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Korean tourist never wants to return to the Philippines after bad experience at Clark International Airport!

Korean tourist never wants to return to the Philippines after bad experience at Clark International Airport!

  • Korean woman shares her awful experience from customs of Clark International Airport
  • Korean tourist dismayed over bad treatment of customs official on Clark International

We all know that the Philippines is such a beautiful country. From the culture, the islands, the churches and landscapes- everything in the Philippines is just magnificent. Aside from these, what makes the country most beautiful is the Filipino people. Filipinos are known to be happy and hospitable which makes the tourists want to always come back. Who wouldn’t? Beautiful country plus beautiful people is the formula for a perfect vacation.

However, it can’t be helped that there are some opportunists locals that make a fool out of first-time tourists. Just like this Korean tourist who happened to have a different experience in the country and would rather not come back!

Read the story here: This Korean tourist shared her alleged bad experience at Clark International Airport in Pampanga. The tourist brought her dismay over Clark International’s customs officials on a Facebook post last Sunday, February 18.

Based on the post, it was her and her husband’s first time to visit the Philippines and they were left with a horrific experience. As stated, they were required by customs officials to pay $137 tax fee for the items they bought at Duty-Free in Incheon Airport, Korea. She questioned why they have to pay a tax fee when in fact, people buy at Duty-Free shops because of its cheaper price so paying an additional high amount would defeat the whole purpose.

Having a hard time to converse in English, she explained to the officials that the items she bought are for her own use only. However, according to her, the officials said that they can’t trust her and even yelled at them saying “go back to Korea!”

Furthermore, according to the Korean tourist, they were treated badly by the officials when her husband tried to complain and one of the clerks pushed him. They were also forced to sign something they don’t even have an idea about. As for their things, she said that the officials sealed everything away in a warehouse room.

Defeated, they just left the airport and went to their destination which is Subic. Because their things are still at the custom’s office, they were told to come back the next day on a specific time so they can get their items again. However, upon waiting for an hour, no one meets them.

Based on her story, after several failed meet up attempts, they were only accommodated 30 minutes before their boarding time. But because the taxes that she was asked to pay is much higher and it was already past her boarding time, she was left with no choice but to leave them. The totality of her left-behind items is worth 30,000 pesos.

As if what happened isn’t bad enough, her watch which costs over 70,000 pesos and her husband’s electronic cigarette both went missing. In the end, she stated that her first trip in the Philippines gave her nothing but distrust and said that she never wants to go back here ever again.

Along with her post, she shared a video of the two officials who allegedly “made a fool” out of them. She also mentioned that one of the officials in charge is named Ramon Mindanao.

The post of the Korean tourist went viral with more than 35,000 shares on Facebook to date.

Netizens shared how shameful the incident is and assured them that not everyone in the Philippines would treat them like that.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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Korean restaurant crews fired for catcalling student customer

Korean restaurant crews fired for catcalling student customer

  • Crews of a Samgyupsal restaurant branch in UST Dapitan gets called out for catcalling
  • Crews gets fired for catcalling a student customer

There’s no denial that Korean culture is still the rave and trend here in the Philippines. Filipinos are in with anything Korean ranging from Kpop, Kdrama, Korean spicy noodles, and of course, the famous Korean food – Korean barbecues!

This is the reason why lately, Korean barbecue restaurants have been sprouting in all areas of the Philippines offering various “gimicks,” from unlimited side dishes to unlimited Samgyupsal or pork belly meat.

You name it, every restaurant offers a different flavor and different dining experience.

However, no matter how good the food is, if the service is bad, customers will go find another place to eat. After all, everything boils down to the dining experience. Just like this Twitter netizen who shared their bad experience while dining in one of Samgyupsal restaurants near UST, Dapitan.

Check out the Twitter thread below:

“Samgyupsal UST Dapitan, good food, bad people.  My friend got catcalled 3 times by the waiters while we were dining. I called them out and the usual excuse happened: ‘Pasensya na po. Ganito lang po talaga kami dito. Ginaganahan po kami kapag ganung babae.’ Unacceptable.”

Based on the tweet, the netizen’s friend got catcalled not only once but thrice by the restaurant’s waiters in one of “Samgyupsalamat” restaurant branches in UST, Dapitan.

When they called them out for their actions, the waiters gave them the usual and lamest excuse saying, “Pasensya na po. Ganito lang po talaga kami dito. Ginaganahan po kami kapag ganung babae.”

“Stop normalizing the idea na okay lang gawin niyo yun. Sobrang unacceptable, unethical, and uncomfortable”.

Furthermore, even before they get asked the usual question of what the girl is wearing, he already stated that his friend is wearing her school uniform. Nevertheless, he stated how “unacceptable, unethical, and uncomfortable” the situation is and that the idea of catcalling should never be accepted nor normalized.

“Don’t underestimate the notion and experience of being catcalled. It is the most uncomfortable feeling. The two of us with her were very uncomfortable. What more pa ano yung na-feel niya? Hindi mahirap maging matinong tao, people. Just be nice with good intentions.”

“If you ever are someone or with someone that’s being catcalled, be brave. Stand up and call these people out. Do not keep quiet. Make these people realize that they are trash because of what they do.”

Ultimately, he calls out to everyone to “be brave”, to “stand up”, and to “not keep quiet” when being catcalled or when being with someone who is.


“UPDATE: I am now coordinating with Samgyupsalamat Fusebox’s manager ( @clarissemntro).”

The netizen also shared an update regarding the catcalling incident and it looks like the restaurant’s management has been responsive to the situation by stating “we will terminate the staff that insulted your friend.”

What do you think about this? (Credit to Twitter netizen: @john_delpillar)

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Top 10 Reasons Why Filipino Fans are Obsessing over K-Dramas

Top 10 Reasons Why Filipino Fans are Obsessing over K-Dramas


Nowadays, Filipino fans tend to indulge in more Korean dramas than the local soap operas aired each night. The addiction had started years ago ever since the Philippine television networks started airing some of the iconic Korean series such as Lovers in ParisMy Girl and Jewel in the Palace to name a few.

Presently, almost every single citizen knows a few Korean phrases because of the strong influence of these dramas on them.

But why do they prefer Korean dramas above all?

  1. All of them have a unique plot.

Every drama has a distinctive storyline which is mostly close to reality, but there are also some which are based on fantasy.

  1. They use heartfelt OSTs.

Other people may complain that they cannot understand the lyrics of each drama’s official soundtracks, but for the fans it is the message and the delivery that matters. And the beautiful voice of the artist too!

  1. They mix and match different celebrities in a single drama.

One of the reasons why Korean dramas are successful is the actors. The use different artists and different leads no matter what loveteam they belong to in the past. Through this method, the characters discover a natural chemistry most of the time. Also, Korean dramas are famous for their good-looking actors and actresses who are indeed swoon-worthy!

  1. K-dramas showcase the country’s rich culture.

If there is one thing about television series that people love, it is Korea’s tradition and culture. Most of their dramas are set in a traditional period which allows their viewers to have a glimpse on how things are in the early era. This is the reason why every fan dreams to be able to wear their traditional clothing, “hanbok.”

  1. K-dramas can easily get their viewers into an emotional roller coaster.

They can effortlessly get a viewer hooked in a one-hour episode, and makes them attached to the story really hard, which explains why most viewers are extremely affected whenever there is a sad scene in a drama.

  1. Unexpected plot twists.

There are times when a viewer gets a hunch about the next scene or how the drama ends, but it doesn’t happen too often. Usually, just when their fans thought they know what will happen, the people behind a certain drama suddenly turns the wheel around and leaves their viewers shocked and dumbfounded.

Surely, Korea has a lot of talented writers.

  1. Their dramas are usually takes about 16-20 episodes only.

The only downside as to why fans are disappointed with a drama is because of its length. Koreans don’t do second seasons only to satisfy their viewers or just so they can get more rating. Once a drama is finish, it is totally over.

  1. K-dramas got good cinematography.

Almost every single drama that they have is filmed cleanly and appealing to the eyes of their audience. Some of the dramas got the fans wanting to take a picture of each scene because of their amazing skill.

  1. Each actor got superb acting skills.

Every character in a single drama is truly talented as they can easily make their viewers laugh or cry in a specific scene. In Korea, actors and actresses undergo a lot of trainings for years. The industry always makes sure that an artist is truly ready before giving them a project in a Korean drama.

  1. Each Korean drama is different.

Fans are obsessing over these Asian dramas because each one is different from the other. Also, they don’t focus on a single genre only, and does not focus mainly on romance. They like spicing it up with other genres that they can incorporate!

It is not shocking that Korean television networks gained a lot of fans not only in the Asian countries, but also in some of the Western nations. What’s impressive about them is that, they invest a lot in a drama to make sure it is produced wonderfully for their fans to enjoy.

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This Pedicab Driver Says “Saranghaeyo” to a Korean Tourist, Gets Hit Brutally

This Pedicab Driver Says “Saranghaeyo” to a Korean Tourist, Gets Hit Brutally


Iloilo City–A pedicab driver got beaten up by a Korean tourist after saying “Saranghaeyo”.

The Story

A Korean national was standing outside a supermarket in Iloilo and he threw his phone away. The 56-year old driver from Brgy. Barrido, John “Ajuy” Tromata tried to help and picked up the foreigner’s phone. Upon returning, he told the man “Saranghaeyo”.

Suddenly, the man punched Tromata four times and let out a kick on his thighs.  The driver later explained that he thought ‘saranghaeyo’ means ‘thank you’. It was too late to realize what he said and the Korean national misinterpreted him. The foreigner thought the driver was hitting on him, so he got angry and threw punches.

Photo via Halo-Halo (Youtube)
An interview with  Tromata | Photo via Halo-Halo (Youtube)

Until now, it has not been cleared if the Korean had been arrested for the crime, or if Tromata has plans of suing the suspect, considering he doesn’t have money to push charges.

A clip of the interview has been posted on Halo-Halo’s Youtube Channel.

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Homeless Korean wandering in Parañaque City

Homeless Korean wandering in Parañaque City


Netizen Bhabylynxan Maro Ponteras shared photos of a Korean residing in Parañaque City whom she wanted to help out. Ponteras got to know the Korean when he moved in next door to her together with a Filipina.

Named Jun Youjin and known as Joseph here in the Philippines, the man started working in the country as a call center agent but had to quit. According to Ponteras, his Filipina partner stopped caring for him and left him to fend for himself. Ponteras said Joseph could be seen wandering about looking for food. He begged for food from nearby stores and local restaurants.

Photo from Bhabylynxan Maro Ponteras
Photo from Bhabylynxan Maro Ponteras

Ponteras also noted that Joseph usually had cuts and bruises. Worried that he might be a victim of bullying, she hoped to spread the word about him so that the Korean Embassy could help him return home. In one particular photo, Joseph had a burn mark that he got in exchange for some money to buy food.

Photo from Bhabylynxan Maro Ponteras
Photo from Bhabylynxan Maro Ponteras

Ponteras said Joseph wanders around Tramo 1, Lagrimas St. in San Dionisio, Parañaque City.

She asked netizens to share the post to help Joseph out and to hopefully reach his family in Korea.




Korean Lady earns $9,000 a month by eating in front of webcam

Korean Lady earns $9,000 a month by eating in front of webcam


Gut-busting restaurant challenges for free food. Hungry stomach will take on that challenge. What will happen? They will continue to crave for the food until nothing is left. As a result, competitive eaters are after the prize of satisfying their tummies.

But what do you think about eating high-end food while making $9,000 a month? This is incredible! This is a growing trend in South Korea which is known as “gastronomic voyeurism”.

Meet Park Seo-yeon, a virtual eating buddy, who gets payment from sitting down in a round table of food, webcam turned on, while chatting with adorable fans.

34-year-old Korean lady used to work for a consulting firm but has left that job. Why? Her job is indeed satisfying and appealing.

Known as diva, she starts her mouthwatering working shift up to three hours. Her viewers can see, chat, and send her “virtual ballons,” which Reuters says,”convert into cash”.

Photo from: yahoo.com
Photo from: yahoo.com

“People enjoy the vicarious pleasure of my online show when they can’t eat that much, don’t want to eat food at night, or are on a diet,” Seo-yeon told Reuters.

Apparently, eating alone is getting common in South Korea. Reports said that one-person households could compromise a third of the population in 15 years.

Her loyal fan Park Sun-Young says, “It feels as if I am eating that much food with her. I think that’s what the show is about. And probably, it’s comforting for people who eat alone.”

Don’t cram for this new lovely found career, Seo-yeon has established her name as a famous personality in her country. She sets the record straight to help others bring desire to eat food, of course with the help of this “mok-bang” (a mash up of the Korean words for “eating” and “broadcast.”) .

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Loving Korea at Its Best: Brazilian Guy Undergoes 10 Plastic Surgeries to Look Korean

Loving Korea at Its Best: Brazilian Guy Undergoes 10 Plastic Surgeries to Look Korean


If you have been one of those people who enjoys K-Pop music and loves Korean culture, well, look again. If one really loves Korea, this guy definitely nailed it!

Here’s the catch: This Brazilian man who became seemingly obsessed with Korean culture only just had at best 10 surgeries to make himself look Asian.

The 25-year-old man, once known as Max, popularly called now as “Xiahn,” decided to change his appearance after a year of study in the country.

He was born with blond hair and blue eyes, so Xiahn had to undergo multiple surgeries to give himself single eyelids and permanently closed inner corners of his eyes.

Xiahn told Metro, “As you know, there are thousands of Asian eye styles… I had one major surgery on my eyes and then small procedures to reach the correct appearance.”

This made him spend a whopping $3,100 on his surgeries. Accordingly, the guy also started trying different Asian hair styles with his hair color and starts wearing contact lenses to change the color of his eyes.

Notwithstanding the extreme transformation, the Brazilian still claims that he’s not trying to become Asian. He told the Korean Herald, “I don’t see myself like an Asian… I think I’m something in between.”

It’s up to you to think about this, what do you think about Max’s shocking transformation? Would you consider it too far gone, or just plain practice of freedom of expression?

Photos from odditycentral.com, metro.co.uk and kiss925.com.


  1. Culaba, A. PHOTOS: This Brazilian Guy Spent Thousands on Plastic Surgery to Look Korean. (2014, June 4). Retrieved from http://www.ryot.org/plastic-surgery-to-look-asian/708977.

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Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers and Their Pinoy Counterparts?

Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers and Their Pinoy Counterparts?


What a great nostalgic feeling I’m having right now! I can still remember the days when I rush home just to tune in to this pretty addicting TV show which became part of my refined childhood memories. And now it is being shown again nationwide. I am to a certain extent convinced that this will once again give its audience, most of which belong to the teenage category, a bamboozling and remarkable feeling of infatuation, excitement and curiosity. Yes, I am talking about Taiwan’s “Meteor Garden”.

meteor garden

While the “Meteor Garden Fever” still exists up to this day which is something that I can’t argue about since I can see posts and comments about how eager people are looking forward to this show, let us not forget that Meteor Garden once had its rival shows produced by other countries like Korea and Japan namely, Boys Over Flowers/ Boys Before Flowers and Hana Yori Dango in that order. You can also find China’s version of the show but I am only going to mention the top three versions that I know. All of these were deemed as an adaptation of a Japanese shoujo manga called Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) printed and demonstrated by Yoko Kamio. His work of art set the record for the bestselling shoujo Manga in Japan of all time which really deserved to be portrayed in front of the big screen.


Basically, these three adaptations follow the original Manga’s plot of flow of the story in which it revolved around Eitoku Academy, a school where the country’s most influential and powerful people’s children were being sent. Only a selected few or should I say the cream of the crop were allowed to be in that academy. It just so happened that the central character, Tsukushi Makino – a diligent and charming girl who came from a poor family. Unfortunately,  she came across with the academy’s elite group called F4 ( short for “Flower Four”) I just found its meaning as kind of inappropriate though since I’m expecting something like “Fearless Four” , “Furious Four” or “Freakish Four” LOL.

She was bullied, discriminated and insulted by the F4, by the way aside from its members being overly rich and prominent individuals, their handsome and elegant looks are something which can’t be denied and they were the apple of the eyes of all the girls inside the academy. Then add a bunch of drama and love story twists, and we’re going to have a wonderful TV series which will definitely captivate its audience of all ages. However, some of the details were modified according to each show’s production and management’s choices.

Now let’s take a look at each show’s main characters and decide which among them are the most suitable ones to portray the famous Manga, Hana Yori Dango’s characters.           ( Although the manga was made in Japan, we should still not be biased and not immediately lean towards Japan’s own adaptation though ) Peace!

Jerry Yan – Dao Ming Si


 Matsumoto Jun – Domoyouji

matsumoto jun

 Lee Min Ho – Gu Jun Pyo 


Barbie Xu – Shan Cai


 Inoue Mao – Makino Tsukushi


 Goo Hye Sun – Jan Di 

jan di

Vic Zhou – Hua Ze Lei


 Oguri Shun – Hanazawa Rui


 Kim Hyun Joong – Yun Ji Hoo 


Ken Zhu


Matsuda Shota


Kim Bum

kim bum

Vanness Wu


Abe Tsuyoshi

abe tsuyoshi

Kim Joon


I will not be going over the details of these actors’ performance and how well they portrayed the characters that were assigned to them since you probably already knew if they did well and if they went above or below your standards considering the fact that most of you guys have unquestionably watch these three series before if you are a self anointed avid fan.

The best thing that I can do is to give you a short clip which contains all of these characters and it’s up for you to decide who to pick among them.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGSNj2iuY50&w=420&h=400]

My question is, if you will be given a chance to make a “Dream Team” or a fantasy cast of characters to portray the Hana Yori Dango manga wherein you are only allowed to choose between the actors above, who would you choose? Mine will be ( Lee Min Ho, Inoue Mao, Vic Zhou, Kim Bum and Vanness Wu )

Pinoy Adaptation of Hana Yori Dango 

All I can say is “Why not?” Since there have been many adaptations being made by other countries which became major TV hits, why don’t we make our own version of it? Who knows, we might even break the popularity that these three TV shows have attained before. But first, we have to figure out who will be the possible actors which will star in our very own Filipino version. There have been a lot of attempts to finally make a Pinoy version of the series. It was even said to have already been finalized way back 2011 and it was supposed to be called “Brat Boys Beyond” (awful name…ugh!) starring Sarah Geronimo and other quite unknown starlets. Good thing it didn’t push through and ABS-CBN managed to get away with having the guts to face embarrassment because I am pretty sure that I will surely flop.

Now another hot topic resurfaces as this cute and amazing Pinoy version of the viral craze will be composed of Coco martin,Matteo guidicelli,Daniel padilla,Enchong dee and Sarah Geronimo. Do you think this will work out? If not, then who do you think suits each characters more? Feel free to suggest. =)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kziL50d_oEg&w=420&h=400]


I love Hana Yori Dango, http://ilovehanadan.tumblr.com/

Sharon, Meteor Garden/ Hana yori Dango/ Boys Over Flowers, http://sharonsnowflakes.blogspot.com/2012/07/meteor-garden-hana-yori-dangoboys-over.html

Charmedlass, Meteor Garden vs. Hana Yori Dango vs. Boys Over Flowers, http://charmedlass.wordpress.com/2009/06/11/meteor-garden-vs-hana-yori-dango-vs-boys-before-flowers/

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