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Distressed OFWs depressed, helpless due to unjust overstaying in quarantine facilities

OFWs cannot be sent home because of certificates are not yet printed

On Friday, journalist and news anchor Raffy Tima exposed the current situation of the repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are already overstaying in the COVID-19 quarantine facilities.

Despite their overstay, the OFWs were still not allowed to go home.

These OFWs who returned to the Philippines are the ones who lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These OFWs were required to undergo 14-day quarantine following the protocol of the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) before going home to their respective cities and provinces.

However, after almost two months of their stay in the quarantine facilities and after almost two weeks of testing negative, the OFWs are not yet released because their certificates have not yet been printed.

It is alarming to know that the OFWs are experiencing depression and are desperate to go home. Despite the free food and accommodation, their overstay in the quarantine facilities greatly impacted their mental health as they are clueless as to when will they be sent home.

On April 26, a 42-year-old OFW from Kuwait committed suicide while in quarantine at lodgings provided by OWWA.

The negligence of the government is being called inhumane by some citizens. A Twitter user even asked if the OFWs can file an ‘illegal detention’ case as they seem to be deprived of freedom because of their overdue quarantine process.

The OFWs and their families along with other people are now crying for help and an immediate response from the government.

Netizens also searched for Mocha Uson, OWWA Deputy Administrator, who seems to be missing-in-action and not performing the job that she has been tasked with.

OWWA has reported numerous OFWs have been sent home to different places of the country with their help. But, these OFWs in the quarantine facilities have not been given any attention or assurance as to when they can be sent home.

Thanks to the Kapuso reporter Raffy Tima! After few days of his report, the OFWs will finally be going home after the government decided to issue them the e-certificates.

Written by Neil

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