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“Diyos na Mahabagin, bakit poooo???” Agot Isidro reacts to Persida Acosta’s video

  • Agot Isidro reacted to a video of Persida Acosta singing You.
  • Netizens have also poked fun on the PAO chief’s rendition of the song.

Actress Agot Isidro reacted to a tweet containing a video of Public Attorney’s Office chief Persida Acosta singing You by Basil Valdez.

Agot poked fun from the video by saying, “Diyos na Mahabagin, bakit poooo???”

Acosta was seen having fun at a gathering and was singing via a karaoke. She even fought her way through the high parts of the song and earned the applause of the people around her as soon as she was done with her singing.

A Netizen said that he thought he’s tone-deaf, but Acosta proved him otherwise.

Another said that he needed something to stop himself from eye-rolling every time he gets to see the lawyer, like an “Acosta vaccine”.

Other Twitter users resulted to replying memes just to get their message across.

Agot is a known critic of the President Rodrigo Duterte administration. She has previously expressed that she is skeptical of President Duterte’s role in the government as she finds Vice President Leni Robredo more effective.

“The Vice-President acts more presidential than the President. President be talaga yan?” she said in a tweet in May 2018.

She has also urged for the jailing of Imelda Marcos, posting phrases like, “I-selda si Imelda!”

Written by J M

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