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Local Movies will open on Fridays as oppose to Wednesdays

Local Movies will open on Fridays as oppose to Wednesdays

  • The usual Wednesday release of local films is perceived to be ‘weak’ in drawing more audience to the cinemas.
  • The cinemas owners are forced to pull out those local films with poor ticket sales.
  • Diño’s initiative to have a dialogue between Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), produces, distributors, and theater owners–was for the common goal to support, nurture and uplift the local film industry.

Due to issues concerning of low audience for Philippine movies, the usual Wednesday opening day have been moved to a Friday opening day for local films in order to accommodate more possible moviegoers when most people are in the malls on weekends.

On March 13, a dialogue took place and was participated by Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), produces, distributors, and theater owners to discuss matters regarding the exhibition of films in cinemas across the country; and resulted to a proposal to move the release or opening day of our local movies in cinemas from Wednesdays to Fridays.

FDCP chairperson Liza Diño said that the gathering identified a lot of the gaps in the current status quo and ways to address them that would be beneficial to the parties concerned.

The meeting was pushed after the filmmaker Erik Matti’s “plea for help” on social media, which referred to the local film industry in “dire situation”. Some experts and even movie supporters suggested the moving of opening days for local films from Wednesdays to Fridays.

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CINEMATHEQUE CENTRE NABUNTURAN OFFICIALLY OPENS Deeply honored to inaugurate the first FDCP Cinematheque under this administration. Opening in the Municipality of Nabunturan, Compostela Valley, the Cinematheque Centre contributes to the municipality’s vision to be one of the leading centres of culture and cinematic arts in the region. This is the first of its kind here, an arts space where the community can come together to celebrate Cinema and have access to a multitude of film programs that encourages the development of Nabunturan's film culture. Since my first visit here during Nabifilmex, I have been a personal witness to the desire and thirst of Nabunturan for film and I cannot be more proud that the Film Development Council of the Philippines has helped in empowering the community through our Cinematheque Program. Our goal is for us to further reach the regions and provide them the same opportunities and programs as we have from the capital and step by step, we intend to continue this pursuit. The regions are teeming with talents and stories that are unique and nothing we have seen before and we cannot wait to hone these and encourage their development so that soon, we may share them to our broader audience in the country and even someday, to the rest of the world. The Cinematheque Centre Nabunturan is definitely a concrete step towards this and I cannot wait for the screenings, talks, and conversations on Cinema that we get to host here regularly. To the Municipality of Nabunturan, esp to Hon. Mayor Chelita Amatong, thank you for this partnership. This would not have been possible without you and the local government's support. To Atty. Karen Santiago-malaki and Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition organizers, thank you for dreaming. To Sen. Loren Legarda, thank you for believing in the dream. To my FDCP staff, our Executive Director Will Fredo, Don Gervin Arawan, Dustin Guillermo and our new team here in Cinematheque led by Arbi Barbi, thank you for your hard work in implementing the vision of our agency and making this dream a reality. This is truly the start of something incredible and the celebration of Cinema here in Nabunturan.

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The Wednesday opening days are perceived to be weak in drawing more audience to flock to theater houses. Due to poor sales, cinema owners are compelled to pull out these films without even reaching for a weekend run. The first-day last-day is always a common scenario for local films performing poorly at the box-office even on its first day of showing.

Diño also mentioned concerns that were tackled during the meeting, “We also talked about admission prices, guaranteed days in every film being booked, and a holdback period for films released in cinemas before it go to other platforms like VOD, etc.”

But all the stuff discussed, the policy and guidelines are yet to be finalized, but are already moving forward, she added.

On her statement on Thursday, March 14,  the purpose to have a dialogue was not only to have an agreement to the proposed solution but also to finally have to listen to both parties’ sentiments.

“More than reaching an agreement to the proposed solutions, my main takeaway from yesterday’s dialogue is the willingness of both parties (finally) to sit, talk, listen and accept each other’s sentiments calmly and in good faith.

“The goal is to understand and acknowledge the concerns of both and work towards having solutions. For so many years, nagkaroon ng divisiveness dahil kung saan-saang platform na nailalabas ang mga hinaing causing for parties to be vilified without any recourse to verify these concerns in proper venues and to the people concerned mismo para mapakinggan ang pinanggagalingan ng bawat isa.”

The dialogue paved the way for concerned parties to agree one common goal which is to support, nurture and uplift the local film industry.

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Liza Diño as surrogate mom and Ice Seguerra’s eggs to conceive the couple’s flesh and blood offspring

Liza Diño as surrogate mom and Ice Seguerra’s eggs to conceive the couple’s flesh and blood offspring

  • Ice Seguerra and Liza Diño has started the process of in-vitro fertilization
  • Ice Seguerra hopes to have baby with wife Liza Diño
  • They have previously postponed the decision as it costs a lot of money

Couple Ice Seguerra and Liza Diño have started in-vitro fertilization in order to have their own baby.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, January 24, Diño said that Seguerra, who came out as transgender five years ago, underwent egg retrieval as a part of the first phase of the process.

Fortunately, they were able to harvest three eggs from the singer.

“Ice, still groggy from the anesthesia after the egg retrieval process, finally opens his eyes and the first thing he says is ‘I’m hungry!’ Yup, he’s awake na nga!

“Successful procedure! Thank you, Lord. They were able to harvest three good eggs from Ice.”

She has also said that she will serve as a surrogate to the baby.

In 2016, Seguerra said that they had to postpone their plan of going through in-vitro fertilization due to the expensive procedures.

“Baka hindi matuloy this year ang IVF namin ni Liza dahil bukod sa hindi kami makaalis nang matagal, medyo mahal ang magagastos at hindi kami handang maglabas ng ganoong kalaking halaga.”

They have tied the knot in a private ceremony in California last December 2014.

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Apo Whang-Od Recovers From Illness and Celebrates 100th Birthday

Apo Whang-Od Recovers From Illness and Celebrates 100th Birthday


After getting sick several weeks ago, Apo Whang-Od, the legendary mambabatok is back doing what she loves.

In her home village of Buscalan, Kalinga, the power couple, Liza Dino and Aiza Seguerra set the internet ablaze as they posted their adventure with the famous oldest living traditional tattoo artist in the country.

People was saddened by the news that she suffered from an illness weeks ago and refused to do tattoos for the tourists and her fans.

Dino posted several photos on her Instagram account and greeted the artist a happy 100th birthday and thanked her for her superb contributions to the Philippine indigenous art.

1ooth Birthday with the Esguerra’s

In another post, they are getting Whang-Od a nebulizer to maintain her condition.

“Weeks ago, nabalitaan din naming may sakit si Apo WhaNg-od and refuses to go to the hospital kaya we’re so happy to see Apo today feeling much, much better! Kailangan lang nya ng nebulizer so we’re getting it for her,” Dino captioned her post.

Dino also shared a video of her getting a tattoo from Apo Whang-od.

This news made everyone who adores and loves the artist happy. Many thought that Whang-od would no longer create tattoo after her illness. It’s good to see her back.

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Celebrities express their opinion on the issue of Duterte’s alleged hidden wealth

Celebrities express their opinion on the issue of Duterte’s alleged hidden wealth


MANILA, Philippines. Following the face-off between Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s legal counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo at Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) Julia Vargas branch on Monday, May 2, several celebrities have decided to speak up on the issue of the presidential aspirant’s alleged hidden wealth.

Robin Padilla, a vocal supporter of the tough-talking mayor from Davao City, showed up at the face-off in protest of the “political hack job” against Duterte. In his interview with the media, Padilla said he would withdraw all his money from BPI.

Dapat si Sen. Trillanes, sinasabi niyang isang senador, hindi niya dapat sinasabi na walang rule of law… Magwiwithdraw muna ako,” Padilla said.

(Sen. Trillanes, who says he is a senator, shouldn’t say that there is no rule of law. I will withdraw my money first.)

Other celebrities like Richard Poon, Cesar Montano,  Arnell Ignacio, Aiza Seguerra, Liza Diño, and Mocha Uson also took to social media to defend the PDP-Laban standard bearer.

Singer Richard Poon wrote on his Facebook account:

Naiintindihan ko siya kung kailangan niyang magbayad ng bills niya every month, kaya niya ginagawa ‘yan para pagkakitaan,” Montano said.

(I understand that he needs to pay the bills every month, that’s why he’s doing this to make money.)

TV host and comedian Arnell Ignacio also came to Duterte’s defense and shared two videos of himself standing outside a BPI branch.

“Anyway, maganda naman yung sinasabi mo na meron kang mga imbestigasyon, pero sana mag-issue ka ng affidavit para legal ang lahat,” Ignacio addressed Trillanes.

( It’s good that you said that you are conducting investigations but I hope you would issue an affidavit to legalize everything.



Singer Aiza Seguerra and entertainer Mocha Uson posted a photo of Duterte’s statement against Trillanes on their respective Instagram accounts.

Ano na Trillanes? San na affidavit mo? Bilis na!

A photo posted by Aiza Diño Seguerra (@aizaseguerra) on Apr 28, 2016 at 9:22pm PDT

Desperado moves! Watch out #traPoe Trillanes! #Duterte2016 #dutertecayetano

A photo posted by mochauson (@mochauson) on Apr 28, 2016 at 1:51pm PDT

In a lengthy Facebook post, Seguerra’s wife Liza Diño slammed Trillanes for accusing Duterte of having undeclared millions in his SALN.


But the frontrunner in presidential surveys didn’t escape criticisms from celebrities supporting other candidates.

In his Twitter post, Jim Paredes urged his followers to “switch to Mar”.

Aurora Pijuan, former Miss International title holder and supporter of the Roxas-Robredo tandem wrote:

Meanwhile, singer Leah Navarro challenged Duterte to sign the bank secrecy waiver.

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Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño raise bail money for arrested Kidapawan farmers

Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño raise bail money for arrested Kidapawan farmers


Filipino celebrity couple Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño have successfully raised funds for the bail money of the jailed farmers who got detained after the bloody dispersal in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato last April 1, 2016.

Aiza Kidapawan

There was a total of 79 farmers (mostly from North Cotabato) who were detained after the tragic and violent outcome of the Kidapawan protest which resulted in the deaths of two farmers and injuries from both sides of the encounter. The jailed individuals included six elderly citizens (60-year old Dionisio Alagos; 65-year old Lolita Porras; 66-year old Gerardo Pequero; 68-year old Jovita Debalid; 72-year old Crisanto Carlum; and 78-year old Valentina Berden) and three pregnant women (22-year old Eliza Candiban – five months pregnant; 25-year old Arlene Candiban – six months pregnant; and 34-year old Rolinda Paonil – two months pregnant) who all face criminal charges.

The Municipal Trial Court in Kidapawan City led by Judge Rebecca De Leon reduced the bail from P12,000 to P6,000 last Wednesday (April 13, 2016) for the 79 protesters arrested during the rally that ended in a bloody dispersal.

Aiza and Liza are some of the few local celebrities who have extended their help for the detained Kidapawan protesters. Liza shared her gratitude and updates about the funds they raised for the bail bonds of the farmers.

GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYONE!!! We were able to raise funds to cover the whole amount of 546,000 to bail out our farmers!!!!…

Posted by Liza Diño-Seguerra on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Here is Liza’s post in full:


“We were able to raise funds to cover the whole amount of 546,000 to bail out our farmers!!!! Thank you LORD!!!

“Most came from artists from the entertainment industry and friends who readily gave their support but there were other groups who donated as well to fulfill the amount.


“We visited the detainees earlier. They pass their wholehearted gratitude for the support that we are giving them and our concerns. This is already a big thing for them, to know that they are not alone in this fight.

“Next step is to process their release. Earlier, almost everyone had no Identification with them as they were either burned or confiscated during the rally, so there would probably a little delay regarding their release, but the lawyers are expediting the process of the documents for their immediate release.

“This is only the beginning. We still have a long journey ahead. The goal is for all these charges to be dropped and for the case to be dismissed— All the praises for our human rights lawyers from different groups like Union of Peoples Lawyers from Mindanao (Davao), KARAPATAN, Nat’l Union of People’s Lawyers, and many colunteers who gave their services to help our farmers. We shouldn’t let go. Let’s continually show our support for their fight for JUSTICE.”

Aiza and Liza ‘s efforts to raise funds to bail out the Kidapawan farmers were first featured in an Inquirer article which immediately went viral on social media. Liza shared her gratitude towards the publication and the people who helped them.

SALAMAT PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER. More than us, gusto po naming pasalamatan ang lahat ng mga artista at kasamahan sa…

Posted by Liza Diño-Seguerra on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Here is Liza’s post in full:


“More than us, I would like to thanks all the celebrities and friends in the industry who pitched in to help. It is a big thing that you showed your concern to bail out our farmers.


“Update: 26 out 77, are going to be released today. For the rest of them, their papers are still being processed in order for them to get their IDs.”

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Aiza Seguerra and the same-sex marriage debate in the Philippines

Aiza Seguerra and the same-sex marriage debate in the Philippines


Singer Aiza Seguerra married her fiancée Liza Diño in a simple but elegant ceremony in San Francisco, California last December 8. Most people reacted positively to the couple’s wedding, based on comments posted on the former child star’s Instagram page.

However, one question begs asking: do Filipino LGBTs have to go to another country just to marry the one they are committed to loving for the rest of their lives?

The struggle for marriage equality has been, without a doubt, gaining momentum in much of the Western world, particularly Europe and South America.

Same-sex marriages are now legal in 17 countries as well as in some jurisdictions within the United States and Mexico. Needless to say, the Filipino LGBT community is keenly observing what might happen next overseas, with the hope that someday, similar progress can be achieved here.


Before going to that, it must first be understood why same-sex marriages are not recognized here in the Philippines. The main legal impediment is Article 1 of the 1987 Family Code which states: “Marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life.”

PLEASE READ: Same-Sex Marriage in PH: Gay Couple Ties the Knot in a “Holy Union” Ceremony

Some sectors are calling for the amendment or repeal of this particular law, but as one lawyer pointed out, the strong influence of the Catholic Church in the local and national political scene makes the “enactment of a law allowing gay marriage not feasible in the foreseeable future.”

Based on the arguments presented by advocates of same-sex marriages overseas, the equal protection clause of the constitution (“all people are equal before the law”) should necessarily mean that gay marriages should be recognized just like heterosexual marriages.

Incidentally, the 1987 Philippine Constitution actually has an equal protection clause as well (Article III, Section 1).

Another argument being raised in support of same-sex marriage legalization is that doing so will give gay couples not only the stability of being in an officially-recognized marriage but also all the benefits that comes with it.

At present, gay and lesbian couples in the Philippines do not have access to simple government privileges like social security, housing (PAGIBIG), health care (PHILHEALTH), and tax deductions for qualified dependents, among others.

Even if a gay and couple has been together for 20 years or more, the law will still treat them as strangers even though Article 147 of the Family Code outline some benefits for heterosexual live-in partners.

One more point mentioned in support of same-sex marriage legalization is the fact that countless children all over the world (and perhaps even here in the Philippines) are being raised by gay and lesbian couples.

Justice Anthony Kennedy of the United States Supreme Court argued that the lack of government recognition for same-sex marriages “makes it difficult for the children to understand the integrity and closeness of their own family and its concord with other families in their community and in their daily lives.”

President Benigno Aquino III for his part questioned the idea of LGBT couples adopting children, opining that it may not be the ideal environment in which a child should be raised,

However, studies conducted in the United States and Australia suggest that children reared by gay couples perform just as well as the ones raised by heterosexual couples.

Of course, it is silly to suggest that Seguerra’s marriage to her fiancée will suddenly make Filipinos more sympathetic to the possibility of marriage equality in the country. At the minimum, her nuptial may at least make us think about the different facets in the same-sex marriage debate.

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10 Most Talked about Celebrity Weddings in 2014

10 Most Talked about Celebrity Weddings in 2014


A lot of celebrity proposals were done this year. Wedding bells continues ringing until the end of the year.

And fans are passionately talking and looking on every details of exchanging vows between celebrities’ respective partners and who shouldn’t forget about the much awaited wedding videos anyway?

These known pairs created random noises all around the year and needless to say, the reason why they are in respective spots. Let’s take a look at the 10 most talked about celebrity weddings in 2014.

1.) Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera (December 30)

Before the announcement of the big day, speculations have been going wild online that Marian is pregnant. The latter admitted she wasn’t the blind item with the initials “MR” referred to the news. The groom-to-be even proposed marriage twice to Marian. A lot of congratulations and best wishes continue to send out to the royal couple. And the much-awaited wedding of the year is nearly one day which will happen at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Cubao.

Even the GMA network opens a royal wedding site for Kapuso Primetime King and Queen which includes small to large detailed updates from invitations, gowns, principal sponsors, preparations, and many things to be counted on their journey to the wedding day.

#JourneytoDday ❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by Niceprintphoto (@niceprintphoto) on

2.) Chito Miranda and Neri Naig (December 13)

Parokya Lead Vocalist Chito Miranda and actress Neri Naig have survived public scrunity after their sex video scandal broke out last year. Their relationship has turned upside down and managed to bounce back against all the odds. Twice did Chito married Neri. Civil rites was happened last Saturday, December 12 followed a beautiful garden wedding in Tagaytay City.

3. Aiza Seguerra & Liza Dino (December 9)

Singer Aiza Seguerra and actress Liza Dino have tied the knot in a very private and intimate ceremony in San Francisco, California together with closest friends and relatives. Few days after their marriage, naysayers ranted their disapproval of same-sex marriage.

In her instagram post, she blurted out that those who can’t accept them by all means have the liberty to get out in their lives.

"Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’s a good place to start." -Jason Collins A lot has been said (and STILL being said) about the kind of life we choose to live. Yes,we are OUT and PROUD. We are not standing up for anything, we are just exercising our right to be treated equally.If you're not used to it, then DEAL with it. If you can't stand it, then by all means, PLEASE leave us alone. Our silence doesn't mean that we accept your prejudiced opinions, it's just that your ignorance has rendered us beyond words it's almost funny. LOVE—the beauty of it, the joy of finding it, even the PAIN that comes with it should be experienced and celebrated. We choose to be REAL. We choose to be HAPPY. We choose to be FREE. We choose LOVE. #zazagothitched #zazaroadto4ever #misteratmisiszaza

A photo posted by Liza Diño-Seguerra (@lizadino) on

4.) King Rodrigos and Boots Anson Roa (June 14)

The passing of their better halves, rekindled the fire of love to start a new sprouting romance with each other. Truly they empowered and gave a second wave to try and fall in love deeply once more., which published an article about the “Seven things to love about Boots Anson-Roa and King Rodrigo’s Wedding” said that Bride’s notable ring and gown rejuvenated her youthful ensemble. Their love for each other and respect for late partners and families, prenup photos, personalized booklet of poems, and reception venue were the beautiful aspects why their wedding definitely stoodout!

5.) Drew Arellano & Iya Villania (January 31)

Travel Adventure Host Drew Arellano & Performer Iya Villania will be celebrating their first year of being together in one single roof this coming January. It’s been nearly twelve months ago after they have exchanged their vows and yet the relationship feels like a brand new start up for both of them. made an article about the wedding being the coolest highlighting 6 reasons: private wedding ceremony without media exposure, the cliff where they made vow, no network rivalry as their guests came from different TV stations, groom made a wonderful vow that made him cried even more, the glowing bridal gown of Iya, and the promise of love and freedom every woman would like to hear.

6. Yael Yuzon and Karylle Tatlonghari (March 21)

Apart from the well-dressed distinguished guests, have picked up climatic best parts of wedding of Sponge Cola vocalist Yael Yuzon and mainstay host of Showtime Karylle Tatlonghari.

First among the list was the guests’ entertaining dance number to the tune of the OPM classic hit Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso by Donna Cruz, who coincidentally was also part of the entourage and even gamely performed with everyone. Then there’s the unconventional delivery of the couple’s wedding speech.Lastly, the one-of-a-kind post wedding bonding of the newlyweds together with their closest friends and family through of a cozy picnic party at Angel’s Field, Tagaytay.

7.) JC Intal and Bianca Gonzales (December 04)

Their engagement which took place in an airport has set a trending topic on social media. Did you know that it’s the chillest wedding for Jason Magbanua, the videographer who shot for recently concluded vows.

Jason, as how he described the bride was someone who wanted a “chill” wedding, who didn’t want any media fanfare, wore an RTW gown to keep peace among her designer friends, who did her own make-up, and catered distinguished guests who are important to them. “Simple. Chill.”

8.) Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones (May 1)

A beach wedding happened in Boracay to celebrate the union of actor Jericho Rosales and TV host Kim Jones. Undeniably speaking, they meant for each other just as how believes that

“They really are perfect for each other. They didn’t wait for a signs, everything just happened effortlessly. Theirs is a love story that seems to be written in the stars, and we wish them and their future life together (and future gorgeous babies!) nothing but the best.” x

9.) Carlo Castillo and Amy Perez (November 12)

8 years of wedding in the making, TV Host Amy Perez and TV 5 reporter Carlo Castillo officially tied the knot last November 12 at Mango Farm in Antipolo City.

As reported in, 45-year old mother of three recently won her 15-year annulment battle with her estranged husband, Brix Ferraris, or eight years after the Supreme Court initially denied her petition for annulment in 2006.

10.) Joross Gamboa and Kathy Saga (November 29)

Lastly to complete our list, Actor Joross Gamboa and long time non-showbiz girlfriend Kathy Saga has finally walked down the aisle last November 29, 2014 at the Fernbrook Gardens in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

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