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Manny Castañeda slams Maria Ressa: “Sympathy card will not work here”

  • Director Manny Castañeda posted about Maria Ressa’s tax evasion case.
  • He pointed out that Ressa has “harassed” the government via Rappler.

Actor and director Manny Castañeda slammed Rappler Holdings CEO Maria Ressa, saying that she and her supporters are “quick to howl” whenever the law goes against them.

In a public facebook post dated December 4, he shared his sentiments and disappointment toward Ressa.

“Whereas, she enjoyed and applied to the hilt the freedom of expression provided in a democratic society when she relentlessly harassed government with her malicious tirades via Rappler and to this day continues to enjoy such freedom from a government she claims to be authoritarian.”

Castañeda mentioned the journalist’s recent controversy. Ressa is being accused of tax evasion filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

She has filed a joint counter-affidavit before the Department of Justice in response to the allegation.

“This claim, this charge, is absolutely false. I’ve called it ludicrous. I’ve called it ridiculous. I’ve said that it shows ill intent of intimidation and harassment or just plain incompetence.

“I appeal to their sense of upholding the Constitution and letting journalists do their jobs.”

Castañeda said that what Ressa has to do is to “follow the democratic process to prove her innocence.

Whenever the law does not go their way, Maria Ressa, together with her supporters, are quick to howl cliche catchphrase…

Posted by Manny Castaneda on Monday, December 3, 2018

He then added that the CEO has received money from a foreign donor to “discredit” and “consequently destabilize or even overthrow” the current administration.

“And let us not forget, Maria Ressa is also an American citizen. Her actions reveal where her loyalty truly lies.”

Written by J M

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