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Gary Valenciano and Piolo Pascual share insights about Pope Francis

People know that singer Pure Energy Mr. Gary Valenciano and an Ultimate Heartthrob Mr. Piolo Pascual are very vocal in their faith as being Born-again Christians and they said they are excited for the Pope Francis’ visit here in Philippines.

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano, known as one of the most vocal with his faith in God, said in the recent interview, that the Papal visit is such a huge blessings to Filipinos.

“The Pope is going to come and give words that are very encouraging for us Filipinos. We will always have room in our hearts para sa mga ganoong klaseng salita na galing sa kanya,” nakangiting bungad ni Gary.

“I know it’s going to be very memorable for him dahil makikita niya ang mainit na pagmamahal ng mga Pinoy sa Panginoon,” he added.

However, another celebrity whose very vocal about his faith is the Ultimate Heartthrob, Piolo Pascual. Singer-actor Piolo Pascual being launched as the newest endorser of Silka and is now endorsing Silka Papaya Soap, the No. 1 BEAUTY soap in the country was being asked by the press about Papal visit.

During the presscon, he was being asked about his opinions on Papal visit and he said “It is important to observe and take part it’s because monumental un eh, I’m a born again Christian and I still hear mass, but you know my family is a Roman Catholic, just the same, we still believe in one God and that’s all that matters.”

Piolo Gary V

Papal visit will definitely bring Filipinos as one celebrating the goodness of God in Philippines. Celebrities are excited for this visit because for them, it will bring inspirations that encourage people to deepen their faith in God.

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