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Man details horrific experience dating a Filipina

Man details horrific experience dating a Filipina

  • Jona Nguyen had his identity exposed by his Filipina date’s family
  • Nguyen was threatened by his date’s father
  • Says that he actually feels bad for the Filipina since she can’t find true love due to her parents’ over protectiveness

Jona Nguyen, an Asian American, went on the well-known Facebook group “subtle Asian dating” and shared his terrifying experience with his Filipina date.

The Filipina’s name was Jewelia and they met on the dating app OkCupid.

They started off talking about online games and Jona decided that it was time for them to meet up.

“After a few days of talking, I asked if I can take her on a date, and she obliges. Got her address, and bam, its time to rock and roll.”

The day of the date, Jewelia called him and said that he has to meet her mom. He didn’t see any problem with it so he agreed enthusiastically.

When he got to her house, her six-year-old brother greeted him and asked if ‘he was the Jona guy’, he said yes.

Jona walked inside and met with Jewelia’s mom, who according to him had an unusual smile.

“She asks, ‘Are you j0na? The boy trying to take my daughter out on a date tonight?’ And in the process makes flicking gestures with her hand, with hot adobo sauce landing on my face. I say, ‘Yes I am.'”

The mom then asked Jona if he knows ‘THE ROUTINE”. Jona is oblivious to this and says no. The mom then called Jewelia down and she came down looking embarrassed.

“I ask, ‘what routine?’ And then the most wicked smile comes on her face.”

“You knot know da rooteen? Every boy has to go through the safety check!” says the mom.

Jona understands that Jewelia has protective parents and obliges to the “routine.”

“I see Jewelia in the corner of the room sitting on those little Asian stools, head in her palms looking away from me, fear and pain in her eyes as if I am about to become a sacrifice.”

The mom first asks for Jona’s driver’s license and he gives it to her. What surprised Jona is that she photocopied it.

“Mom then proceeds to look it over, walks away to another part of the room, and wheels out a PHOTO COPY MACHINE AND PHOTOCOPIES MY DRIVERS LICENSE.”

The mom then asks for his wallet and browses through it, then does the same thing with his social security card.


She then asks for his phone number.

“She then walks back over to me, asking me what my phone number is. I tell her, and then she takes out her cell phone, and calls me right there in front of me. My Three Days Grace ringtone goes off, and she tells me ‘Pick up da fone.'”

The mom then asks the six-year-old to get their polaroid camera so she can take a picture of Jona.

“The mom then asks me to stand against this white wall, and that she needs to take a picture of me. I say sure, and then have my mugshot taken.”

She attaches the Jona’s photos to a wall full of other pictures of Jewelia’s previous dates that had to go through the “routine.”

“On the walls, is a string, attaching itself from wall to wall. And on the strings, are literally over 30 polaroid mugshots of guys. Guys who have suffered through this ruteen. Guys who have had their drivers license photo copied. Guys who tried to sample a bit of this sweet calamansi. My picture then gets attached to this string alongside my drivers license and social security.”

The mom then asks Jona what his plan was, and Jona said that he would like to take Jewelia for a hike then got interrupted.

“No. You will take her to yogurtland on Cherry. She is to be home by 8 pm (It was currently 7:20ish PM). You are not allowed to touch her, and I will call you every 10 minutes and will want to speak to her. Do you agree to all this?”

Jona agreed but had no desire for a date anymore, he just wanted all of it to be over. Jewelia’s father then came down with an intimidating presence.

“Then I hear footsteps descending from downstairs. Huge sounding footsteps. Emerging into my sight is a hulking black man built like Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He walks over to my polaroid, takes a picture of it, takes a few steps toward me, and says, ‘If anything happens to Jewelia tonight, I will personally make sure I replace your mouth with your asshole and feed you your own shit for the rest of your life.'”

As they were leaving, Tonee the six-year-old takes down his car’s license plate number.

The drive to Yogurtland was quiet and Jona was just suppressing his anger.

They got there and were silent until Jona said, “Okay what the fuck was that?”.

Jewelia went,  “I’m sorry… my mom is a little protective.”



Jewelia then started crying and everyone was looking at them. Jona tried to calm her down when all the sudden the mom called him and asked to speak with her daughter.

After a few minutes, Jona said that its time to go and angrily told Jewelia that they will never see each other again.

“Hell no, your damn family is crazy!!”

Jewelia started yelling, gaining even more attention from other customers.

“She starts going hysterical. She starts screaming loudly, yelling, sobbing tears, slamming her fists on the table, and is quivering in fear. I’m so afraid, attempting to calm her, and panicking because the other few customers in this yogurtland are just staring at me.”

He breaks the number one rule by putting his hands on her shoulder in an attempt to try and calm her down.

“I then put my hands on her shoulder to try to calm her down, and am trying to reassure her that everything is okay. Then I hear a loud clack. A whiplash of hell entering. ‘GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!'”

Jona turns around and sees Jewelia’s mom storming straight at them.


Jona left and got into his car while Tonee shot a nerf bullet at it. He left angry and confused.

“Are all Filipinos like this??? I’m just like holy shit what did I just go through. I never really thought anything was wrong with them having my information looking back in hindsight now because I was only 19 or 20 at the time, and I was new to dating.”

He blocked all their numbers and never heard from then again. Jona actually feels sorry for Jewelia because her parents prevent her from enjoying dating.

“I hope that she has escaped her mother’s grip and escaped, because thinking back now, she may have been suffering more than I have.”

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Dating a co-worker can lead to marriage

Dating a co-worker can lead to marriage

  • 14% of people who date their co-workers end up getting married to them.
  • Sometimes it is worth the risk

Writer and activist Melanie Curtin explained why dating a co-worker could eventually lead to marriage.

Curtin had her own experience with a co-worker back when she had a summer job on a cruise ship. Her co-worker was flirting with her. Curtin’s boss then talked to her privately to avoid these situations since these can lead to sexual harassment accusations.

“Dating at work is a risk. It’s an emotional risk to you, and it’s also a risk to the company. Yet it happens all the time. Constantly. There’s no way for human beings to work around one another and attraction to not happen.”

CareerBuilder conducted a survey that suggests that 38% of people have dated a co-worker.

One survey even said that 14% of people who date their co-workers end up getting married to them.

Relationships that are developed in a working place that lead to marriage is number one in its category, followed by meeting through a friend, developing from an existing friendship, meeting in college, and meeting online.

There were 2,000 adults as respondents.

“We spend so much time at work that it’s inevitable you will form close friendships that may go on to become a relationship down the line.”

When you are in a relationship with a co-worker, the connection you have with them is strong since you know the aspects of their work, even if you leave the job.

You might not think where you meet can affect how long a relationship lasts, but it seems those who meet through work can expect more longevity than most,” said the spokeperson of the study.

Ann Friedman does not agree with this. In her work “Why a Woman Should Never Date Her Co-workers,” she said, “To a certain extent, dating someone in your field is tethering your professional reputation to theirs, with results that aren’t always positive.”

The reason for the success of co-worker dating is maybe because both people decide that the relationship is worth it.

Bill Gates’ relationship with his wife Melinda started during a Microsoft Press Event and they were seated beside each other.

Michelle was Barack Obama’s mentor at some point during their time at a law firm. Michelle did not really see the former president as relationship material but eventually obliged when he asked her out on a date.

Curtin concluded, “And like other things in life, sometimes the risk is very much worth the reward.”

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Heartbroken guy spends hours to wait for a girl who never showed up

Heartbroken guy spends hours to wait for a girl who never showed up

  • Guy got stood up by a girl he has been courting
  • Girl ditched guy, left him heartbroken with a huge bouquet of flowers

Dating a person you really like is one of the most uplifting feelings ever. Although, waiting is one of the most frustrating things to do ever. But waiting for hours and hours for someone who will probably never show up? That feels awful. Decked with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the story of this sad unknown guy had been circulating the internet.

A post from Igue Bonifacio on Facebook, originally on Instagram story, alerted the internet about this heartbreaking encounter. “I’ve witnessed so many upsets in my life but this… I know, you know kuya. #BeStrong”

According to Bonifacio himself, “From the time that my friend and I arrived at the gas station for a stopover, a guy was just standing there at that position guarding a bouquet of flowers. What really caught my attention was the bigness and how beautiful the bouquet was, tumatak sakin yun. So at the back of my mind, he’s just there waiting for someone and surprise her with that grand gesture.

“Then we got coffee and sat outside the coffee shop, and what do you know! He was still there waiting na parang ako, uy tibay ah. Andon padin yung bulaklak. And then minutes went by andon padin siya.”

The post shows a guy waiting for someone in Petron Katipunan. In the video and photos posted, he is punching the pillar, talking to someone on the phone and eventually sitting on the floor.

Bonifacio also stated that he could see him getting frustrated, “Obviously he is getting frustrated. I can see him punching the post and walking in circles already. So di ko napigilan and had to cut our conversation and told my friend, Someone’s getting stood up. Ayun we just waited what will happen next. If the girl will show up or not.

“Until we’re getting closer to midnight wala padin yun girl. I initially posted it as a story on IG just to share with my close friends what’s happening and how shook we are that it was really happening! I decided to stop covering it when we saw that he just squatted there and felt like he’s tired already. So stop na.”

He also stated that he went through the same experience and shared his hopes for the guy, “I shared it on FB because at some level, I understand him and I know how it feels like to be stood up. Wanted to share that it’s okay to show the world that you’re hurt. That it’s something that we need to face bravely. I just hope that it ended well and if not we wish him well and that the guy will figure it out and just find his way back.”

Unfortunately, it was not clear that whoever he was waiting for showed up. We just hope that this guy could move on with his life. Also, to never pine over someone who will just leave him hanging and waiting.

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Study claims men are intimidated by smart women

Study claims men are intimidated by smart women


Does the saying “smart is the new sexy” hold true for men?

While many men claim that they are attracted to the idea of dating intelligent women, a recent study has revealed that this may not be the case in real life.

smart woman

A study carried out by researchers at the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University, and the University of Texas, Austin suggests that men are actually intimidated by intelligent women.

In the study that involved 105 males, participants were initially asked to read a hypothetical scenario featuring a woman who either outperformed or underperformed them in an English or Math course. Afterwards, they were asked to imagine them as a romantic partner.

The findings of their study showed that men perceived women who outscored them as a more desirable partner.

“Men formed favorable impressions and showed greater interest in women who displayed more (versus less) intelligence than themselves,” the study said.

But when men were asked if they would date such a woman in real life, men suddenly had a change of heart.

“[Men faced in this real life scenario] distanced themselves more from her, tended to rate her as less attractive, and showed less desire to exchange contact information or plan a date with her.”

The researchers believe that men’s decreased attraction for intelligent women was brought about by feelings of diminished masculinity.

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Former adult star Maria Ozawa open to dating PNoy

Former adult star Maria Ozawa open to dating PNoy


Could Maria Ozawa be the future First Lady of the Philippines?

Ozawa, the Japanese-French Canadian former adult film star who is in the Philippines to promote her movie,  announced that she is open to dating President Benigno Aquino III.

Speaking to, the 29-year-old object of men’s fantasies said, “Of course I’m so open. I’m so free, I would love to!”

Although Ozawa has not met the Philippines’ first bachelor chief executive, she revealed that it would be a dream come true for her to be the first lady of the country.

Currently single, Ozawa is hoping to settle down before she turns 35.


“Yes, I do [plan to marry]. I’m going to turn 30 next year, so before I turn 35, maybe I’ll marry and have kids,” she said.

It appears that the Philippines is close to Ozawa’s heart as she is interested to date someone from the country so she can stay. The star is set to appear in an upcoming MMFF entry alongside Robin Padilla.

Aside from revealing her interest in dating PNoy, Ozawa also disclosed the top qualities that she admires most in men.

“They have to be muscular, with sexy cute face and of course a gentleman,” she said.

The 55-year-old President was previously linked to beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach, stylist Liz Uy, Korean TV personality Grace Lee, and ’90s bold star turned politician Barbara Milano.

Is PNoy willing to date Ozawa?

While Malacañan refused to give any comment on the President’s personal matters, Aquino said that he is still searching for the one.

During the mass graduation program of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), he said:

“Ako po’y naghahanap pa. Parati kong inuulit-ulit sa sarili ko: Habang may buhay, may pag-asa.”

(I’m still searching. I keep telling myself: there’s always hope in life.)

Do you think these two have a future?

Featured image credits to NewsKo.

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Pia Wurtzbach speaks up when Kris asked if she’s dating PNoy

Pia Wurtzbach speaks up when Kris asked if she’s dating PNoy


After reaping numerous mixed emotions from the recently concluded 2015 Binibining Pilipinas Grand Coronation Night, from controversial hosting stint of Toni Gonzaga to 2013 Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida’s English accent and Wyn for the Win appeal in trending site, all attention is now focused on the newly crowned Miss Universe-Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. And it seems that Phil Younghusband and President Benigno Aquino III would second and third the motion.

During an interview with ABS-CBN News, pageant “threepeater”, who finally won the crown, said that she and Younghusband are not currently dating.

“We’re friends. Hindi ‘to showbiz, I’m not nagpapaka-showbiz na sagot, pero magkaibigan lang po talaga kami,” Culinary Arts graduate admitted.

Following up, she was not discharged from question that President may supposedly pursue his interest towards her.

A smiling new herald queen responded: “Same answer,” which tells all suitors to wait.

“Maghintay muna kayo dahil matagal ko ring hinintay ‘to, eh. Mas importante ‘to sa akin!” said Wurtzbach.

A week before the pageant coronation night, allegedly spotted that Wurtzbach and Aquino had a dinner together at a Quezon City restaurant.

In a live interview on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight,”  the chief executive’s sister Kris Aquino straightly asked Wurtzbach if she dating her brother. The latter admitted that she and PNoy have communication and described him as “very fun to talk to”.

When the sister  requested Wurtzbach to make her brother happy, the beauty queen said, “Okay,  he’s a very busy man and I’m also very busy preparing for Miss Universe.”

Wurtzbach exchanged sweet smiles when Kris promised to be “good sister-in-law” to her.

Noting that supposed admiration makes her feel “flattered” about, she urged that her priority is to prepare for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

“Kakapanalo ko pa lang, it’s only been two days. This is my first day as Miss Universe-Philippines and right now there’s nothing I can think of but the training and preparation that I have to do. I’m looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile, supporters will get to see the newly crown ladies for their scheduled guests lineup.

“We have upcoming guestings and I hope everybody looks forward to that.”

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Woman Fakes Own Death To Get Rid Of A Bad Date

Woman Fakes Own Death To Get Rid Of A Bad Date


What would you do if you are not into your date but he or she does not clearly get the message? How would you escape or get out of that sticky situation?

For 29-year-old Ann Gray of Somerset, her unbelievable story started when she met her date on an online dating site.

Then, after their third date, Ann decided that they are not for each other so she said, “I called it a night and decided that I never wanted to see him again. Luckily, he didn’t live in my town.”

But the guy did not get her hint.

So, she told him directly that it was not working for her.

However, the man continued to message her. Then one day, she received a message stating, “I think we need to have a date tonight! I will be around your house in 30 minutes.”

The next exchange of conversations will either make you feel angry or sorry for the guy.


reason 2

reason 3

reason 4

reason 5


After that, Ann NEVER received any more messages from the man. But she the Mirror that her former date caught her on the dating website again after a couple of months.

She said he sent him a ‘horrid message’. “Can’t say I blame him, really. I am currently engaged to be married and not dead!”

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