadaanan lang siya.”

A Supportive Partner.

Seph recently been out of a relationship and had also wished to have a partner who would understand that he is undergoing depression and would not leave or would have stick with him for a while. For it does not define who he is, it a part of that he is trying to manage, overcome and understand.

“I wish I could find someone who could understand because after all, people who are suffering from mental health issues are just wanting of people who would understand them”

A desire society for a depressed person.

He wanted people who would not treat it as a “Fad” but who would turn this mental health issue as an opportunity for a business.

“I have met someone who claims to be an advocate for the mental health issue, according to him who is not undergoing any mental health issue at all but who wants to profit from it by creating this mental health institution.

“He wants mental health solutions or therapy to be retailed but mental health is not a clothing store or you could pass it as a commodity.”

Depressed person are not weak. They are the strongest people I know.

“People who are undergoing depression were so ashamed of themselves maybe it is because they look normal but don’t act normally,” he said.

He felt so sad when he sees people who took their own life it’s because pain becomes unbearable that death seems to be a lesser pain. Knowing depression he would say that “We’re not weak, we are strong” and every day is a struggle.

“If I told my story when I was I kid, everything underwent, you wouldn’t have survived.”

His final message to all who are depressed is to fight it as he also pleaded not to judge a depressed person who has given up on living.

“For people who are depressed or undergoing any mental health issue “fight” not everyone as brave as we are. Fight the when it seems like every day is a struggle and you’re not winning anything “fight” not just for your family, not just for your friends, “fight” for yourself. And for those who have decided not to fight anymore “please don’t judge them, you don’t know what they been through. Hope to see you and just be kind to one another be understanding of each other’s struggles. See you on the other side.”

His words should not be taken for granted, for he himself has experienced how hard fighting depression is. This might help us to save somebody’s life because only a few have survived and most of them have given up.

Behind Mark Joseph Ubalde’s success, his depression have overruled him, hid life.

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Filipino scientists found a way to make ‘cheap’ invisibility cloaks out of old office equipment

Filipino scientists found a way to make ‘cheap’ invisibility cloaks out of old office equipment

  • UP scientists created affordable “cloaking device” fit for classroom use
  • The Pinoy researchers further developed the existing science behind the ‘Rochester Cloak’ to make things invisible out of old office equipment
  • Due to its easy and cheap setup, the researchers believe it could help bring interest to science and be beneficial to learning

The University of the Philippines’ researchers recently built on top of what US scientists have developed in the past: to create an affordable “cloaking device.”

Scientists Miguel Revilla, JC Lorenzo, and Nathaniel Hermosa from the UP National Institute of Physics (NIP) discovered a way to make an invisibility cloak out of readily available parts, together with optics salvaged from old office equipment.

In an interview with GMA News, Hermosa said “Our first experiments on cloaking with different focal lengths were with lenses which came from old overhead projectors and telescopes.”

The researchers showed in a demonstration video how a metal bar inserted in the middle of the apparatus disappeared completely from view, allowing the NIP logo in the background to be clearly seen.

To become invisible, according to MIT Technology Review, an object must do two things: (1) it has to be able to bend light around itself so that it casts no shadow, and (2) it must produce no reflection.

Back in 2014, graduate student Joseph Choi and professor of physics John Howell at the University of Rochester in New York, USA developed the “Rochester Cloak.” It is a cloaking device which can be built using inexpensive, everyday materials. It features four standard lenses that allows an object to appear invisible as the viewer moves several degrees away from the optimal viewing positions.

The problem with the said cloak, however, is that there are limits to the kinds of lenses that can be used, as well as the size of the setup.

For many years, scientists have proposed, developed and mounted different optical systems to achieve the effect of…

Posted by UP Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs on Monday, February 25, 2019

Pinoy physicists Revilla, Lorenzo, and Hermosa, on the other hand, were able to simplify the Rochester Cloak by making it more compact and fiddling with different lens combinations and various focal lengths as opposed to the original setup of the Rochester Cloak.

As a result, their version of the invisibility cloak is much easier and cheaper to put together, which can then be used for classroom optics experiments.

“Schools lacking sets of lenses can benefit from this as well. They may have old or broken overhead projectors where they can get the lenses from,” said Revilla.

He then went on to explain how far they are from perfecting the invisibility cloak same as that from the Harry Potter movie, where factors such as a wide range of light and angles need to considered to be able to make large objects disappear when viewed at any given point. “Research in invisibility is continuous and new technologies and materials are being developed and fabricated yearly… Probably the difficult part of making the cloak is developing the material itself,” he said.

Nevertheless, his research-partner Hermosa believes that their existing work, and its easy setup, could help bring huge interest to kids who may one day pursue scientific careers, or for college undergraduates to better understand its underlying equations and concepts.

“I want something that will benefit physics education. My gut feel is our research will have a much heavier impact in the education community,” Hermosa remarked.

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Jessica Soho, 2 GMA News and Public Affairs executives were invited by NYF Grand Jury

Jessica Soho, 2 GMA News and Public Affairs executives were invited by NYF Grand Jury

  • Three representatives from GMA network were invited to the 2019 New York Festivals’ Grand Jury
  • The award-winning directors, producers, writers, actors, and other creative media professionals around the globe will acknowledge the top TV programs and films from over 50 countries
  • To ensure the fairness of the results, all NYF judges are not allowed to judge entries from their own companies

GMA Network continues to make a mark in the global stage as a leading broadcasting company in the Philippines. There were three representatives from the said network who were invited to the 2019 New York Festivals’ Grand Jury, namely; senior vice president for news and public affairs Marissa Flores, first vice-president for public affairs Nessa Valdellon, and news anchor Jessica Soho. As Flores is a Grand Jury member, she will also be part of NYF’s Advisory Board.

Marissa Flores, who serves as GMA News Online’s executive vice-president for editorial, has been recognized for the growth of GMA Network’s News and Public Affairs organization. Under her leadership, there were more than 30 programs and numerous public affairs special features that were aired; making GMA earn the merit of being the most awarded broadcast news organization in the country.

The executive producer, program manager of documentaries, public affairs, reality TV, and drama programs Nessa Valdellon has experienced working on television for more than two decades now.

She was the creator of the social realism series “Bayan Ko” and “Titser,” as well as in launching an online newscast – a winner of an innovative funding grant from YouTube’s “Stand the Truth.” And she is the one who spearheaded the launch of GMA News TV, which is now the most-watched local news channel.

And Jessica Soho, as the country’s most awarded broadcast journalist, has marked a momentous history in Philippine broadcasting after becoming the very first Filipino news anchor to become a finalist in the New York Festival Television and Film Awards.

READ: GMA Network earns 5 of the country’s eight short-listed entries at the 2019 New York Festivals

She also won the Best News Anchor category for GMA News TV’s flagship newscast, State of the Nations with Jessica Soho (SONA), making her a two-time recipient of the George Foster Peabody Award.

The three of them will join the award-winning directors, producers, writers, actors, and other creative media professionals from around the globe in acknowledging the top TV programs and films from over 50 countries.
To ensure fairness in the results, all NYF judges are not allowed to judge entries from their own companies.

Last year, GMA network brought home eight medals and four finalist certificates at the 2018 New York Festival “World’s Best TV and Films” Competition, and remains the most awarded local broadcast news organization.

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Excuse me po! Mike Enriquez becomes subject of Internet rage over statement on student-protesters

Excuse me po! Mike Enriquez becomes subject of Internet rage over statement on student-protesters

  • Mike Enriquez earned the ire of netizens after commenting over students who join rallies

‘Using DZBB as his platform, anchor Mike Enriquez said over the radio waves, “Kayong mga Iskolar ng Bayan, rally kayo nang rally. Kami ang nagtutustos sa ipinagpapaaral sa inyo!”

The statement drew flak from The Professional Heckler’s twitter post, a known humor blog account, oftentimes aligning on satire when it comes to social and political issues.

In his post dated February 19, 2019, he reminisced over the rallies he has attended during his college days which proved fruitful for the causes he believed in — at one time even stopping a dorm fee increase.

He mocked Enriquez’s butting in over the issue when the famous news anchor was not even a State University graduate.

Professional Heckler said that he was able to graduate on time and he did not have any problems with his grades. “And excuse me, Mike Enriquez, hindi nasayang ang subsidy ng gobyerno sa pag-aaral ko!,” he added.

Some other netizens aren’t happy about the statement

Even adding fuel to the fire, the post included Bong Revilla’s pork barrel case where he encouraged the anchor to dig deep to the issue and not rely on SOCO stories.

The same sentiment of Professional Heckler was echoed in veteran lawmaker Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero’s statement saying that all students, including those who take part in street protests, are afforded by the state with the right to free speech and expression, to peaceably assemble, and petition the government for redress of grievances–a remark he made as response to National Youth Commission chairman Ronald Cardema after he urged President Rodrigo Duterte to cancel the scholarship of state university and college students who participated in anti-government protests.

These student protesters also enjoy the right to due process and equal protection, just like any other citizen of the country and Escudero insisted that “Kung may sisipain (sa pwesto) dapat siya at ‘di ang mga estudyante.”

The chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Arts, and Culture even pointed out that “Both the President and the government should serve every Filipino without distinction and regardless of political beliefs. Dissent in a democracy should never be frowned upon, much less penalized in any way.”

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‘Debate 2019: The GMA Senatorial Faceoff’ reignites trust to mainstream media

‘Debate 2019: The GMA Senatorial Faceoff’ reignites trust to mainstream media

  • Media gaining traction to earn public trust
  • GMA News’ ‘Debate 2019’ brought back public trust to mainstream media

Constantly gaining public trust, media workers are doing their best to bring intelligent information to its viewers. With the help of the right information, people can now decide who are the people to vote in the upcoming elections.

We clearly see the effect of fake news and misinformation brought to us, like the one that resulted to 60 last recorded deaths by the measles plague, brought by misinformation.

People reacted positively to “Debate 2019: The GMA Senatorial Face-Off” which aired Saturday, as it showed the right amount of information that made the show going viral.

Manned by news veterans, the debate was moderated by Vicky Morales and Pia Arcangel, with debate panel members Jessica Soho, Howie Severino, Arnold Clavio, and Mel Tiangco.

Netizens were thrilled by Jessica Soho’s bombardment of questions directed at Imee Marcos.

“Sinabi n’yo na political accusations lang at hindi pa napatunayan sa Korte ang mga paratang na ang inyong pamilya ay may ill-gotten wealth,” Jessica Soho asked.

“Pero sa datos po ng PCGG or Presidential Commission on Good Government, mayroon na pong 170 billion plus na na-recover mula sa inyong pamilya bilang ill-gotten wealth. Paano n’yo po kukumbinsihin ang mga botante sa Mayo na hindi nga po yun illegal weath?,” she added.

Imee answered: “Napakadami pang kaso na pending sa iba’t iba pong mga korte. Handa po kaming ipagtanggol ang aming pangalan, at alam po natin na iyong PCGG ay magpapatuloy pero ayaw ko pong mag-comment dahil interesado po kami. Pero patuloy po naming ipagtatanggol at ipaglalaban, ebidensiya sa ebidensiya, dokumento sa dokumento, lahat ng mga paratang na ito.”

Watch the replay here:

Without a moment’s notice, Jessica Soho slammed another hard hitting question to Imee: “Si Presidente Duterte po mismo ang nagsabi na kumausap po kayo sa kanya, kayo raw po mismo, para mag-settle. Ibig sabihin, nakahanda po ang inyong pamilya na magbalik maybe part o partial na wealth na described as ill-gotten. Paano po ninyo i-eexplain po ito?”

“My family volunteered to President Duterte na makikipag-ugnayan at magko-cooperate kami sa pagbigay ng impormasyon, ano man ang puwede naming ibigay, ano man ang nalalaman namin, pati na rin ang mga papeles. Dahil alam namin na si Duterte ay committed sa pagbabago at naniniwala kami sa agenda niya.”

Some other netizens praised how their senatorial bets answered the questions:

What do you think about the debate? Do you think they provide the right information? Please comment your ideas in the comment box down below and please leave a like and share.

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Where’s Arn-Arn now? The sad state of the former “Pambansang Puppet ng Pilipinas” revealed!

Where’s Arn-Arn now? The sad state of the former “Pambansang Puppet ng Pilipinas” revealed!

  • Anthony Taberna’s mascot Tonton has sparked curiosity about Arn-Arn’s whereabouts.
  • It is said that the puppeteer of Arn-Arn got sick and is unable to come to work anymore, resulting for the puppet to be stored in a room at the Network.

Anthony Taberna‘s introduction of Tonton at the opening of the 8th branch of Ka Tunying at SM North, has sparked curiosity about a certain puppet’s whereabouts.

Unlike Arnold Clavio‘s Arn-Arn, Tonton has the capability to walk, dance, and entertain the attendees of the event. But Arn-Arn also has his advantages. One of which is that he can talk.

But before people talk about a showdown between the two, where is Arnold Clavio’s sidekick?

Arn-Arn used to appear in Unang Hirit daily, helping with the commentary and reporting of news.

According to a staff of Unang Hirit, the puppet is sadly stored away in a corner of a room at the News and Current Affairs department of GMA Network.

It is said to be that the puppeteer got sick and is unable to work anymore.

“Nakatago na lang si Arn-Arn. Nagkasakit kasi yung puppetter kaya hindi na siya puwedeng magtrabaho.”

Arn-Arn was known as the “Pambansang Puppet ng Pilipinas” who even had its own Twitter account.

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Netizens annoyed at JackBie headlines from GMA News website

Netizens annoyed at JackBie headlines from GMA News website

  • Netizens complained about the large amount of exposure of Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto on GMA News’ Facebook page.
  • The page has started posting multiple articles about the loveteam ever since an update about them went viral.

Filipinos are usually passionate when it comes to celebrities they support.

It’s also normal to be a fan of a loveteam that networks, or fans themselves, establish. And because these two people are always together doing shows, commercials, and even concerts, it’s not surprising that they have developed feelings for each other and actually enter a relationship.

One of the real and reel life couples is Jak Roberto and Barbie Forteza. Of course their fans are thrilled and want to hear more and more about them, but recently, netizens have started to complain about the amount of times they’ve seen the loveteam at the page of GMA News.

It started off with a viral post about the couple not planning to give each other a present for Christmas. Facebook users have shared it as not everyone saw it as news-worthy.

The post reached more than 7,000 shares on the social media platform.

Ano ang plano nina Barbie Forteza at Jak Roberto ngayong Pasko?

Posted by GMA News on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

This was followed by updates regarding the couple’s every move and decision such as when they decided to just give each other presents, their travel goals, their eagerness to see each other again, and their New Year’s resolution for each other.

Non-fans of the group have began complaining on the exessive amount of exposure the two are getting, especially when every single article is share on the GMA News page.

Others have began suggesting for the network to stop with the Jakbie posts.

Some even frankly expressed that they do not care about the loveteam.

A netizen even managed to insert a trending news in the KPOP industry, the new couple, EXO‘s Kai and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

While others just decided to unfollow the page instead.

This Twitter user just doesn’t know who Jak and Barbie are.

But the questions is, will the network hear out the plea of the netizens?


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Laila Chikadora receives a phone call during News5 live coverage; what happened next is hilarious!

Laila Chikadora receives a phone call during News5 live coverage; what happened next is hilarious!

  • Laila Chikadora experienced a bit of difficulty during her Facebook live for News5.
  • Netizens poked fun at the broadcaster’s reactions.

It seems like the whole world have its eyes on the newly-crowned Miss Universe, Catriona Gray, and people are excited to see every update about the title holder.

She has made it back to Manila on Wednesday, December 19, and several media outlets have had the chance to stream her arrival.

Grey was with former Ilocos Sur governor, Chavit Singson, and other notable media personalities like Jessica Soho and Dyan Castillejo inside a private plane.

All eyes were on her as she alighted wearing a white suit.

But netizens who were streaming from the News5 Facebook livestream as Laila Chikadora experienced a bit of mishap which was clearly heard by everyone.

A few minutes after the live started, she began telling someone to call her in another phone as she was conducting the stream at the other one.

“[Unaudible] call me sa Globe! Ang kulit naka-live ako sa Smart! I told you to call me sa Globe kasi I’m using this phone on Facebook. I told you na.”

The viewers began commenting about what they heard and started repeating the words that Laila uttered.

Ang kulet nakalive ako sa smart! 😂

Naka live daw sa smart bulok daw kase globe

Hahaha kulit nya noh tawag ng tawag sayo

Other netizens even started to get annoyed in behalf of the broadcaster.

Sinabi nang tawagan ang isang phone. Ano ka ba????

Naglilive si ate sa smart, ano ba!!!!

Laila encountered another mishap when her phone suddenly dropped in the middle of the crowd when they were trying to get closer to the beauty queen.

“Hold on! Hold on! My phone! Guys! Guys! My phone! Bim, are you still there? My phone fell down,” she yelled as she tried to grab hold of the gadget.

The netizens once again poked fun of the incident.

My phoneeee

Kaloka si ate

Hahahaha 😂 baka ung fon mo ma nakaw pa yan in live lol

Another angle of the happening was captured in the Facebook live of GMA News wherein Laila can be seen reaching for her phone while Grey’s security stopped the crowd.

Balik-bansa na si Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray! Welcome home, Queen!

Posted by GMA News on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

News5’s live was viewed more than 132,000 views.

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