INFOGRAPHIC: Filipino voters’ preference for president based on location, class

MANILA, Philippines.– The recent survey of Pulse Asia Inc. conducted from February 16 to 27 has unveiled the preferred presidential candidates of Filipinos according to geographical location and income class.

For the survey commissioned by ABS-CBN, 5,200 qualified voters were asked the question: “If the coming 2016 election were held today, whom would you vote for as President of the Philippines?”

Senator Grace Poe, who was recently allowed by the Supreme Court to run for president emerged as the top choice nationwide (26%) as well as in Luzon (32%) and the National Capital Region (30%). Former DILG chief Manuel “Mar” Roxas III, who hails from the province of Roxas, got the majority of the votes in Visayas with 33%.

Tough talking mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte from Davao city came out as the top choice for voters in Mindanao with 47%.

While Poe was the top choice for Class D and E getting 26% and 27% of the votes, respectively, Duterte was preferred by Class ABC with 27%.

The survey was conducted through “secret voting,” a method where respondents gave their answers in sealed ballots, which were only opened during tabulation.


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