Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo team up took 5 months of negotiation

Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo team up took 5 months of negotiation

  • Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards had finally met with director Olivia Lamasan and director Cathy Garcia-Molina
  • This is Alden’s first time to work with director Cathy but for Kathryn, this is her fourth time to work with her
  • Direk Cathy know how much fans love the artists saying: “I both respect their fandoms.”

Have you imagined the biggest star of both rival networks team up together in one movie? Well, now it’s really happening.

There were rumors spreading that there will be an upcoming movie for Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards. But now, they put an end to those rumors when Star Cinema finally confirmed that Alden and Kathryn are set to star in a romance-drama movie under the one of the industry’s best directors, Cathy Garcia Molina.

The movie will be revolving around young Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

On March 12, Kathryn and Alden finally met with the managing director Olivia Lamasan and director Molina. Although they haven’t decided the title of the movie yet, the film outfit had confirmed that the movie will come out this year.

They also confirmed that they will start filming the movie next month and most of the scenes will be filmed in Hong Kong. On a Twitter post of ROXYLIQUIGAN,‏ @Roxy_Liquigan mentioned that it took 5 months to prepare for this movie project and thankedAlden for accepting the offer.

In addition to that, this is Alden’s first time to work with director Cathy but for Kathryn, this is her fourth time to work with her.

“This is the first time that I’ll be working with her so it’s a great honor and experience kasi I’m really on the stage of exploring the craft and my capability as an actor,” Alden told the press.

We all know that both stars are part of two leading love teams. Kathryn is with “KathNiel” pairing with Daniel Padilla, while Alden Richards is with “AlDub,” teaming-up with Maine Mendoza.

With the popularity of both love teams, Direk Cathy knew how much fans love the artists saying: “I both respect their fandoms.”

And now, she is appealing to the fandoms of both Alden and Kathryn to support them for the upcoming movie.

“Sana mahalin nila yung dalawa [with the] same [na] pagmamahal kasi hindi naman yung love team nila yung binebenta dito but yung kwento at yung galing nila bilang artista,” she added.


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OFW in Jordan sleeps in the comfort room

OFW in Jordan sleeps in the comfort room

  • A netizen took pity on the situation of an OFW in Jordan.
  • She uploaded photos of the Filipina, showing that the domestic helper didn’t even have a proper bedroom and had to sleep in the comfort room.

It is no secret the lives of Overseas Filipino Workers are difficult. They had to endure their current situation and the distance between them and their loved ones just to earn a bit more for their family.

But a domestic helper experienced another challenge as she was said to be living in sad conditions that she was even forced to sleep in the comfort room as her employers did not provide a proper bedroom for her.

Posted by Selah M. Jasa on Saturday, December 29, 2018

The makeshift bed was placed beside the toilet and the walls weren’t exactly clean eaither.

The bed was not exactly a proper bed as it was actually an old bathtub.

Posted by Selah M. Jasa on Saturday, December 29, 2018

She also didn’t have a proper closet or storage for her clothes and belongings. Adding to that, she didn’t have any pillows and blanket.

Netizen Selah M. Jesa uploaded the photos asking for help from the embassy.

The domestic helper’s identity, however, remained undisclosed. The post has now reached more than 6,700 shares.

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“B*b* ka talaga!” OFW publicly degrades fellow Filipino in Hong Kong

“B*b* ka talaga!” OFW publicly degrades fellow Filipino in Hong Kong

  • Filipina teller called fellow OFW “stupid” after a heated argument.
  • She also threatened the latter and said that she can have her deported.

There have been a lot of reports about Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) being degraded and publicly humiliated by their foreign employers. There has been a few that has happened in Hong Kong.

But this one Filipina was not shamed by her employer, but her fellow kababayan or countryman.

It is expected for Filipinos to be helpful and kind (especially when they are away from their families and are in the same situation), but for one Filipino woman, it is quite the opposite.

A remitter informed the teller about the latter’s mistake of sending the money to Cebuana Luhillier instead of Palawan Express.

The money was for emergency purposes as a family member is in the hospital and needed the money for the medicines.

When the remitter stated her complaints, instead of apologizing or finding a solution to the problem, she said, “Hindi ka nakakaintindi huwag ka na lang kumibo kasi bobo ka talaga.”

After an exchange of words and arguing of whose fault was it, the teller threatened the fellow OFW that she can have her deported.

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OFW drowned in debts after helping a fellow Filipina

OFW drowned in debts after helping a fellow Filipina

  • OFW aquires debts just because she helped a fellow Filipina in need of money.
  • The OFW said that she pawned her jewelries and applied for a loan at the bank just to lend money to her friend. 

There has been a lot of cases wherein Overseas Filipino Workers help their fellow Filipinos in need. As they are from the same country and are in the same situation, sometimes they don’t think twice about lending a hand to someone.

But unfortunately, there are some who prey on kindhearted individuals, which causes the latter an even deeper problem than they were ready for.

This is what happened to a domestic helper in Hong Kong. Rosalina Canque Cain was nice enough to help a fellow OFW named Maria Guimao-Bowes.

On June 2018, Maria asked Rosalina for help as her mother was hospitalized and she didn’t have enough money to pay the bills.

Rosalina also didn’t have any money to lend to Maria, but the latter urged her to pawn the jewelry she owned. This amounted to HK$8,658.

Maria promised Rosalina that she would pay the following months so that the jewelry can be redeemed. But instead of paying, this led to Rosalina taking a HK10,000 loan to help with the hospital bills.

Rosalina began paying back the bank alone as Maria failed to return the money to her. She’s also in the risk of losing her bracelet, ring, earrings, necklace, and pendant because of the lack of money.

paki share nalang po please sa post ko para maka rating po ang problema ko kay sir #raffytulfoinactoin Sir #raffytulfoInactoin tulongan mo po ako sirraffy ma pigilan ang pag alis ni Maria Guimao bowes taga #MonteBohoSuntingCarmenbohol1 po sir #raffytulfo ikaw nalang po pag Asa ko Sirraffy

Posted by LynRose Suarez Canque on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

She posted her story on her Facebook account and it already gained more than 120,000 views.

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Brand Sponsors let go of Kuwaiti Influencer due to Derogatory Remarks on Filipino OFWs

Brand Sponsors let go of Kuwaiti Influencer due to Derogatory Remarks on Filipino OFWs

  • Kuwaiti social media star expressed her opinion on the new law allowing Filipino domestic workers to have the right to keep their passports with them and should have a day’s rest every work week.
  • Even if Alqattan suffered a backlash from her statements, she still refused to apologize.
  • Several brands decided to drop her after she arrogantly displayed being a racist and discriminatory.

A Kuwaiti social media star received backlash from Netizens after questioning a new law that allowed Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to keep their passports and to have a day off from work, weekly.

Photo Courtesy of Sondos Alqattan | Instagram

Sondos Alqattan expressed her disagreement in one video which she  posted on her Instagram. She said, “How can you have a servant at home who has her passport with her?

“She will have a day off a week, and work six days a week. And of course you won’t know what happens on these days, while her passport is with her.”

Social media users stated that Alqattan’s statement is racist and derogatory, however, the influencer refused to apologize. Furthermore, she uploaded a statement on her Instagram, defending her opinion.

Photo Courtesy of Sondos Alqattan | Instagram

@sondos_aq: Don’t judge a person without full understanding of the situation. Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean that you’re right!

Karma hits as several sponsors of the influencer have dropped her saying that they do not agree with Alqattan’s statements.

A spokesperson from perfume house M. Micallef told BBC, “We are totally against the principles expressed by Ms Sondos Alqattan which in no way reflect the Micallef brand,”

Make-up brand Chelsea Botique have also dropped her for the reason that her behavior does not “represent [the] brand’s core beliefs”.

Migrante International, which is an advocacy group for OFWs, demanded a public apology from Alqattan.

“We strongly demand that she offer public apology [sic] and express remorse for her disgusting statements,

“It would be more valuable if she can visit the Philippines to witness the appalling poverty… and find out what hardships [they] had to go through before they can be deployed abroad.”

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Abu Dhabi-based vlogger defends OFWs against Kuwaiti social media influencer

Abu Dhabi-based vlogger defends OFWs against Kuwaiti social media influencer

  • Emirati vlogger defended domestic workers against Kuwaiti influencer’s statements.
  • The vlogger said that the workers are not robots and need time to rest and for themselves, too.

As Kuwaiti social media influencer Sondos Alqattan remains unapologetic over comments about Overseas Filipino Workers’ (OFW) rights, and an Emirati vlogger took the courage to criticize her for such strong statements.

Photo Courtesy of Khalid Al Ameri | Instagram

Khalid Al Ameri, who has 1.2 million followers on Facebook, posted a video saying that ‘we are not robots’.

“If I’m not mistaken, every job in the world – barring a few security jobs and military jobs – have a day off. A day of rest, a day to go out, a day to enjoy life,” Khalid said in his vlog.

“We are not robots at the end of the day. We are all humans and expect to have time to rest and time for ourselves,”

Al Ameri proceeded to ask Alqattan, “How would you feel if you worked for someone that didn’t only not give you a day off but disagrees with the very ideology that you deserve a day-off?”

As per Alqattan’s argument that the helpers might run away if their passports will by in their possession, Al Ameri answered that “After listening to your rant, if I work for you, I would run so far away, the CIA won’t be able to find me….I would disappear. I would cease to exist. I would never show my face in this world again, out of fear that you might find me and that you might ask me to work for you again,”

“Believe me, there’s a reason they keep running away from you. Maybe you are that reason.”

Photo Courtesy of Khalid Al Ameri | Instagram

The Emirati vlogger ended his video by thanking all the domestic workers for helping families, including his own.

“On behalf of my country, my family, I want to thank every single domestic helper in this part of the world for helping us and for being part of our families,”

Earlier this year, Al Ameri went viral for his blog post thanking Filipino workers in making his country ‘a better place’.


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Was this overseas voting ballot for the 2016 elections tampered with?

Was this overseas voting ballot for the 2016 elections tampered with?

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) officially began voting on April 9 for the 2016 elections (The 30-day overseas voting period will end on May 9, 2016). The Department of Foreign Affairs reported that there are 1,376,067 registered overseas voters who may participate in deciding the next national leaders of the Philippines.

In the Pilipinas Halalan 2016 public Facebook group, a concerned citizen shared a post about a suspicious tampered sample ballot which highlighted names of certain candidates. The sample ballot in question shows that the names of Daang Matuwid’s Presidential candidate Mar Roxas and Vice-Presidential candidate Leni Robredo highlighted in yellow, their political party’s official color.

Pilipinas Halalan 2016 concerned individual shares a susupicious sample ballot edited
The post about the suspicious overseas election 2016 tampered ballot has over 9,000 shares on Facebook as of whis writing. The post has even reached COMELEC spokersperson James Jimenez who made the following response:

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Netizen posts about why brilliant and talented Filipinos choose to work overseas

Netizen posts about why brilliant and talented Filipinos choose to work overseas

Last January 9, Facebook user Miguel Alissandro Vazquez Tan shared an experience he had recently in Japan. He met a fellow Filipino and they got to talking about how the latter ended up studying and wanting to stay and work in Japan.

Apparently, the person Tan had spoken to was a graduate of the Philippine Science High School and the University of the Philippines, but was now pursuing further studies at the University of Tokyo.

File photo from Wikimedia Commons of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's.)
File photo from Wikimedia Commons of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs.)

“He mentioned that he is a full subsidized scholar by the Japanese government including his school materials and rent for the dormitory where he is staying. He also mentioned that he is taking up Industrial engineering specialized [sic] on soil development foundations for high rise structures.”

Tan then asked him if he had any plans of returning to the Philippines. “He laughed as he said ‘I tried to work there but wala talagang suporta doon, (you can’t get any support there,) I approached a Philippine government agency for financial support but they keep putting me on hold’… He then told me the reason why he wanted to stay and work in Japan. He explained that after he graduates he is assured a job at one of Japan’s top research company plus he is rewarded with a high position instantly.”

This caused Tan to lament about the brain drain the Philippines is experiencing, of losing brilliant and talented people who chose to work in other countries.

“…what’s sad is that we are losing brain power and human capital which is key for our countries development… What’s really disappointing is that our Philippine Government does not do anything whatsoever to help our talented people grow. Naturally these talents will search for better opportunities abroad,” Tan said.

“Our government talks about change and many political aspects. In short they do TOO MUCH TALKING with NO ACTION,” Tan ranted further. “…Then when a Filipino happens to be successful abroad, the whole Philippine government/media takes the credit as they use the phrase ‘proud to be pinoy’. When in fact, they were not at any point an instrument to his or her success.”

Tan ended his post by saying, “Our government should focus on our peoples development. The government should subsidize their education and support them by giving them the right paying jobs they deserve. They should entice them to stay at our home country to help the Philippines progress. If our government continues to neglect our peoples education, talents and potentials. Then the Philippines will continue to be DOOMED for many generations.”

“Miguel that is exactly what is happening w phil inventors,” FB user Edgardo Vazquez agreed. “They too are leaving the country. They see no hope. They feel their talent is waisted.[sic]”

“Haven’t heard of int’l scholarships that guarantees future employment in host country till now. That guy must be exceptional whose talent is sought after in Japan,” clarified Greg Ciocson. “The scholarships I know that people I know have taken required them to go back to home country after graduation. Now that they’re done w/ masters or PhD from Japan, they’re holding permanent jobs in the Phils. Many are in science fields and have invented many awesome things that have been patented.”

“Onother [sic] wake up call to Phil. Government to At least give Importance & Support individuals with Exeptional [sic] Talents like Him. A Pride of the Country!” said Bhing Tuazon, agreeing with Tan’s stand on the matter.

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14,000 job opportunities await Filipino workers in Canada

14,000 job opportunities await Filipino workers in Canada

Filipinos dreaming of working abroad may finally find their luck in Canada, a country where thousands of job opportunities await them.

The Saskatchewan province, one of the economic powerhouses of Canada, aims to fill out at least 14,000 job vacancies to keep up with the rising labor demands of its growing economy. The Canadian government is looking for prospective employees in the Philippines as well as other Asian countries to fill out these vacancies.

Some of the available jobs are for those working in the field of health, education, natural and applied sciences, social science, government service, transportation, trade, manufacturing, and oil and gas processing.

According to a Canadian official, Canadian employers favor Filipino workers over other nationalities.

“Our employers value the strong work ethic and high literacy skills of Filipino workers, and we will need them to meet the ambitious targets we have outlined in our Growth Plan,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) warned applicants not to be victimized by illegal recruiters. They encouraged aspiring applicants to contact the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) at telephone numbers 722-1144 and 722-1155.

Interested applicants may visit for available jobs.

To protect Filipino employees and to implement streamlined, efficient and ethical recruitment practices in human resources, the DOLE signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Saskatchewan earlier this month.

Featured image credits to

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Why do some OFWs remain poor?

Why do some OFWs remain poor?

If you were to ask Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) why they opted to work abroad instead of the Philippines, many would answer you, “To provide a better life for my family.” No one can question their desire to have their families live easier lives. However, why is it that some OFW families remain poor despite the monthly remittances they get?

According to the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), over-dependency of families and relatives of OFWs is one of the common causes why workers abroad struggle with their finances, despite their higher pay.

“People tend to think that once you go abroad, it seems that you get a higher income and that will solve all your problems,” says Andrea Anolin, CFO executive assistant for joint migration and development initiative, in an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). She also noted that most of the time, when OFWs leave for the first time, they leave behind them a mountain of debt that they must first pay off before they can fully focus on their families.

Anolin says that the families left behind—and even the migrant workers themselves—unfortunately have very unrealistic expectations. They automatically think their status in life has been upgraded because they will be earning in foreign currency which are relatively high compared to the peso.

According to a study, about 60% of OFW families remain financially challenged even with all the opportunities migrant workers have outside the country. According to Edwin Corros of the Episcopal Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, the challenges faced by OFWs include lower wages than what was promised, abusive employers, and other external factors that contribute greatly to the worsening economic situation of overseas workers. However, the biggest problem actually lies in the OFW himself most of the time.

There are two types of mentality that some OFWs have that hinder their progress:

Balikbayan box mentality

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Nothing is more exciting than opening a large box full of goodies. These include clothes, shoes, chocolates, canned goods, accessories, and other luxury items that can only be brought from other countries. According to Corros, while some people see the balikbayan boxes as heaven-sent, these boxes actually are one of the main culprits why OFWs remain poor. Many OFWs tend to splurge on these boxes just to give their families a taste of the good life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting this, of course. However, many OFWs fail to save up for a rainy day.

“We don’t really save for the rainy days. We don’t really think long term. Our plans, our objectives are vague and we don’t really know how to get from one place to the next. So it’s easy to be lured by commercial spending,” Anolin said.

One-day millionaire

It’s natural for Filipinos to celebrate the homecoming of a family member who has been away for a long time. What better way to welcome them than with a nice party with good food and a roomful of friends, right? But then, these parties go on and on and on. During their short vacation, some OFWs tend to go overboard and blow their budget on a lot of unnecessary things: nightly parties, weekend getaways, shopping sprees, gambling, and so much more. Sometimes, in a two-week vacation, some end up spending tens of thousands of pesos. According to the study, “This whole one-day millionaire attitude exhibited by OFWs whenever they come back is a pitiful waste [of] hard-earned money. What could’ve gone to something more profitable or lucrative has simply gone down the drain in their stint back in the country.”

Instead of putting this money into banks where they can be used in the future, they’re spent on unnecessary items and even on people who’ll just forget about you when you go back abroad.

On the other hand, if it’s not the OFWs shortcomings, we have the families themselves to blame. The moment they get their remittances, they splurge on new appliances, parties, gadgets, and toys for the children. Many end up spending every single centavo and eagerly wait for the next remittance to be sent the following month.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Wanting the best for one’s family is certainly not a wrong thing. Who doesn’t want their children going to good schools and their family tasting treats from all over the globe? It’s a must, however, for OFWs to learn about financial literacy. CFO stresses that they should not let themselves end up without savings and should not forget to save more than they spend. Many OFWs have done this, but many more need help.

Be practical and learn to save for a rainy day and only indulge in an occasional treat. It would be tragic if an OFW who spends years toiling abroad returns home for good one day only to realize he has nothing left for his sunset years.

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