Take part in recognizing the Filipino online mavens who made every day a meaningful online experience for their intended captive demographics.

Dailypedia as a site provides engaging, entertaining, and perhaps enlivening content for Filipinos worldwide. Thus, the award is born to recognize the efforts, impacts, and motivating factors behind its featured content.

SILOG is acquired as the name of the award-giving body since it resonates well with being a Filipino. It refers to a group of Filipino dishes that are traditionally served with fried garlic rice and eggs (sinangag at itlog) for a quintessential breakfast.

SILOG simply describes the maven as the author and the audience as the users or the demographics. These two always come together, but it depends on what sort of ingredient the author gets to add to make it more palatable to the taste of Filipino online consumers.
Since SILOG as breakfast has gone to so many generations, its logo reflects how awesome, brave, and contemporary feel.

This year, it’s going to be the first-ever award for today’s Filipino online mavens.

You have the power to elevate these influencers who continue to shape the lives of today’s generation.